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12021Epitranscriptomic addition of m6A regulates HIV-1 RNA stability and alternative splicingTsai, Kevin ; Bogerd, Hal P.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Emery, Ann; Swanstrom, Ronald; Cullen, Bryan R.GENES & DEVELOPMENT 35, 992-1004
22021Mapping RNA Modifications Using Photo-Crosslinking-Assisted Modification SequencingCullen, Bryan R.; Tsai, Kevin Methods in Molecular Biology (US : Springer US)
32021Mapping of pseudouridine residues on viral and cellular transcripts using a novel antibody-based techniqueMartinez Campos, C; Tsai, K ; Courtney, DG; Bogerd, HP; Holley, CL; Cullen, BRRNA (New York, N.Y.) 27, 1400-1411
42020Epigenetic and epitranscriptomic regulation of viral replicationTsai, Kevin ; Cullen, Bryan R.Nature Reviews Microbiology 18, 559-570
52020Acetylation of Cytidine Residues Boosts HIV-1 Gene Expression by Increasing Viral RNA StabilityTsai, Kevin ; Jaguva Vasudevan, Ananda Ayyappan; Martinez Campos, Cecilia; Emery, Ann; Swanstrom, Ronald; Cullen, Bryan R.Cell Host & Microbe 28(2), 306-312.e6
62020Reversal of Epigenetic Silencing Allows Robust HIV-1 Replication in the Absence of Integrase FunctionIrwan, Ishak D.; Karnowski, Heather L.; Bogerd, Hal P.; Tsai, Kevin ; Cullen, Bryan R.mBio 11(3), e01038-20
72019Epitranscriptomic Addition of m5C to HIV-1 Transcripts Regulates Viral Gene ExpressionCourtney, David G.; Tsai, Kevin ; Bogerd, Hal P.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Law, Brittany A.; Emery, Ann; Swanstrom, Ronald; Holley, Christopher L.; Cullen, Bryan R.Cell Host & Microbe 26(2), 217-227.e6
82018Influenza A virus-derived siRNAs increase in the absence of NS1 yet fail to inhibit virus replicationTsai, K ; Courtney, DG; Kennedy, EM; Cullen, BRRNA (New York, N.Y.) 24(9), 1172-1182
92018Addition of m6A to SV40 late mRNAs enhances viral structural gene expression and replicationTsai, Kevin ; Courtney, David G.; Cullen, Bryan R.PLOS Pathogens 14(2), e1006919
102017A lentiviral vector bearing a reverse intron demonstrates superior expression of both proteins and microRNAsPoling, Brigid Chiyoko; Tsai, Kevin ; Kang, Dong; Ren, Linda; Kennedy, Edward M.; Cullen, Bryan R.RNA Biology 14(11), 1570-1579
112017Viral EpitranscriptomicsKennedy, EM; Courtney, DG; Tsai, K ; Cullen, BRJournal of virology 91(9), e02263-16
122017Epitranscriptomic Enhancement of Influenza A Virus Gene Expression and ReplicationCourtney, DG; Kennedy, EM; Dumm, RE; Bogerd, HP; Tsai, K ; Heaton, NS; Cullen, BRCell host & microbe 22(3), 377-386.e5
132016Posttranscriptional m6A Editing of HIV-1 mRNAs Enhances Viral Gene ExpressionKennedy, Edward  M.; Bogerd, Hal  P.; Kornepati, Anand  V.R.; Kang, Dong; Ghoshal, Delta; Marshall, Joy  B.; Poling, Brigid  C.; Tsai, Kevin ; Gokhale, Nandan  S.; Horner, Stacy  M.; Cullen, Bryan  R.Cell Host & Microbe 19(5), 675-685
142015Optimization of a multiplex CRISPR/Cas system for use as an antiviral therapeuticKennedy, Edward M.; Kornepati, Anand V.R.; Mefferd, Adam L.; Marshall, Joy B.; Tsai, Kevin ; Bogerd, Hal P.; Cullen, Bryan R.Methods 91, 82-86
152015Disruption of host antiviral resistances by gammaherpesvirus tegument proteins with homology to the FGARAT purine biosynthesis enzymeTsai, K ; Messick, TE; Lieberman, PMCurrent opinion in virology 14, 30-40
162015Telomeric repeat-containing RNA (TERRA) constitutes a nucleoprotein component of extracellular inflammatory exosomesWang, Z; Deng, Z; Dahmane, N; Tsai, K ; Wang, P; Williams, DR; Kossenkov, AV; Showe, LC; Zhang, R; Huang, Q; Conejo-Garcia, JR; Lieberman, PMProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(46), E6293-E6300
172014Viral reprogramming of the Daxx histone H3.3 chaperone during early Epstein-Barr virus infectionTsai, K ; Chan, L; Gibeault, R; Conn, K; Dheekollu, J; Domsic, J; Marmorstein, R; Schang, LM; Lieberman, PMJournal of virology 88(24), 14350-14363
182012An atlas of the Epstein-Barr virus transcriptome and epigenome reveals host-virus regulatory interactionsArvey, A; Tempera, I; Tsai, K ; Chen, HS; Tikhmyanova, N; Klichinsky, M; Leslie, C; Lieberman, PMCell host & microbe 12(2), 233-245
192012Identification of host-chromosome binding sites and candidate gene targets for Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus LANALu, F; Tsai, K ; Chen, HS; Wikramasinghe, P; Davuluri, RV; Showe, L; Domsic, J; Marmorstein, R; Lieberman, PMJournal of virology 86(10), 5752-62
202011EBV tegument protein BNRF1 disrupts DAXX-ATRX to activate viral early gene transcriptionTsai, K ; Thikmyanova, N; Wojcechowskyj, JA; Delecluse, HJ; Lieberman, PMPLoS pathogens 7(11), e1002376
212010Genome-wide analysis of host-chromosome binding sites for Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 1 (EBNA1)Lu, F; Wikramasinghe, P; Norseen, J; Tsai, K ; Wang, P; Showe, L; Davuluri, RV; Lieberman, PMVirology journal 7, 262
222008Essential role of PKCδ in histone deacetylase inhibitor-induced Epstein–Barr virus reactivation in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsLee, Heng-Huan; Chang, Shih-Shin; Lin, Sue-Jane; Chua, Huey-Huey; Tsai, Tze-Jiun; Tsai, Kevin ; Lo, You-Chang; Chen, Hong-Chen; Tsai, Ching-HwaJournal of General Virology 89(4), 878-883