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Asada, Keiichi 浅田圭一 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Black Hole, Jet, Accretion Flow, VLBI Polarimetry; Active Galactic Nuclei
Bower, Geoffrey包傑夫 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics VLBI; Transient radio sources; radio instrumentation and techniques; black holes; radio cosmology
Canitano, Alexandre亞歷山卓 Institute of Earth Sciences Crustal deformation; Seismology; Natural hazards
Chai, Feng-Shun蔡風順 Institute of Statistical Science Experimental Designs; Linear Models
Chan, Chi Keung陳志強 Institute of Physics Firing in Neural Net
Chan, Yang-hao詹楊皓 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Excitonic effects on Nonlinear optical responses; Computational methods of many-body physics; Quantum phenomena in light-driven systems; Real-time simulation of quantum dynamics; Ab initio many-body perturbation theory
Chan, Yu-Chang詹瑜璋 Institute of Earth Sciences Tectonic Geomorphology; Remote Sensing Geology; Structural Geology
Chang Wei, Liang-Jung章魏良榮 Research Center for Environmental Changes Disaster Management; Promotion and management of mission-oriented interdisciplinary project
Chang, Chia-Hsiang張嘉祥 Institute of Information Science 
Chang, Chia-Seng張嘉升 Institute of Physics Surface physics and chemistry; Quantum effects in low-dimensional systems; Principles of atomic manipulation; Nanostructure sciences; Development of SPM
Chang, Chienming張建明 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chang, Chih-Chung張志忠 Research Center for Environmental Changes Hazardous/toxic VOCs in science parks and industrial complexes; suburban; PM2.5) in urban; Intelligent aerial monitoring for air pollution and meteorological variables; Characterization of key precursors and their impact on secondary air pollutant formation (O3; High performance VOC and greenhouse gas measurement techniques (on-line and in-lab); and rural environments; 3-D Multicopter UAV Sounding Technique (MUST) Platform
Chang, Chin-Huei張清煇 Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Chang, Chung-Chieh張忠傑 Institute of Physics 
Chang, Ding-Kwo張定國 Institute of Chemistry 
Chang, Fu張復 Institute of Information Science Cognitive Science; Pattern Recognition; Document Analysis and Recognition; Image Processing; Bioinformatics; Machine Learning
Chang, Hsiao-Wen張曉文 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectroscopy; Materials science; Physics and Application of superconductor, ferromagnetic semiconductor and topological insulator; Thin film and nano device fabrication
Chang, Hsin-wen張馨文 Institute of Statistical Science Biostatistics; Survival analysis; Clinical trials; Nonparametric statistics
Chang, Huan-Cheng張煥正 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Biophotonics; Biophysical Chemistry; Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry; Nanobiotechnology
Chang, Ming-Chung張明中 Institute of Statistical Science Design of Experiments; Data Reduction; Statistical Modeling
Chang, Ming-Shien張銘顯 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Sensing and quantum optics studies with nanodiamonds ; Bose-Einstein Condensation, spinor condensates; Quantum computation/simulation with cold atoms
Chang, Ronald Y.張佑榕 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Wireless communications and networking; Signal and information processing
Chang, Shu-Wei張書維 Research Center for Applied Sciences Dynamic modulations of transistor lasers; Slow light in semiconductors; Quantum-dot and quantum-well coupled systems; Chiral photonics, metamaterials, plasmonics, and their applications; Spintronics and spin-related photonic devices; Reciprocity-based computation schemes for active cavities and photonic crystals; Group IV silicon-germanium-tin direct-bandgap materials; Nanometer-scale cavities
Chang, Ta-Chau張大釗 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Guest-host interaction in the condensed phases, particularly the molecular recognition and the structural dynamics in biological systems; Structure-activity relationship of antitumor agents; Design and synthesis of new compounds for antitumor agents and fluorescence biomarkers; Dye-DNA interaction and conformational changes of telomeric DNA structures; Bioanalytical methods development for the studies of telomere and telomerase in cancer research
Chang, Wei-Hau章為皓 Institute of Chemistry Single Molecule Biophysics; Single Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy; Chemical Biology for Bio-Conjugation
Chang, Wen-Chen章文箴 Institute of Physics Quark Nuclear Physics; Hadron Physics; Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Chang, Wen-Hao張文豪 Research Center for Applied Sciences Spin dynamics in semiconductors; 2D layered materials: material growth, fundamental physics and device applications; Semiconductor quantum photonics; Quantum optics of nano-photonics and nano-plasmonics
Chang, Yia-Chung張亞中 Research Center for Applied Sciences shallow impurities and excitons, electronic, optical, and transport properties of semiconductors and nanostructures, electronic and optical properties of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, phonons and electron-phonon couplings in semiconductors and nanostructures, non-linear optical properties, many-body effects in semiconductors, exciton condensation, magnetic multilayers and giant magnetoresistance, femtosecond pump-and-probe phenomena, photonic crystals, metrology of semiconductor thin films and gratings, infrared and radiation detectors, semiconductor lasers and modulators, resonant tunneling diodes, quantum transport properties, single-photon generators, spintroincs, quantum computing, optical metrology, and nano plasmonics.
Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan張源俊 Institute of Statistical Science Statistical Learning/Machine Learning; Statistical Methods in Psychological/Educational Testing; Sequential Analysis and Its Applications
Chang, Yuan-Hann 張元翰 Institute of Physics High Energy Physics Experiments
Chang, Yuan-Hao張原豪 Institute of Information Science Non-volatile Memory; Real-time Systems; Memory/Storage Systems; Computer Systems; Embedded Systems; Operating Systems
Chang, Yue-Cune張玉坤 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chang, Yun-Chorng張允崇 Research Center for Applied Sciences Nanophotonics and Plasmonics; Nanofabrication; Biosensing
Chang, Yun-Yuan張耘瑗 Institute of Earth Sciences Mineral Physics
Chao, Benjamin Fong趙丰 Institute of Earth Sciences Global changes in geophysical fluids; Earth/Planetary rotation dynamics and gravitational variations; Digital data analysis and inverse theory; Global geophysics and seismology
Chao, Chern-Ching趙晨慶 Institute of Statistical Science Reliability Theory; Mathematical Statistics
Chao, Ito趙奕姼 Institute of Chemistry Molecular Design; Computational Chemistry
Chao, Min-Te趙民德 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chao, Wei-Hsiung趙維雄 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chein, Rong-Jie陳榮傑 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Chemistry Asymmetric Catalysis; Natural Products Synthesis; Organic Synthesis
(Chen)Wang, Chinying陳瑾瑛 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chen, Bi-Chang陳壁彰 Research Center for Applied Sciences Applications ranging from single molecule tracking to high spatiotemporal imaging of subcellular dynamics within whole developing embryos; Developing fast, low phototoxicity, multi-color, and 3D detection for fluorescent living specimens with subcellular resolution imaging tools; Light Sheet Microscopy
Chen, Chang-Fu陳長福 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chen, Chang-Hwa陳中華 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Geochemistry; Volcanology; Isotope Geochemistry
Chen, Chao-Tung陳朝棟 Institute of Chemistry 
Chen, Chen-Hsin陳珍信 Institute of Statistical Science Cancer research; Health research data management; Event history analysis with cure or non-susceptibility; Willingness to pay in the dichotomous choice contingent valuation; Clinical trials; Psychiatry research; Disease screening and medical diagnosis; Statistical methods in epidemiology, translation medicine and health care; Cardiometabolic diseases research
Chen, Chi陳祺 Research Center for Applied Sciences SNOM: Scanning Near-field optical microscopy and spectroscopy; Spectroscopy of Single molecules and nanomaterials; AFM: Atomic force microscopy and instrumentation; TERS: Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy and microscopy
Chen, Chi-Liang陳啟亮 Institute of Physics 
Chen, Chian-Chou陳建州 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Observational cosmology; Galaxy formation and evolution; Dusty galaxy; OIR/FIR/Submm astrophysics
Chen, Chii Dong陳啟東 Institute of Physics Transport Properties of Nano-Materials; High operating temperature single electron transistors; Fabrication, physics and applications of nanoelectronics; The Physics and applications pf Superconducting/Ferromagnetic nanostuctures
Chen, Chin-Ti陳錦地 Institute of Chemistry Materials Chemistry
Chen, Chu-song陳祝嵩 Institute of Information Science Multimedia; Pattern Recognition; Image Processing; Computer Vision; Deep Learning
Chen, Chun-houh陳君厚 Institute of Statistical Science Microarray Data Analysis & Bioinformatics; Sliced Inversed Regression (SIR) /principal Hessian direction (PHD); Matrix Visualization/Generalized Association Plots (GAP); Psychiatry Research; Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
Chen, Chun-Yen陳春燕 Institute of Earth Sciences Atom trap trace analysis
Chen, Horng-Yue陳宏宇 Institute of Earth Sciences Geodesy; Tectonics
Chen, Hsuan-Yu陳璿宇 Institute of Statistical Science Microarrays: SNP, gene expression, microRNA, and copy number variation; Neoantigen detection for immune-oncology and immune-therapy; Clinical and molecular information system: development of clinical and molecular system for sample collection of national-wide program in Taiwan; Clinical trials: gene testing, cancer screening, and new clinical treatments; Protein LC MS/MS: total protein, phosphorylated protein, and membrane protein; Next Generation Sequencer: whole genome, exon-seq, RNA-seq, microRNA-seq, and ChIP-seq
Chen, Jen-Chang陳仁彰 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Chen, Jun-Cheng陳駿丞 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Artificial Intelligence; Biometrics Applications; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning
Chen, Ke-Jung 陳科榮 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Nuclear Astrophysics; Cosmology; Supernova Modeling; Computational Astrophysics
Chen, Keh-Jiann陳克健 Institute of Information Science Chinese Language Processing; Lexical Semantics; Lexical Knowledge Representation
Chen, Kou-Cheng陳國誠 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Seismology
Chen, Kuei-Hsien陳貴賢 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Catalysis and energy conversion; Nanomaterials and nanotechnology; New energy technologies
Chen, Liang-Ting陳亮廷 Institute of Information Science Category Theory; Theoretical Computer Science; Mathematical Logic; Programming Language
Chen, Ling-Jyh陳伶志 Institute of Information Science Big Data Analytics; Networked Sensing Systems; Internet of Things
Chen, Lydia Y. 陳逸榆 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation 
Chen, Meng Chang陳孟彰 Institute of Information Science Network and Computer System Security; Text Mining and Knowledge Discovery; Wireless Networks; Computer Assisted Language Learning
Chen, Ming-Tang陳明堂 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Detector science and instrumentation; image processing, recognition, and generation; simulation and modeling of scientific processes
Chen, Peilin陳培菱 Research Center for Applied Sciences Real-time intravital imaging for different disease models:cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases; Advanced imaging:super-resolution, single molecules, deep tissue and intravital; Multi functional materials for Nanomedicine; Bioelectronic devices for neurobiology; Integrated devices for the separation of circulating tumor cells
Chen, Sheng-Wei陳昇瑋 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation  Institute of Information Science 
Chen, Szu-yuan陳賜原 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laser-plasma physics and applications; Light-controlled materials fabrication and applications in energy and optoelectronics; Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, therapeutic cancer vaccine
Chen, Ting-Li陳定立 Institute of Statistical Science computational probability and statistics; image processing and analysis; clustering and classification; pattern recognition
Chen, Tse-Jun 陳澤潤 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics device processing
Chen, Wei-Nai陳韡鼐 Research Center for Environmental Changes Non-linear Optics; Aerosol Optics; Small Particle Scattering; Laser Remote Sensing; Atmospheric Optics; Aerosol Hygroscopicity; Laser Spectroscopy
  Chen, Wen-Tsuen陳文村 Institute of Information Science Intelligent Sensing and Applications Mobile Computing High-speed Communications Networks Parallel Algorithms and Systems Software Engineering
Chen, Yang Yuan陳洋元 Institute of Physics Low temperature specific heat Heavy Fermion; Low temperature physics; Nanoparticle; Ground freezing; Thermoelectricity
Chen, Yen-Chu陳彥竹 Institute of Physics 
Chen, Yeng-Long陳彥龍 Institute of Physics Microscopic liquid state theory of colloidal and nano- particles; Thermodynamics of nanoparticle - polymer mixtures; Polymer physics; Dynamics of complex fluids; Computer simulations of bio-macromolecule physics in confinement
Chen, Yi-Chiuan陳怡全 Institute of Mathematics Chaotic Dynamical Systems
Chen, Yi-Chun陳怡均 Research Center for Environmental Changes Analysis on air quality, atmospheric composition, and aerosols and Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions
Chen, Yi-Hau程毅豪 Institute of Statistical Science Biostatistics; Survival Analysis; Incomplete Data; Genetic Epidemiology
Chen, Yi-Hsuan陳毅軒 Research Center for Environmental Changes physical parameterizations; longwave radiation; Planet boundary layer and convection
Chen, Yi-Ju陳誼如 Institute of Chemistry Post-translational Modifications and Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Chen, Yi-Ying陳奕穎 Research Center for Environmental Changes Environmental disturbances and climate change; Land surface processes
Chen, Ying-Cheng陳應誠 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Nonlinear optics at single-photon-level; High-performance optical quantum memory; Quantum optics and quantum information science; Cooperative radiation phenomena, such as superradiance and subradiance
Chen, Ying-Tung陳英同 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Solar System Astronomy; Optical data pipeline
Chen, Yit-Tsong陳逸聰 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Applying field-effect transistors, scanning probe microscopy, and optical microscopy as biosensors to study protein-protein interactions, extracellular ionic fluctuation, cellular exo-endocytosis, and neuron-neuron interactions; Nanomaterials; Nanodevices
Chen, Yu-Chen陳俞辰 Research Center for Applied Sciences Manipulation of the spin states; Quantum optics; Fabrication and femtosecond laser writing of spin defects in wide band gap materials
Chen, Yu-Fang陳郁方 Institute of Information Science Software Verification; Model Checking; Formal Methods; Algorithmic Learning; Automata Theory
Chen, Yu-Ju陳玉如 Institute of Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry
Chen, Yue-Gau陳于高 Research Center for Environmental Changes Geochronology developments and their applications; Earth systems and sustainability sciences; Paleoclimate and environmental changes by isotope geochemistry; Kinematics of seismogenic faults and seismic hazard mitigation
Cheng, Chi-Lun鄭紀倫 Institute of Statistical Science Robust statistics and measurement error (errors-in-variables) models
Cheng, Chih-Hong鄭志弘 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation 
Cheng, Ching-Shui鄭清水 Institute of Statistical Science 
Cheng, Hai Yang鄭海揚 Institute of Physics Particle Physics Phenomenology
Cheng, Hsiang-Yun鄭湘筠 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Energy-Efficient Multi-Core Systems; Computer Architecture; Memory System Design
Cheng, Ji-Yen鄭郅言 Research Center for Applied Sciences Cell-based micro analysis: cell migration in weak DC EF, cell-cell interaction co-culture chip, cellular chemotaxis, electrotaxis and metastasis, affinity binding and separation; Rapid prototyping of microfluidic biochip and their biomedical applications; Laser micromachining – mechanism and applications; Microarray technologies: flexible in-situ array synthesis, rapid hybridization, mRNA labeling chip, and portable DNA amplification chip
Cheng, Jih-Hsin 鄭日新 Institute of Mathematics Geometric Analysis; Geometry of Several Complex Variables; low-dimensional topology
Cheng, Kuo-Young鄭國揚 Institute of Information Science 
Cheng, Miranda C. N.程之寧 Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Physics
Cheng, PHILIP E.程爾觀 Institute of Statistical Science Statistics for Brain fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging); Nonparametric Regression; Missing Data Analysis; Educational Statistics; Psychometrics; Categorical Data Analysis
Cheng, Shao-Wei鄭少為 Institute of Statistical Science 
Cheng, Shun-Jen程舜仁  Institute of Mathematics Lie superalgebras; Lie algebras; Representation Theory
Cheng, Wen-Huang鄭文皇 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation  Multimedia Content Analysis; Mobile Multimedia Applications; Computer Vision; Human Computer Interaction
Cheng, Yuh-Jen程育人 Research Center for Applied Sciences Nitride light-emitting devices; Photoelectrochemical devices for energy harvesting; Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
Cheung, Chi-Yee張志義 Institute of Physics Medium and High-Energy Physics; Quantum Physics
Cheung, Hing Cho張慶祖 Research Center for Environmental Changes 
Chi, Chien-Ming紀建名 Institute of Statistical Science High-dimensional Nonparametric Prediction; Time Series Analysis; High-dimensional Nonparametric Inference
Chi, Wu-Cheng戚務正 Institute of Earth Sciences Marine Geophysics; Tectonophysics; Seismic Source
Chiang, Cheng-Chin江政錦 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Accelerator Physics; Experimental High Energy Physics; Data Analysis and Software Engineering
Chiang, Cheng-Tien江正天 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laser-based photoelectron spectroscopy at surfaces; Correlated electron systems; Double photoemission spectroscopy
Chiang, Lung-Yih蔣龍毅 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Cosmic microwave background; Cosmology; Large-scale Structure of the Universe
Chiang, Ming-Hsi江明錫 Institute of Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry and Catalysis
Chiang, Tzuu-Shuh姜祖恕 Institute of Mathematics Probability
Chiang, Yi-Kuan江奕寬 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Extragalactic background light; Large-scale structure of the Universe; Observational cosmology and galaxy formation; Protoclusters of galaxies
Chien, Lai Chen簡來成 Institute of Physics Microgravity Fluid Dynamics; Computational Fluid Physics; Space Material Processing
Chien, Lee-Feng簡立峰 Institute of Information Science 
Chien, Shu-Hua簡淑華 Institute of Chemistry 
Ching, Yu-Tai荊宇泰 Institute of Information Science 
Chiong, Chau-Ching章朝盛 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Mircowave Engineering; Star Formation
Chiou, Jeng-Min丘政民 Institute of Statistical Science Biostatistics; Longitudinal data modeling; Quasi-likelihood/Generalized linear models; Traffic flow analysis and prediction; Semi-parametric methods; Functional data analysis
Chiu, Hung-Chie邱宏智 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Chiu, Ting-Wai趙挺偉 Institute of Physics quantum field theory and particle physics
Chiu, Tze-Chien邱子虔 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry
Chou, Charles C.-K.周崇光 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air Quality Monitoring; Aerosol Physics and Chemistry; Urban Air Pollution Control
Chou, Chia-Fu周家復 Institute of Physics Liquid Crystals; Biophotonics; Biophysics; Nanobiotechnology; Micro/nanofluidics
Chou, Chueh-Yi周瞿毅 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galaxy evolution; astronomical instrumentation
Chou, Chung-Che周中哲 Institute of Earth Sciences Composite and Self-Centering Structure; Structure Testing; Earthquake-Resisting Design; Steel Structure; Building and Bridge Engineering
Chou, Jine-Phone周金鳳 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chou, Mei-Yin周美吟 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galactic structure; Chemical abundance analysis; Star formation; Galactic archaeology
Chou, Mei-Yin周美吟 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Electronic and structural properties of solids, surfaces, interfaces, and clusters; Theoretical condensed matter physics; Computational materials physics
Chou, Mo-Hong周謀鴻 Institute of Mathematics CFD; Scientific computing
Chou, Tung周彤 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Post-quantum cryptography; cryptographic implementations
Chou, Wun-Seng周文賢 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory; Discrete Mathematics
Chow, Tahsin J.周大新 Institute of Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Chow, Yunshyong 周雲雄 Institute of Mathematics Probability
Chu, Chih-Wei朱治偉 Research Center for Applied Sciences Functional composite materials; Chemical and physical properties of conjugated organics and polymers; Fabrications and characterizations of thin film electronics
Chu, Ming-Lee朱明禮 Institute of Physics High energy experiment; Radiation hard electronics/opto-electronics; optical
Chu, You-Hua朱有花 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics star formation and feedback; dust disks around white dwarfs; Interstellar and circumstellar medium; Magellanic Clouds
Chuang, Anderin, Chia-Ying莊佳穎 Research Center for Environmental Changes Chemical Oceanography; Marine organic biogeochemistry; Marine radiochemistry
Chuang, Ming-Tung莊銘棟 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air quality modeling; Urban pollution; Atmospheric chemistry; Renewable energy assessment; Chemical evolution of ozone and aerosol formation; Validation of emission inventory
Chuang, Tien-Ming莊天明 Institute of Physics Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems; Scanning probe microscopy; Electronic and magnetic structure in novel materials; High temperature superconductors
Chuang, Tung J.莊東榮 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Chuang, Tyng-Ruey莊庭瑞 Institute of Information Science Programming Languages and Systems; Functional Programming; Open Geospatial Information Processing; Social Implications of Information Technologies; XML and Web Technologies
Chung, Cedric Po-Wen鍾博文 Institute of Chemistry Material, Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry
Chung, Kai-Min鐘楷閔 Institute of Information Science Complexity theory; Cryptography; Quantum theory
Chung, Sun-Lin鍾孫霖 Institute of Earth Sciences Igneous PetrogenesisChemical Geodynamics; East Asia Tectonics
Chung,  Wei-Ho鍾偉和 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Networks; Financial Technology; Communications; Signal Processing
Dai, Yuan-Fung戴元峰 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation 
Deschamps, Frédéric戴夏飛 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics
Du, Bau-Sen杜寶生  Institute of Mathematics Discrete Dynamical Systems
Duncan, John F. R.傅約翰 Institute of Mathematics finite simple groups; vertex algebra; automorphic forms; conformal field theory; Moonshine; quantum gravity; arithmetic of algebraic varieties
Elling, Volker艾沃克 Institute of Mathematics Fluid Dynamics; Partial Differential Equations
Fang, Mu-Huai方牧懷 Research Center for Applied Sciences Quantum Dot; Energy Materials; Solid-state Materials; Optoelectronic Materials; Phosphor
Fedynitch, Anatoli安納托里 Institute of Physics 
Fu, Ching-Chou傅慶州 Institute of Earth Sciences Gas Geochemistry
Fuh, Cheng-Der傅承德 Institute of Statistical Science 
Gu, Pin-Gao辜品高 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics exoplanets; interstellar shocks; protoplanetary disks
Guo, Chin-Lin郭青齡 Institute of Physics cellular mechanisms of self-organization in biological systems, the biomechanics that enhance and stabilize spatiotemporal control
Gwo, Shangjr(Felix)果尚志 Research Center for Applied Sciences Nanophotonics and Plasmonics; Nanomaterial and Nanostructure Physics; Surface and Interface Science; Synchrotron-based Photoelectron Microscopy and Spectroscopy; Nitride Materials for Optoelectronic and Electronic Applications
HAINO, SADAKAZU灰野禎一 Institute of Physics Gravitational Waves; Particle Physics
Han, Chau-Chung韓肇中 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Capillary isoelectric focusing for protein profiling ; Proteome-wide profiling aimed for disease-biomarker discovery; Applications biomedical mass spectrometry
Han, Johnson韓之強 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Receiver frontend instrument; Astronomical telescope receiver
Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko長谷川辰彥 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrochemistry; molecular astronomy
Hatanaka, Koji畑中耕治 Research Center for Applied Sciences Solution Physics and Chemistry; Time-resolved Imaging; Intense Laser Science and Technology from Laser Ablation to X-ray/THz wave emission
Hirano, Naomi平野尚美 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Astronomy; Star formation & Interstellar matter
Hirashita, Hiroyuki平下博之 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Far-infrared dust emission from galaxies; Physics of dust; Galaxy evolution and metal enrichment
Ho, Ching Wei何政衞 Institute of Mathematics Random matrix theory; Probability theory; Free probability theory
Ho, Hwai-Chung何淮中 Institute of Statistical Science Quantitative finance; stochastic process analysis; social networks
Ho, Jan-Ming何建明 Institute of Information Science Multimedia Network Protocol and Applications; Text Retrieval and Mining on Social Media and Deep Content Web Site; Design of Algorithms and Applications of Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies in Bioinformatics and Financial Computing; Combinatorial Optimization and Algorithm Design
Ho, Kuang-Lang何光朗 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Ho, Paul 賀曾樸 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star and Planet Formation; Cosmology and Early Universe; Supermassive Black Holes; Interferometry
Ho, Tung Min何侗民 Institute of Physics 
Ho, Tung-Yuan何東垣 Research Center for Environmental Changes Marine Environmental Changes; Chemical Oceanography; Marine Biogeochemistry
Ho, Yew Kam何耀錦 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Studies of few-body systems related to muon catalyzed fusion; Atomic photoionization and resonances in weakly coupled (Debye) and strongly coupled plasmas; Atoms in external electric and magnetic fields; Interactions of positrons and positronium with atoms; Theoretical studies of quantum dots; Develop new computational techniques such as the complex absorbing potential (CAP) method and the stabilization method for atomic structure and collision calculations
Hong, Ding-Yong洪鼎詠 Institute of Information Science Dynamic Binary Translation; Optimizing Compiler; Parallel Architecture and Parallel Computing; Virtualization
Hor, Maw-Kae何瑁鎧 Institute of Information Science 
Horng, Chorng-Shern洪崇勝 Institute of Earth Sciences Paleomagnetism
Hou, Suen侯書雲 Institute of Physics High Energy Physics; QCD resonances, two-photon interactions, eletroweak interactions, Higgs search; Instrumentation. LEP, B-factory, Tevatron, LHC experiments; Silicon tracking and calorimetry systems, optical data transmission links
Hsiao, Chin-Yu蕭欽玉 Institute of Mathematics Microlocal Analysis; Complex Geometry and Cauchy-Riemann Geometry
Hsiao, Ching-Teng蕭景燈 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Numerical Analysis; Linked Data; Structural Dynamics; eCulture
Hsiao, Chiu-Han蕭邱漢 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Biometrics; Internet of Things, IoT; Information Security; Network Optimization; Wireless Networks; NetworkManagement; Network Performance Analysis; Highspeed Networks; Distributed Algorithms
Hsiao, Sung-Yun蕭淞云 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics NanoSIMS; stable isotope biogeochemistry
Hsieh, Bau-Ching謝寶慶 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics High-z Galaxies; Galaxy Mergers and Clusters; Large Scale Structure
Hsieh, Chia-Lung謝佳龍 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences High-speed and high-precision optical microscopy; Single-molecule diffusion and nano-structures in biological membranes; Virus-membrane interaction in early stage viral infection
Hsieh, Ching-Chun謝清俊 Institute of Information Science 
Hsieh, Chun-Chung謝春忠 Institute of Mathematics Geometry; Partial Differential Equations
Hsieh, Fushing謝復興 Institute of Statistical Science 
Hsieh, June謝仲 Institute of Mathematics Dynamical Systems; Image Analysis
Hsieh, Ming-Lun謝銘倫 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory
Hsieh, Pei-Ying謝佩穎 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics 
Hsieh, Tung-Han謝東翰 Research Center for Applied Sciences Lattice gauge theory; HPC development and maintenance; Computational physics; Bio-Imaging processing
Hsieh, Wen-Pin謝文斌 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Experimental high pressure physics; Ultrafast optics
Hsieh, Winny謝佳慧 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Management Information Systems
Hsieh, Ya-Ping謝雅萍 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Synthesis of new 2D materials; Novel optoelectronics enabled by new 2D materials; Transparent and flexible electronics; Roll to roll large scale system : transfer and electropolishing
Hsin, Yi-Chia辛宜佳 Research Center for Environmental Changes Physical Oceanography; Multi-scale Numerical Ocean Modelling; Dynamics of Kuroshio and Equatorial Currents
Hsiu, Pi-Cheng修丕承 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Mobile Systems; Embedded Systems; Real-Time Systems
Hsiung, Chao A.熊昭 Institute of Statistical Science 
Hsu, Chao-Ping許昭萍 Institute of Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry
Hsu, Chen Hsuan徐晨軒 Institute of Physics 
Hsu, Chun-Nan許鈞南 Institute of Information Science 
Hsu, Huang-Hsiung許晃雄 Research Center for Environmental Changes Large-Scale Dynamics; Atmospheric Circulation
Hsu, Liang-Yan許良彥 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Light-Matter Interactions at the Nanoscale (Plasmon-Coupled Exciton Transfer and Spectroscopy); Nanoelectronics (Molecular Electronics); Methodology of Quantum Transport Theory at the Nanoscale (Electron, Exciton, Heat, and Spin Transport); Polariton Chemistry (Applications of Macroscopic Quantum Electrodynamics in Chemistry)
Hsu, Shih-Chieh許世傑 Research Center for Environmental Changes 
Hsu, Tsan-sheng徐讚昇 Institute of Information Science Design, Analysis, Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Computer Algorithms; Graph Theory and Its Applications; Data-Intensive Computing; Data Privacy; Theory of Computer Games
Hsu, Wen-Lian許聞廉 Institute of Information Science Search methods in artificial intelligence; Intelligent agent systems; Analysis of algorithms, graph theory; Computational linguistics; Natural language understanding; Bioinformatics, computational biology
Hsu, Ya-Ju許雅儒 Institute of Earth Sciences Lithosphere rheology; Geodesy; Earthquake cycle deformation; Mechanics of fault zones
Hsu, Yen-Chu許艶珠 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Development of new laser spectroscopic technique; Laser spectroscopy of small transient molecules
Hsueh, Chih-Wen薛智文 Institute of Information Science 
Hu, Chin Kun胡進錕 Institute of Physics Statistical physics; computational physics; theoretical biophysics; nonlinear science
Huang, Bor-Shouh黃柏壽 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Seismology
Huang, Cheinway黃金維 Institute of Earth Sciences 衛星海洋學; 統計平差; 衛星大地測量
Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus黃智威 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galaxy Clusters; Observational Cosmology; Cosmic Microwave Background
Huang, Chisheng黃繼陞 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Chun-Hsiung黃俊雄 Institute of Information Science 
Huang, Chung-Kai黃鍾凱 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Light Curves; Solar System; Stellar Occultations; Astronomy Data Modeling; Time Domain Astronomy; Trans-Neptunian Objects
Huang, Hen-Hsen黃瀚萱 Institute of Information Science Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing; Information Retrieval
Huang, Hsin-Cheng黃信誠 Institute of Statistical Science Wavelet methods; Model selection; Bayesian Inferecnce, Markov Chain Monte Carlo; Spatial Statistics, Space-Time Modeling
Huang, Hsin-Hua黃信樺 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismotectonics; Seismology
Huang, Hsueh-Han黃學涵 Institute of Statistical Science Time Series Analysis; Model Selection; High-Dimensional Data Analysis
Huang, I-Chiau黃一樵 Institute of Mathematics Commutative Algebra; Algebraic Geometry
Huang, Jerg-Shing黃哲勳 Research Center for Applied Sciences 
Huang, Joseph Jen-Tse黃人則 Institute of Chemistry Biophysical Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Huang, Jung-Ren黃仲仁 Institute of Physics rheology; instrument development; physics of interfaces; fluid dynamics; Soft matter physics
Huang, Keh-Ning黃克寧 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Huang, Kuo-Fang黃國芳 Institute of Earth Sciences Marine chemistry; Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology; Isotope geochemistry
Huang, Ming-Yueh黃名鉞 Institute of Statistical Science Semiparametric models and nonparmatric methods; Survival analysis with multiple or high-dimensional covariates; Dimension reduction and variable screening; Regression with functional covariates; ROC analysis; More general models and estimation problems in causal inference
Huang, Norden E.黄鍔 Research Center for Applied Sciences 
Huang, Shih-Kun黃世昆 Institute of Information Science 
Huang, Su-Yun陳素雲 Institute of Statistical Science wavelet methods; spline smoothing; Nonparametric function estimation; Statistical applications on epidemic studies; Statistical learning theory; Statistical applications on educational and psychological fields; Bayesian computation; Bayesian and empirical Bayesian inference
Huang, Ted黃耀德 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Receiver System; Project Management Professional; Mechanical Engineering
Huang, Wen-Tao黃文濤 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Win-Gee黃文紀 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismic array design; Seismic data processing; Seismic observation
Huang, Yen-Chin黃彥欽 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Yen-Nun黃彥男 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Research Center for Information Technology Innovation fault tolerance; mobile communication; innovative multimedia services; security and privacy; Dependable Computing; IoT
Huang, Yen-Tsung黃彥棕 Institute of Statistical Science Causal inference; Biostatistics; Causal mediation model; Survival analysis; Statistical genetics; Integrative genomics; Epidemiology
Huh, Chih-An扈治安 Institute of Earth Sciences Uranium-series Disequilibrium; Radiochemistry
Hui, Kin Ming許健明 Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Hung, Chen-Hsiung洪政雄 Institute of Chemistry Porphyrin Chemistry and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Hung, Shu-Huei洪淑蕙 Institute of Earth Sciences Inversion of seismic wave observations for mantle structures; Theory and numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation; Earthquake relocation and focal mechanism determination; Mantle dynamics
Hung, Tsu-Chang洪楚璋 Institute of Chemistry 
Hung, Yi-Ping洪一平 Institute of Information Science 
Hung, Yong-Chang洪永常 Institute of Information Science 
Hwang, Chii-Ruey黃啟瑞 Institute of Mathematics Probability
Hwang, Hsien-Kuei黃顯貴 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Asymptotic Analysis; Analysis of Algorithms
Hwang, Ing-Shouh黃英碩 Institute of Physics Mechanism of epitaxial growth on semicronductor surfaces.; electron- and ion-beam technology based on single-atom tips; Semi-conductor physics; Scanning probe microscopy; Surface atomic and molecular dynamics; Surface science
Hwang, Jenn Fang黃振芳  Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Hwang, Jing-Shiang黃景祥 Institute of Statistical Science Environmental health statistics; Quality of life research; Bayesian computation and inference; Social network; Spatial-temporal statistics
Hwang, Robert R.黃榮鑑 Institute of Physics Vortex dynamics; Fluid dynamics; Wave mechanics; Turbulent diffusion process
Hwang, Shyh-Jiann黃世建 Institute of Earth Sciences 鋼筋混凝土結構耐震設計、評估與補強; 預鋼筋混凝土行為學
Hwang, Wen-Liang黃文良 Institute of Information Science Numerical Optimization; Wavelet and Time Frequency Analysis; Signal, Image and Video Processing
Hwang, Yuh-Jing黃裕津 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Microwave and Millimeter-wave Engineering; nonlinear microwave circuit theory
Hwu, Yeu-Kuang胡宇光 Institute of Physics Photoelectron Spectromicroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation; Application Research of Synchrotron Radiation
Iizuka, Yoshiyuki飯塚義之 Institute of Earth Sciences petrology; Experimental geochemistry; bio-mineralogy; archaeological sciences; mineralogy
Ing, Ching-Kang 銀慶剛 Institute of Statistical Science Asymptotic Theory; Nonstationary Time Series Analysis; Model Selection; High-Dimensional Data Analysis
Ishioka, Ryoko石岡涼子 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Close binary stars; accretion disks; optical observations of transient objects
Jahn, Bor-ming江博明 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry; Isotope & Trace Element Geochemistry
Jan, Hengtai詹亨泰 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Machine learning; Computing physics
Jen, Hsiang-Hua任祥華 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Bose-Einstein condensate, spinor BEC; Quantum optics, quantum information processing, and quantum communication; Cooperative spontaneous emission and chirally coupled atomic chain; Strongly interacting ultracold atom
Jen, Shien Uang任盛源 Institute of Physics Electron transport properties of ferromagnetic materials; Magnetic domains and domain walls; Magnetic anisotropy; Magnetostriction and application
Jian, Hung-Yu簡鴻裕 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Environmental impact on galaxies and their evolution; Galaxy Mergers; Galaxy Groups and Clusters; Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Jiang, Ci-Ren江其衽 Institute of Statistical Science Functional Data Analysis; Nonparametric Regression; Dimension Reduction; Classification; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Statistics for Neuroimaging
Jiang, Homin 江宏明 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Digital Electronic Engineering Control Engineering
John Aston艾詩敦 Institute of Statistical Science 
Jon, Guo-Ching仲國慶 Institute of Physics 輻射防護; 實驗原子核物理
Kan, Lou-sing甘魯生 Institute of Chemistry 
Kan, Su-Jen康素珍 Institute of Mathematics Complex Geometry
Kao, Chen-Hung高振宏 Institute of Statistical Science developing and utilizing statistical methodology
Karr, Jennifer卡兒 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Interstellar Medium; Star Formation
Kaun, Chao-Cheng關肇正 Research Center for Applied Sciences Computational nanoelectronics and spintronics; Quantum transport in mesoscopic systems; Emerging materials for sustainable energy
Ke, Chung-Ting柯忠廷 Institute of Physics quantum phase transition; quantum transport; topological superconductivity; 1D and 2D quantum system
Ke, Zhi-Sheng柯志昇 Institute of Information Science 
Kemper, Francisca康逸雲 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics evolved stars; astrostatistics; infrared instrumentation; Astrophysics of dust; life cycle of dust and gas; ISM in galaxies; reproducible research
Khan, Adeel Ahmad韓善瑜 Institute of Mathematics Symplectic Geometry; Algebraic Geometry
Kimura, Masahiko木村仁彥 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Optical/Infrared Instrumentation; Mechanical Engineering
King, Sun-Kun金升光 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Quantum Optics and Quantum Measurement; Satellite Systems Engineering (Orbit Analysis); Kuiper Belt Objects and Occultation Survey
Ko, Hsiang-Shang柯向上 Institute of Information Science Functional Programming / Type Theory; Bidirectional Programming; Algebra of Programming / Program Calculation; Dependently Typed Programming; Datatype-Generic Programming
Ko, Ming-Tat高明達 Institute of Information Science Algorithms; Graph Algorithms; Computational Geometry; Bioinformatics
Koay, Kevin Jun Yi郭駿毅 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Active galactic nuclei; Event Horizon Telescope and Greenland Telescope; interstellar scintillation and scattering; time domain radio astronomy
Koch, Patrick高培邁 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Clusters of Galaxies: SZ Effect, Cluster Mergers, Turbulence, Plasma Physics Processes; Observational and Analysis Techniques; Telescope Commissioning; Star, Disk, and Planet Formation; Structure Formation, Magnetic Fields, Turbulence; Galactic Center
Koyama, Shoko小山翔子 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics VLBI; Active Galactic Nuclei
Krasnopolsky, Ruben柯如本 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics MHD simulations; Star formation
Ku, Chin-Shang古進上 Institute of Earth Sciences Geosciences; Seismology; Geophysics
Ku, Lun-Wei古倫維 Institute of Information Science Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL); Information Extraction and Retrieval; Topic Detection and Tracking; Computational Linguistics; Chinese Language Processing; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language Processing; Sentiment (Opinion and Emotion) Analysis
Kung, Andy孔慶昌 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Nonlinear Spectrum; Solid state lasers; Laser Physics; Ultrafast optics; Nonlinear optics; Attosecond optics
Kuo, Ban-Yuan郭本垣 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Geodynamics
Kuo, Chih-Yu郭志禹 Research Center for Applied Sciences Fluid Mechanics; Debris flow; Acoustics
Kuo, Chun-Hong郭俊宏 Institute of Chemistry Atomic level design of nanoporous, nanocrystals and their heterostructures for chemical sensing and catalysis
Kuo, Jer-Lai郭哲來 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Structure and Properties of H-bonded Clusters; First-Principle Studies of Bulk Materials; Order/Disorder Transitions in Ice; Application of Artificial Intelligence in Material Discovery/Design
Kuo, Long-Chen郭隆晨 Institute of Earth Sciences GPS Survey; Geodesy
Kuo, Shih-Yun郭士筠 Research Center for Environmental Changes Public Understanding, Communication, and Participation of Science; Environmental and Climate Change Policy; Environmental Sociology
Kuo, Tei-Wei郭大維 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Flash Memory Storage Systems; Real-Time Operating Systems; Real-Time Database Systems; Embedded Systems; PCM; Real-Time Systems
Kuo, Yue-Sun郭譽申 Institute of Information Science 
Lai, Charles Pin-Kuang賴品光 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Genetic Engineering; Molecular Imaging; Cell-to-Cell Communication; Nanobiotechnology
Lai, Chun-Ju賴俊儒 Institute of Mathematics Algebraic combinatorics; Representation theory; Quantum groups
Lai, Shih-Ping賴詩萍 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysics (Exp.); Star Formation
Lam, Ching Hung林正洪 Institute of Mathematics Algebra
Lan, Ching-Ying藍晶瑩 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Isotope Geochemistry
Lan, Yung-Yao藍詠耀 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air-sea interaction in Coupled model; The impact of oceanic initial conditions on the interaction of upper ocean with MJO; Observation and correction of ocean CO2 flux
Lee, Chao-Hsien李照賢 Institute of Information Science 
Lee, Chau-Hwang李超煌 Research Center for Applied Sciences Cell-cell and cell-microenvironment interactions; Super resolution far-field optical microscopy; Laser-assisted micro/nano fabrication; Differential sectioning microscopy; Mechanical and electrical characteristics of bio-membranes
Lee, Cheng-Shiuan李承軒 Research Center for Environmental Changes 
Lee, Chia-Han李佳翰 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Image Processing; Complex Systems; Wireless Networks; Stochastic Geometry; Wireless Communications
Lee, Chin-Fei李景輝 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Observations and MHD Numerical Simulations; Star formation and Stellar Evolution
Lee, Ching-Pei李靜沛 Institute of Statistical Science 
Lee, Der-Chuen李德春 Institute of Earth Sciences Isotope Geochemistry
Lee, Der-Tsai李德財 Institute of Information Science Web based Computing; Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Algorithm Visualization; Software Security; Computational Geometry; Bioinformatics; Digital Libraries
Lee, Gen-Cher李政池 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Multi-Mode Collaborative Systems; Real time End-to-End Message Encryption System
Lee, Hao-Yang李皓揚 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochronology; Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS); Geochemistry
Lee, Hsien-Ming李賢明 Institute of Chemistry Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Chemistry
Lee, Hsuan-Pei李宣北 Institute of Mathematics Several Complex Variables
Lee, Jian-Cheng李建成 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Geology; Active Tectonics
Lee, Jyh-Hao李志豪 Institute of Mathematics Inverse Scattering; Partial Differential Equations
Lee, Lin-Shan李琳山 Institute of Information Science 
Lee, Lou-Chuang李羅權 Institute of Earth Sciences Space Physics
Lee, PeiZong李丕榮 Institute of Information Science Parallel Algorithm Design; Compilers for Scientific Applications; Scientific Computations; Digital Signal Processing
Lee, Ping-Chung李秉中 Institute of Physics 
Lee, Shang-Fan李尚凡 Institute of Physics Experimental solid state physicist; Quatum Phenomenon in Metallic Thin Films and Nano-Structures
Lee, Shiann-Jong李憲忠 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Lee, Shih Chang李世昌 Institute of Physics Particle physics; field theory; nonlinear physics
Lee, Shih-Yu李時雨 Research Center for Environmental Changes Climate change of the past and future. I am particularly interested in how different factors
Lee, Shwu-Jiuan李淑娟 Institute of Chemistry 
Lee, Teh-Quei李德貴 Institute of Earth Sciences Geomagnetism; Paleomagnetism
Lee, Ting-Kuo李定國 Institute of Physics High temperature superconductivity; Strongly correlated electron physics; Theoretical condensed-matter physics; Computational physics and optimization methods; 3D image reconstruction for x-ray diffraction microscopy
Lee, Typhoon李太楓 Institute of Earth Sciences Nuclear Astrophysics; Isotope Geochemistry
Lee, Wei-Li李偉立 Institute of Physics Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems; Graphene-Based Electronics and Microcrystal Devices; Spin-Related Transport in Topological Material Systems; Transport Properties in Novel Materials; Complex Oxides and Their interfaces
Lee, Wei-Liang李威良 Research Center for Environmental Changes Topographic effect on surface radiation budget; 3-D radiative transfer program and parameterization; Development of general circulation model (GCM); Radiation‒cloud/aerosol/hydrometeor interaction; Radiative transfer in coupled atmosphere-ocean system
Lee, William H. K.李汯鑑 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Lee, Yuan-Pern李遠鵬 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Lee, Yuan-Pin李元斌 Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Physics; Algebraic Geometry
Lee, Yuan-Tseh李遠哲 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Radical intermediates that are critical in combustion and atmospheric processes; Mechanisms and dynamics for elementary chemical reactions and primary photodissociation processes; Bond-selective, regio-selective or mode-selective means to modify and manipulate chemical reactivity; The nature of intra- and intermolecular energy relaxation.; Structure and chemical behavior of highly reactive polyatomic radicals and unusual transient species
Lee, Yuh-Jye李育杰 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Information Security; IG Data and Data Science; Numerical Optimization; Data mining; Machine Learning
Lehner, Matthew連馬修 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Optical Astronomy; Trans-Neptunian Objects
Leung, Kwan-Tai 梁鈞泰 Institute of Physics modeling of complex dynamical phenomena, including fracture in disordered media, earthquakes, and self-organizing systems; Statistical mechanics of non-equilibrium phase transitions and critical phenomena
Li, Chao-Te李昭德 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Backend signal processing for radio telescopes; Superconducting detectors and receivers
Li, Cheng-Te李政德 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Social Computing; Urban Computing; Internet-of-Things Applications; Data Mining
Li, Hsiang-Nan 李湘楠 Institute of Physics Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics; Heavy Quark Physics
Li, Ker-Chau李克昭 Institute of Statistical Science systems biology; Statistical graphics; Large ensembles of time series; Censoring; Medical image analysis; Regression; Bayesian computation; lung cancer studies; Experimental design; Survey sampling; Machine learning; Bioinformatics; High dimensional data analysis
Li, Lung-An李隆安 Institute of Statistical Science Past Global Change; Biostatistics; Environmental Health Statistics; Sampling Methodology in Taiwan
Li, Sai-Ping李世炳 Institute of Physics Theoretical physics
Li, Wen-Shan李文山 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Chemistry Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry
Liang, De-Ron梁德容 Institute of Information Science 
Liang, Fei-tsen梁惠禎 Institute of Mathematics Partial Differential Equations
Liang, Kuo Kan梁國淦 Research Center for Applied Sciences Ultrafast photo-induced electron transfer (PIET) in dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC); Kinetic Ising model of protein structural dynamics
Liang, Mao-Chang梁茂昌 Institute of Earth Sciences Earth Science; Planetary Science; Isotope Bio-geo-chemistry
Liang, Wen-Qi梁文騏 Institute of Statistical Science 
Liang, Wen-Tzong梁文宗 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Tectonics
Liao, Jung-Chi廖仲麒 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Interdisciplinary (biology, optics, engineering, and proteomics) research
Liao, Mark廖弘源 Institute of Information Science 3D Mesh Decomposition and Recognition; Content-based Multimedia Retrieval; Multimedia Signal Processing; Multimedia Protection; Video-based Human Behaviour Analysis
Liao, Yu-Wei廖祐葳 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Observation of 21 CM emission at the epoch of reionization; Observation and theoratical analysis of cosmic microwave background
Liau, Churn-Jung廖純中 Institute of Information Science Applied Logic; Reasoning about Uncertainty; Logic in Artificial Intelligence
Lih, Ko-Wei李國偉 Institute of Mathematics Combinatorics
Lim, Jeremy林仁良 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star Formation and Evolution; Radio Astronomy; Extragalactic
Lin, Cheng-Horng林正洪 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Volcano Observation; Tectonics
Lin, Chih-Hsiu林質修 Institute of Chemistry Organic Material Chemistry
Lin, Chih-Hsun林志勳 Institute of Physics 粒子物理
Lin, Chin-Jen林欽仁 Institute of Earth Sciences Rotational seismology; Earthquake observation
Lin, Ching-Ren林慶仁 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics Instrumentation; Seismology; Electronics
Lin, Ching-Wei林靖衛 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Single-photon emitters; Photonic nanomaterials; Short-wave infrared spectroscopy and imaging; Single-walled carbon nanotubes
Lin, Chuan-Yao林傳堯 Research Center for Environmental Changes Regional Climate Change; Rainfall Mechanisms; Air Pollution; Heat Island Effect; Numerical Modeling
Lin, Chung-Cherng林忠成 Institute of Earth Sciences Experimental Mineralogy
Lin, Chung-Yen林仲彥 Institute of Information Science Precision medicine; Proteomics; Network Biology; high throughput biology; Systems Biology
Lin, Gwo Dong林國棟 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Survival Analysis; Distribution Theory
Lin, Hsin林新 Institute of Physics 第一原理計算; 自旋電子學; 拓樸/二維/超導材料; 表面物理與掃描穿隧顯微鏡模擬
Lin, Jen-Chun林仁俊 Institute of Information Science Multimedia Content Understanding; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Affective Computing
Lin, Jiann-T'suen林建村 Institute of Chemistry Material Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry
Lin, Jiing-Chyuan林景泉 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Adsorption, self-assembling, and thermally-/photocatalytically induced reactions of organic molecules on surfaces; The kinetics and dynamics of gas-surface interactions in general
Lin, Jim Jr-Min林志民 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Synthesis and characterization of transient species, e.g. radicals and reaction intermediates; Scientific education; Atmospheric chemistry; Instrument design
Lin, Jung-Hsin林榮信 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Research Center for Applied Sciences  Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Simulations; Pharmacoinformatics; Structural Biology; Computational Biophysics; Bioinformatics
Lin, Kai-Yang林凱揚 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galaxy Cluster; Observational Cosmology; Radio Interferometry
Lin, Kate Ching-Ju林靖茹 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Mobile Social Networks; Multiuser MIMO Systems; Wireless System Design; Multimedia Networking
Lin, Keng-hui 林耿慧 Institute of Physics Nano- and micro- material Assembly; Mechanics of Solid Foam; 3D Cell Culture; Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Biophysics; Microfluidics; Tissue Engineering
Lin, King-Chuen林金全 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Single molecule spectroscopy and detection; Kinetics and dynamics of atom-diatom reaction in gas phase; Photodissociation dynamics of small molecules; Application of laser spectroscopy and Fourier transform spectroscopy in analytical chemistry; Reaction dynamics of excited metal atoms with small molecules
Lin, Kung-Hsuan林宮玄 Institute of Physics Ultrafast Optics; Laser Spectroscopy; Ultrafast Phnonics; Laser Microscopy
Lin, Li-Hung林立虹 Institute of Earth Sciences Geomicrobiology
Lin, Li-Hwai林俐暉 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galaxy Evolution; Optical/Infrared Astronomy; Galaxy Clusters; Interacting Galaxies
Lin, Miao-Hsiang林妙香 Institute of Statistical Science Educational Measurement and Testing; Psychometrics
Lin, Min-Kai 林明楷 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrophysical fluid dynamics applied to planet formation and evolution
Lin, Ming-Yi林明儀 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star formation and Active galactic nuclei; feeding and feedback mechanism; gas and stars kinematics, and multi-wavelength observations
Lin, Minn-Tsong林敏聰 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Surface Magnetism; Application of Synchrotron Radiation; Nanomaterial; Spintronics; Nanomagnetism
Lin, Shen-Maw林森茂 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Lin, Sheng-Hsien林聖賢 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences 
Lin, Shih-Yen林時彥 Research Center for Applied Sciences Material Growth and Device Applications of 2-D Crystals; Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Optoelectronic Devices
Lin, Simon C林誠謙 Institute of Physics Computational Physics; Statistical Mechanics; Scalable Algorithm in Simulated Annealing, Cluster Computing; Internet Strategic Planning, Digital Library/Museum; Digital Library System; Computational Sciences; Grid Computing
Lin, Su-Ching林素卿 Institute of Chemistry 
Lin, Tsungching林宗慶 Institute of Information Science Information Security; Systems Analysis and Design
Lin, Yen-Chang林彥璋 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Laboratory automation; Administration system
Lin, Yen-Ting林彥廷 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics galaxy formation and evolution; Active galaxies; Wide-field galaxy surveys; physics of galaxy clusters; cosmology from clusters; Large scale structure
Lin, Yen-Yu林彥宇 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Artificial Intelligence; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning
Lin, Yu-Ju林育如 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Ultracold quantum gases with synthetic gauge potentials; Bose-Einstein Condensation; Manipulation with optical lattices
Lin, Yu-Jung林鈺容 Research Center for Applied Sciences Drug Delivery; Nanomedicine; Biomaterials
Lin, Yu-Tuan林玉端 Institute of Mathematics Numerical Analysis; Computer Science; Polynomial Chaos Expansion
Lin, Yunung Nina林玉儂 Institute of Earth Sciences Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) processing; velocity model building; reflection seismology; time-series analysis
Ling, Hung-Hsu凌鴻緒 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics quantum structure based devices; molecular beam epitaxy; infrared detection; CCD/CMOS imaging
Liou, Michelle劉長萱 Institute of Statistical Science Measurement Theory; Psychometrics
Liou, Ya-Hsuan劉雅瑄 Institute of Earth Sciences Environmental Chemistry
Liou, Yung劉鏞 Institute of Physics Films and Surface Physics; Nanotechnology and Magnetism
Liu, Chao-Ning劉兆寧 Institute of Information Science image processing; data visualization and virtual reality; pattern recognition
Liu, Chi-Ching劉啟清 Institute of Earth Sciences Geodesy; Tectonics
Liu, Chian-Yi劉千義 Research Center for Environmental Changes Meteorological Satellite Remotesing; aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions and processes; atmospheric physics
Liu, Chun-Chi劉忠智 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismic Telemetry System; Seismic Instrumentation
Liu, Chun-Fan劉君帆 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radiative transfer simulations of line and continuum emission from protostellar jets and disks; Optical/Infrared diagnostics of jets from T Tauri stars
Liu, Fon-Che劉豐哲 Institute of Mathematics Real Analysis; Functional Analysis
Liu, Hau-Yu呂浩宇 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics YSO jet variability; radio astrophysics; OB cluster formation; SMBH accretion
Liu, Jane張韻詩 Institute of Information Science 
Liu, Jing-Sin劉進興 Institute of Information Science Intelligent Control; Nonlinear Control; Robotics
Liu, Kopin劉國平 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Mode-, bond-, and stereo-selective chemistry; Ultrafast photochemistry/photophysics; Coherent and correlation in molecular processes
Liu, Lin-gun劉玲根 Institute of Earth Sciences Geophysics; Geochemistry
Liu, Ling-Kang劉陵崗 Institute of Chemistry 
Liu, Shang-Bin劉尚斌 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Metal-based zeolites and metal oxides for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx; Synthesis and surface functionalization of porous silicas and their applications in CO2 capture and fuel storage; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and its applications in porosity and acidity characterization of liquid/solid acid catalysts; Organic-Inorganic composites, such as heteropolyacid-ionic liquid s as efficient heterogeneous and/or homogeneous catalysts for biomass conversions; Synthesis and modification of porous carbons and their applications in fuel cells and biomolecule sensing
Liu, Shaw Chen劉紹臣 Research Center for Environmental Changes Air Quality; Climate change; Atmospheric chemistry; Biogeochemical cycles; Budgets of trace gases and aerosols
Liu, Sheng-Yuan呂聖元 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star Formation; Astrochemistry
Liu, Tai-Ping劉太平 Institute of Mathematics Nonlinear partial differential equations; shock wave theory; kinetic theory
Liu, Tyng-Luh劉庭祿 Institute of Information Science Artificial Intelligence; Medical Imaging; Computer Vision; Machine Learning
Liu, Wei-chung劉維中 Institute of Statistical Science systems biology; theoretical ecology; Mathematical biology; quantitative epidemiology; network biology, sociology
Liu, Yi-Wei劉怡偉 Institute of Earth Sciences Biogeochemistry; Paleoclimate; Isotope Geochemistry; Paleo-environmental change
Löwemark, Ludvig施路易 Institute of Earth Sciences Sedimentology; Paleoceanography; Paleoclimatology
Lu, Chi-Jen呂及人 Institute of Information Science Game Theory; Algorithms; Machine Learning; Computational Complexity
Lu, Chun-Shien呂俊賢 Institute of Information Science Compressive Sensing & Inverse Problems; Security and Privacy in Multimedia and Machine Learning; Image/Signal Processing; Machine Learning
Lu, Hsueh-I呂學一 Institute of Information Science 
Lu, Kuang-Lieh呂光烈 Institute of Chemistry Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanomaterials
Lu, Yu-Jung呂宥蓉 Research Center for Applied Sciences Active plasmonics and nanophotonics; Semiconductor nanoemitters (LEDs, nanolasers) and tunable ENZ materials; Charge-carrier dynamics in low dimensional semiconductors; Quantum optics, and Green optoelectronics
Lung, Shih-Chun Candice龍世俊 Research Center for Environmental Changes Environmental Health Management; Health Adaptation; Organic Aerosols; Heat Vulnerability Assessmen; Exposure and Risk Assessment
Luo, Fen-Tair羅芬臺 Institute of Chemistry 
Luo, Pei-Ling羅佩凌 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Real-time and time-resolved spectroscopy; Precision and high-resolution spectroscopy of free radicals; Broadband laser technique and optical frequency comb; Molecular fingerprinting and sensing
Lyu, Su-Ling呂素齡 Institute of Mathematics 
Ma, Chung-Pei 馬中珮 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Galaxy Formation; Cosmology; Dark Energy; Dark Matter; Supermassive Black Holes
Ma, Kuo-Fong馬國鳳 Institute of Earth Sciences Engineering and seismotectonics; Earthquake physics; Earthquake seismology
Ma, Tze-Heng馬自恆 Institute of Information Science 
Ma, Wei-Yun馬偉雲 Institute of Information Science Natural Language Understanding; Natural Language Processing; Question Answering; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Matsushita, Satoki松下聰樹 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Phase Correction Methods; AGNs; Site Testing; Commissioning for mm/submm Interferometers; Starbursts
Mazini, Rachid馬茲尼 Institute of Physics Particle Physics
Meng, Fan-Chin孟繁經 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Reliability Theory
Miyamoto, Masahiko宮本雅彦 Institute of Mathematics Finite group theory
Moraghan, Anthony星韓東 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star formation; Numerical simulations of jets and outflows
Mu, Shin-Cheng穆信成 Institute of Information Science Type Theory and Logic; Functional Programming; Program Derivation; Programming Language; Program Inversion
Nakamura, Masanori中村雅德 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs); Computational Astrophysics; Theoretical astrophysics; Astrophysical Jets; Supermassive Black Holes
Nazarov, Vladimir U.傅洛夫 Research Center for Applied Sciences Physics of low-dimensional materials; Fundamentals and applications of time-dependent density-functional theory
Ng, Kin-Wang 吳建宏 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics  Institute of Physics early universe; inflationary cosmology and quantum fluctuations; Particle astrophysics and cosmology; cosmic microwave background; dark matter
Ni, Chi-Kung倪其焜 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Development of new mass spectrometry methods for structural determination of carbohydrates; Energy transfer of highly vibrationally excited molecules studied by crossed molecular beam; Photodissociation of organic molecules in a molecular beam; MALDI ionization mechanism
Niederhagen, Ruben Falko倪儒本 Institute of Information Science Cryptographic Engineering; Embedded Security; Post-Quantum Cryptography
Ohashi, Nagayoshi大橋永芳 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star and Planet Formation; Interferometer; Molecular Cloud
Okumura, Teppei奧村哲平 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Modified gravity theory; Observational cosmology; Large-scale structure of the Universe; Dark matter and Dark energy; Galaxy redshift surveys; Gravitational lensing; Analysis of large data set and simulations
Ong, Tiow-Gan王朝諺 Institute of Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry and Material Science with Catalysis Implication
Otten, Gilles Peter Paul Louis歐碁爾 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics exoplanets; optical and infrared instrumentation
Ou, Min-Nan歐敏男 Institute of Physics Condensed Matter Physics; Superconductor and magnetic materials; Strongly Correlated Electron Systems; High efficiency thermoelectric materials; Low temperature physics; Nano Science
Oyama, Yoichi大山陽一 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Optical/Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Star-forming Galaxies, (U)LIRGs, and high-z AGNs (quasars)
Pang, Kwan-Nang彭君能 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry; Igneous petrology
Pao, Chun-Wei包淳偉 Research Center for Applied Sciences Atomistic simulation of chemically complex systems (eg mixed ion perovskite materials and high entropy alloys) using machine learning; Multiscale simulations of structural properties of emitting layer of OLEDs and photoactive layer of organic solar cells; Large-scale molecular simulation of self-fold nanostructures; Lithium platting simulation using phase field models
Pao, Kuan-Min鮑廣明 Institute of Statistical Science 
Pei, Ting-Hang裴廷漢 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Solid State Physics; General Relativity; Electromagnetic Simulation; Black Hole; White Dwarf Star
Pen, Ue-Li彭威禮 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Simulations; Lyman Alpha forest; Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect; Cosmology; Galaxy Spin Correlations
Peng, Chien-Yu彭健育 Institute of Statistical Science Reliability (degradation modeling and analysis); Design of experiments (indicator functions and computer experiments); Mathematical statistics (theory of degradation models)
Phoa, Frederick Kin Hing潘建興 Institute of Statistical Science Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence; Large-Scale Network Data / Database Analysis; Design and Analysis of Modern Experiments; Missing Data Problem; Statistical Applications to Physical, Biomedical and Social Sciences; Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Optimization; Research Metrics and Scientometrics
Pu, Hung-Yi卜宏毅 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Numerical Simulation; Theoretical Astrophysics; Theories of Accretion Disk and Jet; General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic (GRMHD); General Relativistic Radiative Transfer (GRRT)
Ren, Hao-Jia任昊佳 Institute of Earth Sciences Stable Isotope Geochemistry; Biogeochemical Cycling; Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography
Roan, Shi-Shyr阮希石  Institute of Mathematics Mathematical Physics ; Algebraic Geometry
Sakamoto, Kazushi坂本和 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of Galaxies
Sankar, Raman雷曼 Institute of Physics 
Shang, Hsien尚賢 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Magnetohydrodynamics; Star and Planet Formation; Meteorites; Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics; Origins of the Solar System
Shaw, Paul蕭仰台 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics 
Shen, Jiun-San沈君山 Institute of Earth Sciences Analytical chemistry; Meteorite; Instrumental analysis
Shiah, Fuh-Kwo夏復國 Research Center for Environmental Changes Estuarine Ecology; Microbial Ecology; Biological Oceanography
Shie, Jiun-Jie謝俊結 Institute of Chemistry Chemical Biology; Drug Discovery; Organic Synthesis
Shieh, SHU-YI謝書宜 Research Center for Applied Sciences 
Shieh, Shwu-Rong Grace謝叔蓉 Institute of Statistical Science Construction of gene networks / pathways; Gene network integration / comparison; Analysis of genomic data; Directional Data
Shieh, Yuch-Ning謝越寧 Institute of Earth Sciences Geochemistry
Shien, Jung-Sheng謝中生 Institute of Statistical Science 
Shih, Arthur Chun-Chieh施純傑 Institute of Information Science Molecular Evolution; microRNA Regulation; Short Read Sequence Assembly; Next-Generation Sequencing
Shih, Hong-Yan 施宏燕 Institute of Physics turbulence; evolutionary ecology; Statistical physics in living systems
Shih, Min-Hsiung施閔雄 Research Center for Applied Sciences Plasmonics devices; Nano-cavity and nano-laser; Photonic crystal lasers and waveguides; Chip-scale photonic integrated circuits; High-Q cavities for quantum communication
Shih, Yun-Er施雲娥 Institute of Chemistry 
Shiu, Chein-Jung許乾忠 Research Center for Environmental Changes Development of Earth System Model; Extreme precipitation changes; Cloud physics parameterizations; Aerosol-cloud-radiation-climate interactions; Atmospheric chemistry modeling; Cloud macrophysics and microphysics in GCMs
Shiue, Jessie 薛韻馨 Institute of Physics Instrumentation
Shu, Frank徐遐生 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Climate Change; Energy; Theoretical Astrophysics
Shyu, Shin-Guang徐新光 Institute of Chemistry Materials Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry
Shyue, Jing-Jong薛景中 Research Center for Applied Sciences Nano-technology, nano-structures, 1-D nano blocks, synthesis and processing of functional materials, microcharacterization (electron microscopy and surface analysis)
Sim, Kwang-Mong沈觀茂 Institute of Information Science 
Song, Ker-Jar宋克嘉 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Self-generated nanostructures and their magnetic properties
Su, Keh-Yih蘇克毅 Institute of Information Science Machine Reading (Intelligent Q&A); Deep Learning for NLP; Multi-Document Analysis/Processing; Natural Language Understanding; Artificial Intelligence; Statistical Language Modeling; Cross-Document Knowledge Discovery; Automatic Knowledge Acquisition; Machine Learning; Text Understanding and Inference
Su, Li蘇黎 Institute of Information Science sound and music computing; biomedical signal processing; Music information retrieval
Su, Wei-Bin蘇維彬 Institute of Physics Surface Science; Nanoscience; Scanning probe microscopy; Epitaxial growth of metal on semiconductor; Observation of surface electronic structure
Su, Yu-Nung蘇裕農 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Astronomy; Star Formation
Sun, Shih-Sheng孫世勝 Institute of Chemistry Supramolecular Materials Chemistry
Sung, Ting-Yi宋定懿 Institute of Information Science Membrane proteomics; Membrane protein structure prediction; Bioinformatics for mass spectrometry-based proteomics; interaction network for distributed and parallel systems; mathematical programming; graph algorithms
Taam, Ronald E.譚遠培 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Theoretical Astrophysics
Tai, Jen-Hua戴仁華 Research Center for Environmental Changes Mooring system and data analysis, flow pattern and hydrographic structure
Tai, John Jen戴政 Institute of Statistical Science 
Takahashi, Kaito高橋開人 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Reaction dynamics of atmospherically relevant reactions; Interaction in hydrated ionic clusters
Takakuwa, Shigehisa高桑繁久 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Submillimeter Astronomy and Interferometry; Star Formation
Takami, Michihiro高見道弘 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Star and Planet Formation; Optical-IR Observations
Tan, Eh譚諤 Institute of Earth Sciences Geodynamic
Tang, Ya-Wen湯雅雯 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Magnetic Fields in the Interstellar Medium; Circumstellar Disks; Extragalactic Astronomy; Starformation
Tao, Yu-Tai陶雨臺 Institute of Chemistry Surface Chemistry and Materials; Organic Chemistry
Teng, Ping-Kun鄧炳坤 Institute of Physics Nuclear & Particle Physics
Teng, Ta-Liang鄧大量 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
The ATLAS CollaborationThe ATLAS Collaboration Institute of Physics 
To, Kiwing 杜其永 Institute of Physics Physics of Fluids, Electrorheological Fluids; Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomenon, Polymer Physics; Physics of Granular Materials
Trejo-Cruz, Alfonso崔浩 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Astronomy; Evolved Stars; Extragalactic Sources
Tsai, Arthur Chih-Hsin蔡志鑫 Institute of Statistical Science EEG source analysis; neuro-fuzzy systems; independent component analysis; human learning; functional MRI data analysis; trait anxiety study
Tsai, Chen-An蔡政安 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai, Cheng-Chiang蔡政江 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory; Representation Theory
Tsai, Chu-Chuan蔡主權 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Engineering
Tsai, Din Ping蔡定平 Research Center for Applied Sciences Optoelectronic Physics; Near-field Optics; Nano-photonics and Plasmonics; Metamaterials; Bio-photonics
Tsai, Henghsiu 蔡恆修 Institute of Statistical Science Stochastic Differential Equation Modeling; Stochastic Processes; Multivariate Data Analysis; Time Series Analysis; Psychometrics; Sampling-based Inference; Mathematical Finance
Tsai, Huai-Kuang蔡懷寬 Institute of Information Science Metagenomics; Evolutionary algorithm; Regulatory mechanism; Computational Biology; Bioinformatics
Tsai, I-Chun蔡宜君 Research Center for Environmental Changes Climate-Chemistry interactions; Aerosol-cloud interactions; Aerosol parameterization and modeling; Cloud Physics; Atmospheric Physical Chemistry
Tsai, Jih-Chiang (JC)蔡日強 Institute of Physics 
Tsai, Kuo-Hui蔡國煇 Institute of Information Science 
Tsai, Meng-Tsung蔡孟宗 Institute of Information Science Lower Bound Techniques; Graph Theory; Streaming Algorithms
Tsai, Rung-Ching蔡蓉青 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai, Tsung-Hsi蔡宗希 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai,   Ming-Tien蔡明田 Institute of Statistical Science Multivariate Statistical Inference; Nonparametrics
Tsao, Yu曹昱 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Speech Signal Processing; Assisitve Speech Communication Technologies; Biomedical Signal Processing; Audio-coding; Deep Neural Networks
Tse, Wan Sun謝雲生 Institute of Physics Laser and Nonlinear Crystals; Raman and Infrared Spectrocsopy
Tseng, Mei-Chun曾美郡 Institute of Chemistry Mass Anlysis
Tseng, Yao-Huan曾耀寰 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics disk-planet interaction; Parallel Computing; Galactic Dynamics and Large Scale Structure Formation in Universe; GPU computing
Tseng, Yu-Ling曾玉玲 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tso, Hsi-Hwa左西華 Institute of Chemistry 
Tu, Chia-Ying杜佳穎 Research Center for Environmental Changes Hydrometeorological; Environment Watch; Sea air / sea interaction; Surface Processes
Tu, Hsiung-Lin涂熊林 Institute of Chemistry Surface Physical and Materials Chemistry; Chemical and Systems Biology
Tu, I-Ping杜憶萍 Institute of Statistical Science Scan Statistics; Dimension Reduction; Sequential Analysis; Statistical Analysis for Biological Image Data
Tung, Yi-Chung董奕鍾 Research Center for Applied Sciences Integrated Biomedical Microdevices; Polymer/Silicon Hybrid Microsystems; Micro/Nanofluidics; Advanced Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques; Cell Culture in Various Micro-Environments
Tzeng, Wen-Bih曾文碧 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Molecular beam resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) and mass-analyzed threshold ionization (MATI) spectroscopy; Photophysics and photochemistry of organometallic sandwich complexes; Molecular properties of multiply substituted benzene isomers in the electronically excited and cationic states
Tzeng, Yiharn曾詣涵 Institute of Physics 
Tzou, Der-Lii M.鄒德里 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Chemistry NMR Spectroscopy and Biophysical Chemistry
Umetsu, Keiichi梅津敬一 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Structure Formation in the Universe; Physical and Observational Cosmology; Gravitational Lensing; Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effects; Statistical Methods: Bayesian and Frequentist Approaches; Clusters of Galaxies; Plasma Physics; Backward and Forward Modeling; Radio Interferometry; Dark Matter; Cosmic Microwave Background
Wang, Bo-Jhou王伯洲 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Instrument Control Software Development; MHD Simulation; Space Plasma Physics
Wang, Bow-Yaw王柏堯 Institute of Information Science Model Checking; Formal Method
Wang, Chang Wan王建萬 Institute of Physics ion beam applications; Experimental nuclear physics
Wang, Chau-Chang王兆璋 Institute of Earth Sciences Underwater positioning and Mechanical design; Underwater vehicles
Wang, Cheng-Chung王正中 Institute of Chemistry Automated Synthesis of Glycocojugates and Glycobiology; Carbohydrate Chemistry
Wang, Chien Yao王建堯 Institute of Information Science 
Wang, Chien-Min王建民 Institute of Information Science Cloud Computing; Dynamic Binary Translation; Distributed File Systems; Virtualization Technology; Parallel and Distributed Computing
Wang, Chih-Yu王志宇 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Game Theory; Social Network; Wireless Communications; Network Economics; Machine Learning in Networks
Wang, Chiou-Feng王秋鳳 Institute of Information Science 
Wang, Chuan-Ju王釧茹 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Computational Finance: lattice model, derivative pricing, risk management; Data Analytics: text mining, recommender systems, machine learning
Wang, Chung-Ho汪中和 Institute of Earth Sciences Isotope Hydrology and Hydrological Changes in Taiwan; Global Warming and Environmental Changes in Taiwan; Isotope Geochemistry
Wang, Da-Wei王大為 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Information Science Medical Informatics; Graph Theory and Algorithm; Privacy Enhancing Technology
Wang, Farn王凡 Institute of Information Science 
Wang, Hsin-Min王新民 Institute of Information Science Pattern Recognition; Multimedia Information Retrieval; Natural Language Processing; Spoken Language Processing; Machine Learning
Wang, Hsiuying王秀瑛 Institute of Statistical Science Statistical interval estimation; miRNA; Signal recognition; Bioinformatics
Wang, Jeen-Hwa王錦華 Institute of Earth Sciences Earthquake Physics
Wang, Jen-Hung汪仁鴻 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Occultation Prediction by small bodies in the Solar System; Astronomical Photometry and Image Processing; Optical Astronomy and Instrumentation; Time Series and Signal Processing; Solar System Ephemeris and Orbital Calculation
Wang, Juen-Kai王俊凱 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Physical studies of organic electronics; Ultrafast nonlinear optics; Ultrafast optical spectroscopy; Nanoscale optical spectroscopy
Wang, Julie Tzu-Yueh王姿月 Institute of Mathematics Number Theory
Wang, Jyhpyng汪治平 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences High-intensity ultrafast laser technology; Laser-driven particle accelerators; Relativistic plasma nonlinear optics; Extreme-UV lasers
Wang, Kuan王寬 Institute of Physics  Institute of Biological Chemistry Mechanobiology: Giant Elastic Proteins and Elastic Myofilaments in Striated Muscles; Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Interplay of Form, Function and Force; Combination Drugs and Targeted Drug Delivery at the Nanomedicine Program
Wang, Kuo-Lung王國龍 Institute of Earth Sciences Igneous Petrogenesis and Petrology; Isotope Geochemistry
Wang, Kuo-Song王國松 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Massive star formation; (sub)millimeter interferometry
Wang, Ming-Jye王明杰 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Condensed Matter Physics
Wang, Pao-Kuan王寳貫 Research Center for Environmental Changes Cloud Physics and Dynamics Meteorology
Wang, Shiang-Yu王祥宇 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Semiconductor devices; Optical/Infrared Instrumentation; Infrared sensor
Wang, Shih-Yu Simon王世宇 Research Center for Environmental Changes applied meteorology and climatology; weather processes and extremes; tropical and monsoon meteorology; Climate diagnostics and prediction
Wang, Song Ming王嵩銘 Institute of Physics particle physics
Wang, Wei-Hao王為豪 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Multiwavelength observational studies of galaxy formation and evolution at high redshift
Wang, Wei-Hua王偉華 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Fabrication of low-dimensional nano-devices such as graphene field-effect transistors and their transport properties and applications; Spin-dependent transport properties in materials with low spin-orbit coupling such as graphene and carbon nanotubes
Wang, Yi-Chi王懌琪 Research Center for Environmental Changes Parameterization of moist convection in general circulation models; Global Monsoon Systems
Wang, Yu Te王有德 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Brain-Computer Interface; Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential; Human Computer Interaction
Wang, Yuchung王友鐘 Institute of Statistical Science quality engineering (Taguchi Method); conditionally specified distributions; Categorical data analysis; multivariate dependence
Wang, Yuh-Lin王玉麟 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Physics and chemistry of nanostructures, application of nanotechnology to biomedical sciences,focused ion beam (FIB) technology, and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
Wang,  Yu-Chiang Frank王鈺強 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Pattern Recognition; Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Deep Learning
Wang,Weijing王維菁 Institute of Statistical Science 
Wei, Ching-Ming魏金明 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Material simulations using Quantum Monte-Carlo; Electronic and structural properties of solids, surfaces, interfaces, and clusters; Computational materials physics
Wei, Ching-Zong魏慶榮 Institute of Statistical Science 
Wei, Emily魏韻純 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters; Galaxy-Halo connection; active galaxies
Wei, Pei-Kuen魏培坤 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Research Center for Applied Sciences Applications of Nanostructures in Biosensing, Bioimaging and Green-Energy Devices; Near-Field Optics, Nano-Photonics and Related Techniques
Wen, Chih-Yi溫志懿 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics High Energy Physics; Automation system; Digital signal processing; Instrument Software Engineering
Wen, Yu-Chieh溫昱傑 Institute of Physics Surface physical chemistry; Laser spectroscopy; Ultrafast spectroscopy for quantum materials; Nonlinear optics
Wong, George Tin-Fuk黃天福 Research Center for Environmental Changes Atmospheric forcing on ocean biogeochemistry; Marine carbon cycle; Processes controlling the speciation of trace elements in the aquatic environment: biological-chemical interactions, photochemical reactions; Analytical chemistry of natural waters
Wong, Henry Tsz King王子敬 Institute of Physics Cross-Strait Academic Collaboration; Sono-Luminescence; Particle Physics Instrumentation; Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics; Astro-Particle Physcis
Wu, Chau-Ron吳朝榮 Research Center for Environmental Changes Physical Oceanography; Numerical cean model; Climate variability and impact; Data Assimilation model
Wu, Chi-Hua吳奇樺 Research Center for Environmental Changes Monsoon Evolution and Variability
Wu, Chun-Hsin吳俊興 Institute of Information Science 
Wu, David Tai-Wei吳台偉 Institute of Chemistry Modern Computational Methods and Statistical Mechanics for Energy and Materials
Wu, Derchyi吳德琪 Institute of Mathematics Integrable Systems
Wu, Francis T.吳大銘 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Tectonophysics
Wu, I-Chen吳毅成 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Computer Games; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning
Wu, Jan-Jan吳真貞 Institute of Information Science Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing; NoSQL Cloud Databases and Data Processing; Energy-efficient Virtualization on Heterogeneous and Asymmetric Multi-cores; Resource Management and Scheduling in Parallel and Distributed Systems; Dynamic Binary Translation and Virtualization on Multi-cores
Wu, Maw-Kuen吳茂昆 Institute of Physics Superconductivity and Magnetism; Low Temperature Physics; High Pressure Physics
Wu, Meng-Ru吳孟儒 Institute of Physics Nuclear astrophysics; Supernovae; Nucleosynthesis; Particle astrophysics; Neutrino physics; Binary neutron star mergers
Wu, Ti-Rong吳廸融 Institute of Information Science Computer Games; Reinforcement Learning; Machine Learning; Artificial intelligence
Wu, Yi-Chun 吳益群 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Application of nanomaterials in biological systems; Programmed cell death and cell migration
Yan, Chi-Hung顏吉鴻 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Astronomy; OIR Image Pipeline
Yang, Bo-Yin楊柏因 Institute of Information Science Applied Cryptography; Combinatorics and Analysis of Algorithms
Yang, Chih-Wen楊志文 Institute of Physics 
Yang, Dah-Yen楊大衍 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences material science: nanotube, graphene, pairing mechanism of high Tc, topological insulator; biophysics: protein charge transfer, molecular motor; large scale biomolecular computation: protein-protein interaction, ion channel, enzyme reaction
Yang, De-Nian楊得年 Institute of Information Science Data Mining and Machine Learning; Multimedia and Social Networks; Network Analysis and Distributed Optimization/Learning
Yang, Di-Lun楊廸倫 Institute of Physics chiral and spin transport; Relativistic kinetic theory; Relativistic hydrodynamics; Quantum field theories (in extreme conditions); High-energy nuclear collisions
Yang, Fu-Liang楊富量 Research Center for Applied Sciences High Sensitivity and/or Rapid Identification with Nano Device for Bio-Sensor; Integrated High Performance Energy Harvesting Chip with CMOS Device; Sub-10nm CMOS Logic Device, Physics and Process Integration; High Speed Low Power SRAM Cell Device, Architecture Optimization and Cell Size Minimization
Yang, Hsin-Chou楊欣洲 Institute of Statistical Science  Biomedical Translation Research Center Ecological statistics-Study population abundance by using capture recapture data; Genetic/Genomic statistics-Identify disease susceptibility genes by using genetic marker data
Yang, Junho梁埈豪 Institute of Statistical Science time series analysis; frequency domain analysis; spatial statistics.; applied probability (mainly focus on the eigen-structure of Toeplitz matrices)
Yang, Yi-Hsuan楊奕軒 Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Multimedia system; Affective computing; Machine learning; Music information retrieval; Music signal processing
Yao, Yeong Der姚永德 Institute of Physics Condensed Matter Physics; Nano-Science; Magnetism, Low Temperature Physics, Superconductivity, Electrical Optics, Thin Films, and Nanosize Structures and their Physical Properties
Yao, Yi-Ching姚怡慶 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Sequential Analysis and Optimal Stopping; Change--Point Problems; Group Testing and Multiaccess Channel Communications; Mathematical Finance
Yeang, Chen-Hsiang楊振翔 Institute of Statistical Science cancer genomics; molecular evolution
Yeh, Hsiaw-Chan葉小蓁 Institute of Statistical Science 
Yeh, Hsueh-Wen葉學文 Institute of Earth Sciences Low-tempeture Geochemistry; Isotope Geochemistry
Yeh, Mi-Yen葉彌妍 Institute of Information Science Social Network Analysis; Databases; Time Series Analysis; AI Applications; Data Mining; Machine Learning
Yeh, Yeong-Nan葉永南 Institute of Mathematics Combinatorics; Mathematical Chemistry
Yeh, Yeong-Tien葉永田 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Yeh, Yih-Hsiung葉義雄 Institute of Earth Sciences  Research Center for Environmental Changes Geophysics; Tectonics
Yen, Eric 嚴漢偉 Institute of Physics 
Yen, Horng-Yuan顏宏元 Institute of Earth Sciences Magnetic Exploration; Gravity Exploration
Yen, Hsi-Wei 顏士韋 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Radio Astronomy; Protoplanetary Disk; Star Formation
Yen, Hung-Ju顏宏儒 Institute of Chemistry Materials Chemistry
Yen, Tso-Jung顏佐榕 Institute of Statistical Science Variable selection in high dimensional models; Statistical analysis of social network data; Statistical computing
Yeung, Wai Bong楊維邦 Institute of Physics Elementary Particle Physics; Field Theory; Theory of Gravitatin; Physics of Ferrofluid
Yew, Pen-Chung游本中 Institute of Information Science Compiler; Parallel Machine Organization; Computer Architecture; Dynamic Binary Manipulation; Performance Evaluation and Simulation
Yip, Sungkit葉崇傑 Institute of Physics Quantum fluids; Strongly correlated electron systems; Superconducting phenomena
You, Chen-Feng游鎮烽 Institute of Earth Sciences Global environmental changes; Lsotope geochemistry; Chemical oceanography
Yu, Chia-Fu余家富 Institute of Mathematics Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry; Representation Theory
Yu, Hoi Lai余海禮 Institute of Physics Digital Physics and Digital Cosmology; Field Theories, Cosmology; Particle Physics; Non-equilibrium Physics
Yu, Hsiao-hua尤嘯華 Institute of Chemistry Organic and Polymer Materials; Nanobiotechnology; Cell Materials Interface
Yu, Shui-Beih余水倍 Institute of Earth Sciences Crustal deformation; Geophysics; GPS Satellite Survey
Yu, Steve Sheng-Fa俞聖法 Institute of Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry; Bioorganic Chemistry
Yu, Tsyr-Yan余慈顏 Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Membrane Protein Research; Molecular Basis of Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy; NMR spectroscopy
Yu, Wen-che郁文哲 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology; Geophysics
Yu, Yueh-Chung余岳仲 Institute of Physics Accelerator based atomic physics and materials characterization
Yuan, Chi袁旂 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Numerical Simulation of Galactic Dynamics; Theoretical Astrophysics
Yuan, Mei-Hua袁美華 Research Center for Environmental Changes Food-Energy-Water Nexus; Sustainability; Environmental Planning and Management; Ecosystem Services Assessment
Yuan, Shin-Sheng袁新盛 Institute of Statistical Science Next Generation Sequencing: Methods and Applications; Bioinformatics; Epidemiology
Yuan, Tzu-Chiang阮自強 Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics Phenomenology, Dark Matter, etc
Yui, Tzen-Fu俞震甫 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Mineralogy; Isotope Geochemistry
Zellmer, Georg柴吉歐 Institute of Earth Sciences Petrology; Geochemistry; Volcanology
Zhang, Zhi-Wei Kiwi張智威 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Multi-thread programming for data analysis; Data visualization
Zhao, Li趙里 Institute of Earth Sciences Seismology
Zhong, Jie-Ying鍾杰穎 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Millimeter-wave astronomical instrumentation