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12021Nonequilibrium quantum critical steady state: Transport through a dissipative resonant levelZhang, Gu; Chung, Chung-Hou; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Lin, Chao-Yun; Mebrahtu, Henok; Smirnov, Alex I.; Finkelstein, Gleb; Baranger, Harold U.Physical Review Research 3(1), 013136
22020Quantum Dots in an InSb Two-Dimensional Electron GasKulesh, Ivan; Ke, Chung Ting ; Thomas, Candice; Karwal, Saurabh; Moehle, Christian M.; Metti, Sara; Kallaher, Ray; Gardner, Geoffrey C.; Manfra, Michael J.; Goswami, SrijitPhysical Review Applied 13(4), 041003
32019Anomalous periodicity of magnetic interference patterns in encapsulated graphene Josephson junctionsC. T. Ke ; A. W. Draelos; A. Seredinski; M. T. Wei; H. Li; M. Hernandez-Rivera; K. Watanabe; T. Taniguchi; M. Yamamoto; S. Tarucha; Y. Bomze; I. V. Borzenets; F. Amet; and G. FinkelsteinPhysical Review Research 1(3), 033084
42019Subkelvin lateral thermal transport in diffusive grapheneDraelos, A. W.; Silverman, A.; Eniwaye, B.; Arnault, E. G.; Ke, C. T. ; Wei, M. T.; Vlassiouk, I.; Borzenets, I. V.; Amet, F.; Finkelstein, G.Physical Review B 99(12), 125427
52019Ballistic superconductivity and tunable π–junctions in InSb quantum wellsChung Ting Ke ; Christian M. Moehle; Folkert K. de Vries; Candice Thomas; Sara Metti; Charles R. Guinn; Ray Kallaher; Mario Lodari; Giordano Scappucci; Tiantian Wang; Rosa E. Diaz; Geoffrey C. Gardner; Michael J. Manfra; Srijit GoswamiNature Communications 10, 3764
62019Chiral quasiparticle tunneling between quantum Hall edges in proximity with a superconductorWei, M. T.; Draelos, A. W.; Seredinski, A.; Ke, C. T. ; Li, H.; Mehta, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Taniguchi, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Tarucha, S.; Finkelstein, G.; Amet, F.; Borzenets, I. V.Physical Review B 100(12), 121403
72018Supercurrent in Graphene Josephson Junctions with Narrow Trenches in the Quantum Hall RegimeSeredinski, Andrew; Draelos, Anne; Wei, Ming-Tso; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Fleming, Tate; Mehta, Yash; Mancil, Ethan; Li, Hengming; Taniguchi, Takashi; Watanabe, Kenji; Tarucha, Seigo; Yamamoto, Michihisa; Borzenets, Ivan V.; Amet, François; Finkelstein, GlebMRS Advances 3, 2855-2864
82018Investigation of Supercurrent in the Quantum Hall Regime in Graphene Josephson JunctionsDraelos, Anne W.; Wei, Ming Tso; Seredinski, Andrew; Ke, Chung Ting ; Mehta, Yash; Chamberlain, Russell; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Yamamoto, Michihisa; Tarucha, Seigo; Borzenets, Ivan V.; Amet, François; Finkelstein, GlebJournal of Low Temperature Physics 191, 288-300
92016Critical Current Scaling in Long Diffusive Graphene-Based Josephson JunctionsKe, Chung Ting ; Borzenets, Ivan V.; Draelos, Anne W.; Amet, Francois; Bomze, Yuriy; Jones, Gareth; Craciun, Monica; Russo, Saverio; Yamamoto, Michihisa; Tarucha, Seigo; Finkelstein, GlebNano Letters 16(8), 4788-4791
102016Ballistic Graphene Josephson Junctions from the Short to the Long Junction RegimesI. V. Borzenets; F. Amet; C. T. Ke ; A. W. Draelos; M. T. Wei; A. Seredinski; K. Watanabe; T. Taniguchi; Y. Bomze; M. Yamamoto; S. Tarucha; G. FinkelsteinPhysical Review Letters 117(23), 237002
112016Supercurrent in the quantum Hall regimeAmet, F.; Ke, C. T. ; Borzenets, I. V.; Wang, J.; Watanabe, K.; Taniguchi, T.; Deacon, R. S.; Yamamoto, M.; Bomze, Y.; Tarucha, S.; Finkelstein, G.Science 352(6288), 966-969
122014Importance of Diameter Control on Selective Synthesis of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesLi, Jinghua; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Liu, Kaihui; Li, Pan; Liang, Sihang; Finkelstein, Gleb; Wang, Feng; Liu, JieACS Nano 8(8), 8564-8572
132012Longitudinal Field Muon Spin Rotation Study of Magnetic Freezing in Fe Rich FeSe0.25Te0.75MacFarlane, W.A.; Ofer, O.; Chow, K.H.; Hossain, M.D.; Parolin, T.J.; Saadaoui, H.; Song, Q.; Wang, D.; Arseneau, D.J.; Hitti, B.; Yeh, K.-W.; Ke, C.-T. ; Wu, M.-K. Physics Procedia 30, 254-257
142012Anisotropic dielectric and ferroelectric response of multiferroic LiCu2O2 in magnetic fieldZhao, Li; Yeh, Kuo-Wei; Rao, Sistla Muralidhara; Huang, Tzu-Wen; Wu, Phillip; Chao, Wei-Hsiang; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Wu, Cheng-En; Wu, Maw-Kuen EPL (Europhysics Letters) 97(3), 37004
152011Convective solution transport — An improved technique for the growth of big crystals of the superconducting α-FeSe using KCl as solventRao, S. M.; Mok, B. H.; Ling, M. C.; Ke, C. T. ; Chen, T. K.; Tsai, I.-M.; Lin, Y.-L.; Liu, H. L.; Chen, C. L. ; Hsu, F. C.; Huang, T. W.; Wu, T. B.; Wu, M. K. Journal of Applied Physics 110(11), 113919
162011Characterization of multiferroic LiTMxCu2−xO2 (TM=Ni and Zn) single crystalsChao, Wei-Hsiang; Yeh, Kuo-Wei; Chen, Ta-Kun; Chen, Chi-Liang ; Zhao, Li; Chang, Chung-Chieh ; Huang, Tzu-Wen; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Wu, Mau-Kuen Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 72(5), 601-603
172010Low-temperature fabrication of superconducting FeSe thin films by pulsed laser depositionChen, Ta-Kun; Luo, Jiu-Yong; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Chang, Hsian-Hong; Huang, Tzu-Wen; Yeh, Kuo-Wei; Chang, Chung-Chieh ; Hsu, Po-Chun; Wu, Chun-Te; Wang, Ming-Jye ; Wu, Mau-Kuen Thin Solid Films 519(5), 1540-1545
182010Pulsed laser deposition of (MoO3)1 − x(V2O5)x thin films: Preparation, characterization and gasochromic studiesChang, Chung-Chieh ; Luo, Jiu-Yong; Chen, Ta-Kun; Yeh, Kuo-Wei; Huang, Tzu-Wen; Hsu, Chia-Hao; Chao, Wei-Hsiang; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Hsu, Po-Chun; Wang, Ming-Jye ; Wu, Mau-Kuen Thin Solid Films 519(5), 1552-1557
192010Nonstoichiometry of LixCu2O2+δ single crystal and its relation to magnetic orderingYeh, K. W.; Huang, T. W.; Ke, C. T. ; Wu, P. M.; Zhao, L.; Chao, W. H.; Lee, Y. C.; Chen, C. L. ; Wu, M. K. Journal of Applied Physics 108(8), 083919
202010Doping-driven structural phase transition and loss of superconductivity in MxFe1−xSeδ(M=Mn, Cu)Huang, Tzu-Wen; Chen, Ta-Kun; Yeh, Kuo-Wei; Ke, Chung-Ting ; Chen, Chi Liang; Huang, Yi-Lin; Hsu, Fong-Chi; Wu, Maw-Kuen; Wu, Phillip M.; Avdeev, Maxim; Studer, Andrew J.Physical Review B 82(10), 104502
212009Superconducting FeSe1−xTex Single Crystals Grown by Optical Zone-Melting TechniqueYeh, K. W.; Ke, C. T. ; Huang, T. W.; Chen, T. K.; Huang, Y. L.; Wu, P. M.; Wu, M. K. Crystal Growth & Design 9(11), 4847-4851
222009Growth and Investigation of Crystals of the New Superconductor α-FeSe from KCl SolutionsMok, B. H.; Rao, S. M.; Ling, M. C.; Wang, K. J.; Ke, C. T. ; Wu, P. M.; Chen, C. L. ; Hsu, F. C.; Huang, T. W.; Luo, J. Y.; Yan, D. C.; Ye, K. W.; Wu, T. B.; Chang, A. M.; Wu, M. K. Crystal Growth & Design 9(7), 3260-3264
232007Deep-level emissions in GaAsN∕GaAs structures grown by metal organic chemical vapor depositionChen, J. F.; Ke, C. T. ; Hsieh, P. C.; Chiang, C. H.; Lee, W. I.; Lee, S. C.Journal of Applied Physics 101(12), 123515