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12022A chemical link between methylamine and methylene imine and implications for interstellar glycine formationJoshi, Prasad Ramesh; Lee, Yuan-Pern Communications Chemistry 5:62
22022Infrared Spectra of 1-Quinolinium (C9H7NH+) Cation and Quinolinyl Radicals (C9H7NH and 3-, 4-, 7-, and 8-HC9H7N) Isolated in Solid para-HydrogenTseng, Chih-Yu; Wu, Yu-Jong; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 126(15), 2361-2372
32021Structures of Pyridine–Water Clusters Studied with Infrared–Vacuum Ultraviolet SpectroscopyJun-Ying Feng; Yuan-Pern Lee ; Henryk A Witek; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Takayuki EbataThe Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125(34), 7489-7501
42021Dynamics of Reaction CH3CHI + O2 Investigated via Infrared Emission of Products CO, CO2, and OHJi, Ya-Tsang; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125(38), 8373-8385
52021Non-energetic, Low-Temperature Formation of Cα-Glycyl Radical, a Potential Interstellar Precursor of Natural Amino AcidsSchneiker, Anita; Góbi, Sándor; Joshi, Prasad Ramesh; Bazsó, Gábor; Lee, Yuan-Pern ; Tarczay, GyörgyThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12(28), 6744-6751
62021Infrared characterization of the products and the rate coefficient of the reaction between Criegee intermediate CH2OO and HClLiang, Wei-Che; Luo, Pei-Ling; Lee, Yuan-Pern Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23(18), 11082-11090
72021Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization Induced Proton Migration and Formation of a New C–N Bond in Pyridine Clusters Revealed by Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass SpectrometryFeng, Jun-Ying; Lee, Yuan-Pern ; Witek, Henryk A.; Ebata, TakayukiThe Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12(20), 4936-4943
82021Formation and Infrared Spectrum of the Open-Form 2-Bromoethyl Radical (2-C2H4Br•) from Ultraviolet Irradiation of a C2H4/Br2/p-H2 MatrixChen, Yu-Hsuan; Cheng, Yueh-Kuei; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 125(10), 2139-2145
92021Hydrogen Abstraction of Acetic Acid by Hydrogen Atom to Form Carboxymethyl Radical •CH2C(O)OH in Solid para-Hydrogen and Its Implication in AstrochemistryJoshi, Prasad Ramesh; How, Kylie Chia-Yee; Lee, Yuan-Pern ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 5(1), 106-117
102021Infrared characterization of formation and resonance stabilization of the Criegee intermediate methyl vinyl ketone oxideChen-An Chung; Yuan-Pern Lee Communications Chemistry 4:8
112020IR–VUV spectroscopy of pyridine dimers, trimers and pyridine–ammonia complexes in a supersonic jetJun-Ying Feng; Yuan-Pern Lee ; Chao-Yuan Zhu; Po-Jen Hsu; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Takayuki EbataPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(37), 21520-21534
122020A Direct Mapping Approach to Understand Carrier Relaxation Dynamics in Varied Regions of a Polycrystalline Perovskite FilmFathi, Amir; Jokar, Efat; Lee, Yuan-Pern ; Diau, Eric Wei-GuangAngewandte Chemie International Edition 59(43), 19001-19005
132020Hydrogenation of pyrrole: Infrared spectra of the 2,3-dihydropyrrol-2-yl and 2,3-dihydropyrrol-3-yl radicals isolated in solid para-hydrogenAmicangelo, Jay C.; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Chemical Physics 153:164302
142020UV/Vis+ photochemistry database: Structure, content and applicationsNoelle, Andreas; Vandaele, Ann Carine; Martin-Torres, Javier; Yuan, Chenyi; Rajasekhar, Balabhadrapatruni, N.; Fahr, Askar; Hartmann, Gerd K.; Lary, David; Lee, Yuan-Pern ; Limão-Vieira, Paulo; Locht, Robert; McNeill, Kristopher; Orlando, John J.; Salama, Farid; Wayne, Richard P.Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 253:107056
152020Infrared Spectra of Monohydrogenated Aniline, ortho- and para-HC6H5NH2, Generated in Solid para-HydrogenTsuge, Masashi; Chen, Yu-Hsuan; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124(37), 7500-7510
162020Reaction of CH2Cl radical with O2 in solid para-hydrogen: Infrared spectrum of gauche-CH2ClOO radicalHaupa, Karolina A.; Lee, Yuan-Pern Journal of Molecular Structure 1215:128214
172020Dynamics of the reaction CH2I + O2 probed via infrared emission of CO, CO2, OH and H2COChen, Ting-Yu; Lee, Yuan-Pern Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(31), 17540-17553
182020Infrared spectroscopy of H+(CO)2 in the gas phase and in para-hydrogen matricesLeicht, Daniel; Rittgers, Brandon M.; Douberly, Gary E.; Wagner, J. Philipp; McDonald, David C.; Mauney, Daniel T.; Tsuge, Masashi; Lee, Yuan-Pern ; Duncan, Michael A.The Journal of Chemical Physics 153(8), 084305
192020Detection of a Criegee Intermediate with an Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Substituent: Fourier-Transform Microwave Spectroscopy of Methyl Vinyl Ketone OxideEndo, Yasuki; Witek, Henryk A.; Chung, Chen-An; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124(30), 6203-6206
202020Infrared Spectra of (Z)- and (E)-•C2H3C(CH3)I Radicals Produced upon Photodissociation of (Z)- and (E)-(CH2I)HC═C(CH3)I in Solid para-HydrogenHaupa, Karolina Anna; Chen, Kuang-Po; Li, Yaw-Kuen; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124(28), 5887-5895
212020Infrared Spectra of Isomers of Protonated Aniline in Solid para-HydrogenTsuge, Masashi; Chen, Yu-Hsuan; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124(11), 2253-2263
222020Hydrogen abstraction in astrochemistry: formation of ˙CH2CONH2 in the reaction of H atom with acetamide (CH3CONH2) and photolysis of ˙CH2CONH2 to form ketene (CH2CO) in solid para-hydrogenHaupa, Karolina Anna; Ong, Wei-Siong; Lee, Yuan-Pern Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(11), 6192-6201
232020Label-Free Optical Microscope Based on a Phase-Modulated Femtosecond Pump–Probe Approach with Subdiffraction ResolutionFathi, Amir; Chung, Chao-Yu; Lee, Yuan-Pern ; Diau, Eric Wei-GuangACS Photonics 7(3), 607-613
242019Infrared spectra of protonated and hydrogenated corannulene (C20H10) and sumanene (C21H12) using matrix isolation in solid para-hydrogen – implications for the UIR bandsSundararajan, Pavithraa; Tsuge, Masashi; Baba, Masaaki; Sakurai, Hidehiro; Lee, Yuan-Pern