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12020Intrinsic Ultralow-Threshold Laser Action from Rationally Molecular Design of Metal–Organic Framework MaterialsBera, Krishna Prasad; Kamal, Saqib; Inamdar, Arif I.; Sainbileg, Batjargal; Lin, Hung-I; Liao, Yu-Ming; Ghosh, Rapti; Chang, Ting-Jia; Lee, Yen-Guang; Cheng-Fu, Hou; Hsu, Yun-Tzu; Hayashi, Michitoshi; Hung, Chen-Hsiung ; Luo, Tzuoo-Tsair; Lu, Kuang-Lieh ; Chen, Yang-FangACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12(32), 36485-36495
22020Thermally stable indium based metal–organic frameworks with high dielectric permittivityKamal, Saqib; Chiou, Kuan Ru; Sainbileg, Batjargal; Inamdar, Arif I.; Usman, Muhammad; Pathak, Abhishek; Luo, Tzuoo-Tsair; Chen, Jenq-Wei; Hayashi, Michitoshi; Hung, Chen-Hsiung ; Lu, Kuang-Lieh Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8(28), 9724-9733
32020Development of Novel Mixed Halide/Superhalide Tin-Based Perovskites for Mesoscopic Carbon-Based Solar CellsRameez, Mohammad; Shahbazi, Saeed; Raghunath, Putikam; Lin, Ming Chang; Hung, Chen-Hsiung ; Diau, Eric Wei-GuangThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11(7), 2443-2448
42020Highly efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution from neutral aqueous solution by water soluble copper (II) porphyrinBeyene, Belete B.; Yibeltal, Amogne W.; Hung, C.H. Inorganica Chimica Acta 513, 119929
52020Hydrogel-based zinc ion sensor on optical fiber with high resolution and application to neural cellsTsai, May-Jywan; Cheng, Henrich; Ho, Hsin-Hsien; Lin, Peng-Wei; Liou, Dann-Ying; Fang, Teng-Ching; Li, Chao-Wei; Kwan, Karmeng; Chen, Yen-Chi; Huang, Cheng-Sheng; Horng, Sheng-Fu; Hung, Chen-Hsiung ; Zan, Hsiao-Wen; Meng, Hsin-FeiBiosensors and Bioelectronics 162, 112230
62020Development of Hybrid Pseudohalide Tin Perovskites for Highly Stable Carbon-Electrode Solar CellsRameez, Mohammad; Lin, Eric Yan-Ru; Raghunath, Putikam; Narra, Sudhakar; Song, Donghoon; Lin, Ming-Chang; Hung, Chen-Hsiung ; Diau, Eric Wei-GuangACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12(19), 21739-21747
72020Recent progress on metalloporphyrin-based hydrogen evolution catalysisBeyene, Belete B.; Hung, Chen-Hsiung Coordination Chemistry Reviews 410, 213234
82020Zn(II) and Co(II) derivatives anchored with scorpionate precursor: Antiproliferative evaluation in human cancer cell linesDas, Kuheli; Datta, Amitabha; Frontera, Antonio; Wen, Yuh-Sheng; Roma-Rodrigues, Catarina; Raposo, Luis R.; Fernandes, Alexandra R.; Hung, Chen-Hsiung Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 202 110881
92020A Trimetallic Cu(II) Derivative as an Efficient and Stable Electrocatalyst for Reduction of Proton to Molecular HydrogenDas, Kuheli; Beyene, Belete B.; Yibeltal, Amogne W.; Goswami, Sanchita; Massera, Chiara; Garribba, Eugenio; Datta, Amitabha; Hung, Chen-Hsiung Catalysis Letters 150, 2200-2207
102019Zn(II) and Co(II) derivatives anchored with scorpionate precursor: Antiproliferative evaluation in human cancer cell linesKuheli Das; Amitabha Datta; Antonio Frontera; Yuh-Sheng Wen; Catarina Roma-Rodrigues; Luis R. Raposo; Alexandra R. Fernandes; Chen-Hsiung Hung Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 202, 110881
112019Study on the structure, stability and tautomerisms of meta-benziporphodimethene and N-Confused isomers containing γ–lactam ringAnil Kumar; Chen-Hsiung Hung ; Shikha Rana; Milind M. DeshmukhJournal of Molecular Structure 1187, 138-150
1220192,5‐Thienylene‐Strapped Bicyclic and Tricyclic Expanded PorphyrinsBulti A. Kerayu; Wei‐Min Ching; Jay‐ar dela Cruz; Chen‐Hsiung Hung ChemPlusChem 84(7), 810-815
132019Ni and Pd N-confused porphyrin complexes as catalysts for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and CO2Jay-ar B. dela Cruz; Mirko Ruamps; Susan Arco; Chen-Hsiung Hung Dalton Transactions 48(22), 7527-7531