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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022Translation initiation landscape profiling reveals hidden open reading frames required for the pathogenesis of tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virusChing-Wen Chiu; Ya-Ru Li; Cheng-Yuan Lin; Hsin-Hung Yeh; Ming-Jung Liu The Plant Cell 34(5), 1804-1821
22021Evolutionarily conserved hierarchical gene regulatory networks for plant salt stress responseTing-Ying Wu; HonZhen Goh; Christina B. Azodi; Shalini Krishnamoorthi; Ming-Jung Liu ; Daisuke UranoNature Plants 7, 787-799
32020Prevalence of alternative AUG and non-AUG translation initiators and their regulatory effects across plantsLi, Y.-R.; Liu, M.-J. Genome Research 30(10), 1418-1433
42020A HemK class glutamine-methyltransferase is involved in the termination of translation and essential for iron homeostasis in ArabidopsisS. Kailasam; S. Singh; M.-J. Liu ; C.-C. Lin; K.-C. Yeh NEW PHYTOLOGIST 226(5), 1361-1374