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12020Photosynthesis-related proteins of cup-shaped galls in Litsea acuminata leavesTin-Han Shih; Kuan-Hung Lin; Yu-Jie Chen; Szu-Hsien Lin; Chi-Ming Yang TAIWANIA 65(3), 407-412
22020Potential of galled leaves of Goji (Lycium chinense) as functional foodPo-Yen Chen; Tin-Han Shih; Kai-Chieh Chang; Jhin-Syuan Wang; Chi-Ming Yang ; Yu-Sen ChangBMC Nutrition 6, 26
32020Transcription analysis of chlorophyll biosynthesis in wildtype and chlorophyll b-lacking rice (Oryza sativa L.)Khiem Minh Nguyen; Tin-Han Shih; Szu-Hsien Lin; Wen-Dar Huang; Chi-Ming Yang PHOTOSYNTHETICA 58(3), 702-711
42019Spectral indices to rapidly monitor chloroplast distribution patterns of three cecidomyiid gallsHuang, M. Y.; Lin, K. H.; Shih, T. H.; Chang, Y. T.; Yang, C. M TAIWANIA 64(4), 438-441
52019Transcriptome Profile of the Variegated Ficus microcarpa c.v. Milky Stripe Fig LeafTin-Han Shih; Szu-Hsien Lin; Meng-Yuan Huang; Wen-Dar Huang; Chi-Ming Yang INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 20(6), 1338
62019Changes in nutrient and heavy metal content levels of sawdust due to vermicomposting by Allomyrina dichotoma subsp. tunobosonisNguyen, H.C.; Z.W. Yang; M.Y. Huang; K.H. Lin; C.M. Yang ; M.K. NguyenBioTechnologia 100(2) 111-114