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12020Population Histories of the United States Revealed through Fine-Scale Migration and Haplotype AnalysisDai, Chengzhen L.; Vazifeh, Mohammad M.; Yeang, Chen-Hsiang ; Tachet, Remi; Wells, R. Spencer; Vilar, Miguel G.; Daly, Mark J.; Ratti, Carlo; Martin, Alicia R.The American Journal of Human Genetics 106(3), 371-388
22019Modelling bistable tumour population dynamics to design effective treatment strategiesAkhmetzhanov AR; Kim JW; Sullivan R; Beckman RA; Tamayo P; Yeang CH Journal of theoretical biology 474, 88-102
32019MGSEA - a multivariate Gene set enrichment analysisTiong, KL; Yeang, CH BMC bioinformatics 20, 145