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12023Acoel single-cell atlas reveals expression dynamics and heterogeneity of adult pluripotent stem cellsHulett, RE; Kimura, JO; Bolaños, DM; Luo, YJ ; Rivera-Lopez, C; Ricci, L; Srivastava, MNature Communications 14, 2612
22019Acoel genome reveals the regulatory landscape of whole-body regenerationGehrke, AR; Neverett, E; Luo, YJ ; Brandt, A; Ricci, L; Hulett, RE; Gompers, A; Ruby, JG; Rokhsar, DS; Reddien, PW; Srivastava, MScience 363(6432), eaau6173
32018Dual Gene Repertoires for Larval and Adult Shells Reveal Molecules Essential for Molluscan Shell FormationZhao, R; Takeuchi, T; Luo, YJ ; Ishikawa, A; Kobayashi, T; Koyanagi, R; Villar-Briones, A; Yamada, L; Sawada, H; Iwanaga, S; Nagai, K; Satoh, N; Endo, KMolecular Biology and Evolution 35(11), 2751-2761
42018Nemertean and phoronid genomes reveal lophotrochozoan evolution and the origin of bilaterian headsLuo, YJ ; Kanda, M; Koyanagi, R; Hisata, K; Akiyama, T; Sakamoto, H; Sakamoto, T; Satoh, NNature Ecology & Evolution 2(1), 141-151
52018Genetic and molecular basis of the immune system in the brachiopod Lingula anatinaGerdol, M; Luo, YJ ; Satoh, N; Pallavicini, ADevelopmental and Comparative Immunology 82, 7-30
62017Cell division and cadherin-mediated adhesion regulate lens epithelial cell movement in zebrafishMochizuki, T; Luo, YJ ; Tsai, HF; Hagiwara, A; Masai, IDevelopment 144(4), 708-719
72017Possible co-option of engrailed during brachiopod and mollusc shell developmentShimizu, K; Luo, YJ ; Satoh, N; Endo, KBiology Letters 13(8), 20170254
82015Mitochondrial gene order variation in the brachiopod Lingula anatina and its implications for mitochondrial evolution in lophotrochozoansLuo, YJ ; Satoh, N; Endo, KMarine Genomics 24(Part 1), 31-40
92015The Lingula genome provides insights into brachiopod evolution and the origin of phosphate biomineralizationLuo, YJ ; Takeuchi, T; Koyanagi, R; Yamada, L; Kanda, M; Khalturina, M; Fujie, M; Yamasaki, S; Endo, K; Satoh, NNature Communications 6(1), 8301
102013Expression of germline markers in three species of amphioxus supports a preformation mechanism of germ cell development in cephalochordatesZhang, QJ; Luo, YJ ; Wu, HR; Chen, YT; Yu, JK EvoDevo 4(1), 17
112012Opposing Nodal and BMP signals regulate left-right asymmetry in the sea urchin larvaLuo, Y. J. ; Su, Y. H. PLOS BIOLOGY 10(10), e1001402
122012BMP and Delta/Notch signaling control the development of amphioxus epidermal sensory neurons: insights into the evolution of the peripheral sensory system.Lu, TM ; Luo, YJ ; Yu, JK Development 139(11), 2020-2030
132011Asymmetric localization of germline markers Vasa and Nanos during early development in the amphioxus Branchiostoma floridaeWu, HR; Chen, YT; Su, YH ; Luo, YJ ; Holland, LZ; Yu, JK Developmental Biology 353(1), 147-159
142011The Dynamic Gene Expression Patterns of Transcription Factors Constituting the Sea Urchin Aboral Ectoderm Gene Regulatory NetworkChen, JH; Luo, YJ ; Su, YH Developmental Dynamics 240(1), 250-260
152009Ratiometric imaging of gastrodermal lipid bodies in coral–dinoflagellate endosymbiosisLuo, YJ ; Wang, LH; Chen, WNU; Peng, SE; Tzen, JTC; Hsiao, YY; Huang, HJ; Fang, LS; Chen, CSCoral Reefs 28(1), 289-301
162007Isolation of tissue layers in hermatypic corals by N-acetylcysteine: morphological and proteomic examinationsPeng, SE; Luo, YJ ; Huang, HJ; Lee, IT; Hou, LH; Chen, WNU; Fang, LS; Chen, CSCoral Reefs 27(1), 133-142