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12022Influence of Regional Pollution Outflow on Particle Number Concentration and Particle Size in Airshed of Guangzhou, South ChinaCheung, Hing Cho ; Nie, Chengyu; Huang, Mintao; Yang, Tingting; Wang, Hao; Lee, Celine Siu Lan; Pei, Chenglei; Zhao, Jun; Liang, BaolingAerosol and Air Quality Research 22(9), 220097
22022Isotopic signatures and source apportionment of Pb in ambient PM2.5Jung, Chien-Cheng; Chou, Charles C.-K. ; Huang, Yi-Tang; Chang, Shih-Yu; Lee, Chung-Te; Lin, Chuan-Yao ; Cheung, Hing-Cho ; Kuo, Wei-Chen; Chang, Chih-Wei; Chang, Shuenn-ChinScientific Reports 12(1), 4343
32021Aerosol impacts on fog microphysics over the western side of Taiwan Strait in April from 2015 to 2017Tsai, I-Chun ; Hsieh, Pei-Rong; Cheung, Hing Cho ; Chou, Charles Chung-Kuang ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 262, 118523
42020Measurements of submicron organonitrate particles: Implications for the impacts of NOx pollution in a subtropical forestSalvador, C. M.; Chou, C. C.-K. ; Cheung, H. C. ; Ho, T. T.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Tsao, T.-M.; Tsai, M.-J.; Su, T.-C.Atmospheric Research 245, 105080
52020Mixing State of Black Carbon Particles in Asian Outflow Observed at a Remote Site in Taiwan in the Spring of 2017Cuizhi Sun; Kouji Adachi; Kentaro Misawa; Hing Cho Cheung ; Charles C.-K. Chou ; Nobuyuki TakegawaJournal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 125(16), e2020JD032526
62020Hygroscopic properties and cloud condensation nuclei activity of atmospheric aerosols under the influences of Asian continental outflow and new particle formation at a coastal site in eastern AsiaCheung, Hing Cho ; Chou, Charles Chung-Kuang ; Lee, Celine Siu Lan; Kuo, Wei-Chen; Chang, Shuenn-ChinAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20(10), 5911-5922
72019Seasonal variation of chemical characteristics of fine particulate matter at a high-elevation subtropical forest in East AsiaLee, C. S. L.; Chou, C. C.-K. ; Cheung, H. C. ; Tsai, C.-Y.; Huang, W.-R.; Huang, S.-H.; Chen, M.-J.; Liao, H.-T.; Wu, C.-F.; Tsao, T.-M.; Tsai, M.-J.; Su, T.-C.Environmental Pollution 246, 668-677
82017New particle formation in China: Current knowledge and further directionsWang, Zhibin; Wu, Zhijun; Yue, Dingli; Shang, Dongjie; Guo, Song; Sun, Junying; Ding, Aijun; Wang, Lin; Jiang, Jingkun; Guo, Hai; Gao, Jian; Cheung, Hing Cho ; Morawska, Lidia; Keywood, Melita; Hu, MinScience of The Total Environment 577, 258-266
92016Seasonal variations of ultra-fine and submicron aerosols in Taipei, Taiwan: implications for particle formation processes in a subtropical urban area.Cheung, H. C. ; Chou, C. C.-K. ; Chen, M.-J.; Huang, W.-R.; Huang, S.-H.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Lee, C. S. L.Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16(3), 1317-1330
102015Impact of particle formation on atmospheric ions and particle number concentrations in an urban environmentCheung, H.-C. ; Chou, C. C.-K. ; Jayaratne, E. R.; Morawska, L.Atmospheric Research 157, 127-136