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12023In situ spatiotemporal mapping of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase (HMGCR) inhibitor in pineapple (Ananas comosus) fruit tissue by MALDI mass spectrometry imagingSuarez, Angelica Faith L.; Juanillo, Angel Ann B.; Sison, Dave Clark D.; Orajay, Joey I.; Javier, Maria Bella B.; Baladjay, Diane Monique S.; Yang, Yu-Liang ; Saludes, Jonel P.; Dalisay, Doralyn S.Frontiers in Natural Products 2, 1160541
22023Chemo- and Regioselective Construction of Functionalized Isocoumarin, Flavone, and Isoquinolinedione via a One-pot Reaction of o-Quinol Acetate and Soft NucleophilesJang, Yeong‐Jiunn; Chen, Guan‐Yu; Jhan, Yun‐Lian; Lo, Pei‐Ting; Hsu, Wei‐Yu; Wang, Ke; Hsu, Ya‐Ting; Lee, Chia‐Lin; Yang, Yu‐Liang ; Wu, Yang‐ChangADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS 365(17), 2900-2911
32023A Novel Phytogenic Formulation, EUBIO-BPSG, as a Promising One Health Approach to Replace Antibiotics and Promote Reproduction Performance in Laying HensTran Nguyen Minh, Hieu; Kuo, Tien-Fen; Lin, Wen-Yu; Peng, Tzu-Chia; Yang, Greta; Lin, Chih-Yu; Chang, Ting-Hsiang; Yang, Yu-Liang ; Ho, Cheng-Hsun ; Ou, Bor-Rung; Yang, Chu-Wen; Liang, Yu-Chuan ; Yang, Wen-Chin Bioengineering (Basel, Switzerland) 10(3), 346-364
42023Metabolomic Analysis Demonstrates the Impacts of Polyketide Synthases PKS14 and PKS15 on the Production of Beauvericins, Bassianolide, Enniatin A, and Ferricrocin in Entomopathogen Beauveria bassianaToopaang, W; Panyawicha, K; Srisuksam, C; Hsu, WC; Lin, CC; Tanticharoen, M; Yang, YL ; Amnuaykanjanasin, AMetabolites 13(3), 425
52022Integrated omics approach to unveil antifungal bacterial polyynes as acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase inhibitorsLin, CC; Hoo, SY; Ma, LT; Lin, C; Huang, KF ; Ho, YN; Sun, CH; Lee, HJ; Chen, PY; Shu, LJ; Wang, BW; Hsu, WC; Ko, TP; Yang, YL Communications biology 5, 454
62022Microbial polyketides and their roles in insect virulence: from genomics to biological functionsToopaang, W; Bunnak, W; Srisuksam, C; Wattananukit, W; Tanticharoen, M; Yang, YL ; Amnuaykanjanasin, ANatural product reports 39(11), 2008-2029
72022Transcriptome of Nosema ceranae and Upregulated Microsporidia Genes during Its Infection of Western Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)Li, YH; Chang, ZT; Yen, MR; Huang, YF; Chen, TH; Chang, JC; Wu, MC; Yang, YL ; Chen, YW; Nai, YSInsects 13(8), 716
82022Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Imaging Mass Spectrometry (SALDI-IMS)-Based Detection of Vinca Alkaloids Distribution in the Petal of Madagascar PeriwinkleSu, CH; Wang, BW; Dutkiewicz, EP; Hsu, CC; Yang, YL Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2505, 45-58
92022Composition decipherment of Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang and its potential on COVID-19 symptom amelioration and in silico prediction of SARS-CoV-2 interferenceHu, Hao-Chun; Yu, Szu-Yin; Hung, Xiao-Shan; Su, Chun-Han; Yang, Yu-Liang ; Wei, Chien-Kei; Cheng, Yuan-Bin; Wu, Yang-Chang; Yen, Chia-Hung; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Chen, Shu-Li; Szatmári, István; Hunyadi, Attila; Tsai, Yi-Hong; Chang, Fang-RongJournal of Food and Drug Analysis 30(3), 9
102022Untargeted LC-MS/MS-Based Multi-Informative Molecular Networking for Targeting the Antiproliferative Ingredients in Tetradium ruticarpum FruitSu, CH; Cheng, YC; Chang, YC; Kung, TH; Chen, YL; Lai, KH; Hsieh, HL; Chen, CY; Hwang, TL; Yang, YL MOLECULES 27(14), 4462
112022Surfactin secreted by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Ba01 is required to combat Streptomyces scabies causing potato common scabFeng, RY; Chen, YH; Lin, C; Tsai, CH; Yang, YL ; Chen, YLFrontiers in plant science 13, 998707
122022Exploring the relationship between metabolite composition and the cold/hot properties ascribed in traditional Chinese medicine by mass spectral molecular networking–a pilot studySu, Chun-Han; Cheng, Yu-Chieh; Lai, Kuei-Hung; Chang, Yu-Chia; Sun, Chi-Hui; Tu, Po-Wen; Lin, Ching-Chih; Hwang, Tsong-Long; Yang, Yu-Liang Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 30(3), 6
132022The brown root rot fungus Phellinus noxius affects microbial communities in different root-associated niches of Ficus treesLiu, Tse‐Yen; Chen, Chao‐Han; Yang, Yu‐Liang ; Tsai, Isheng J. ; Ho, Ying‐Ning; Chung, Chia‐LinEnvironmental microbiology 24(1), 276-297
142022Rhizospheric plant-microbe synergistic interactions achieve efficient arsenic phytoextraction by Pteris vittataYang, C; Han, N; Inoue, C; Yang, YL ; Nojiri, H; Ho, YN; Chien, MFJournal of hazardous materials 434, 128870
152022The Potential Biocontrol Agent Paenibacillus polymyxa TP3 Produces Fusaricidin-Type Compounds Involved in the Antagonism Against Gray Mold Pathogen Botrytis cinereaTsai, SH; Chen, YT; Yang, YL ; Lee, BY; Huang, CJ; Chen, CYPhytopathology 112(4), 775-783
162022Evaluation of the Antifungal Activities of Photorhabdus akhurstii and Its Secondary Metabolites against Phytopathogenic Colletotrichum gloeosporioidesTu, Po-Wen; Chiu, Jie-Siang; Lin, Chih; Chien, Chih-Cheng; Hsieh, Feng-Chia; Shih, Ming-Che ; Yang, Yu-Liang Journal of Fungi 8(4), 403
172021Polyketides with Anti-neuroinflammatory Activity from Theissenia cinereaMH Hsieh; G Hsiao; CH Chang; YL Yang ; YM Ju ; YH Kuo; TH LeeJournal of Natural Products 84(7), 1898-1903
182021Specific Inactivation of an Anti-fungal Bacterial Siderophore by a Fungal Plant PathogenHo, YN; Hoo, SY; Wang, BW; Hsieh, CT; Lin, CC; Sun, CH; Peng, CC; Lin, C; Yang, YL The ISME Journal 15, 1858-1861
192021Visualizing Vinca Alkaloids in the Petal of Catharanthus roseus Using Functionalized Titanium Oxide Nanowire Substrate for Surface-assisted Laser Desorption/ionization Imaging Mass SpectrometryDutkiewicz, EP; Su, CH; Lee, HJ; Hsu, CC; Yang, YL Plant Journal 105(4), 1123-1133
202021Targeted Isolation of Xenicane Diterpenoids from Taiwanese Soft Coral Asterospicularia lauraeLin, YC; Chen, YJ; Chen, SR; Lien, WJ; Chang, HW; Yang, YL ; Liaw, CC; Su, JH; Chen, CY; Cheng, YBMarine drugs 19(3), 123
212021Natural polyketide 6-pentyl-2H-pyrone-2-one and its synthetic analogues efficiently prevent marine biofoulingKhan, MAR; Wang, BW; Chen, YY; Lin, TH; Lin, HC; Yang, YL ; Pang, KL; Liaw, CCBiofouling 37(3), 257-266
222021Natural alkaloid tryptanthrin exhibits novel anticryptococcal activityLin, CJ; Chang, YL; Yang, YL ; Chen, YLMedical Mycology 59(6), 545-556
232021Integrated Omics Strategy Reveals Cyclic Lipopeptides Empedopeptins from Massilia sp. YMA4 and Their Biosynthetic PathwayHo, ST; Ho, YN; Lin, C; Hsu, WC; Lee, HJ; Peng, CC; Cheng, HT; Yang, YL Marine drugs 19(4), 209
242020Whole Genome Sequencing and Tn5-Insertion Mutagenesis of Pseudomonas taiwanensis CMS to Probe Its Antagonistic Activity Against Rice Bacterial Blight DiseaseChen, WJ; Kuo, TY; Chen, CY; Hsieh, FC; Yang, YL ; Liu, JR; Shih, MC International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(22), 8639
252019Efficient identification of fungal antimicrobial principles by tandem MS and NMR database.Lee, MS; Yang, YL ; Wu, CY; Chen, YL; Lee, CK; Tzean, SS; Lee, THJournal of food and drug analysis 27(4), 860-868
262016Involvement of type VI secretion system in secretion of iron chelator pyoverdine in Pseudomonas taiwanensisChen, WJ; Kuo, TY; Hsieh, FC; Chen, PY; Wang, CS; Shih, YL ; Lai, YM; Liu, JR; Yang, YL ; Shih, MC Scientific reports 6, 32950
272012Asperjinone, a nor-neolignan, and terrein, a suppressor of ABCG2-expressing breast cancer cells, from thermophilic Aspergillus terreus.Liao, WY; Shen, CN ; Lin, LH; Yang, YL ; Han, HY; Chen, JW; Kuo, SC; Wu, SH ; Liaw, CCJournal of natural products 75(4), 630-635
282012Oligosaccharide and peptidoglycan of Ganoderma lucidum activate the immune response in human mononuclear cells.Tsai, CC; Yang, FL; Huang, ZY; Chen, CS; Yang, YL ; Hua, KF; Li, J; Chen, ST ; Wu, SH Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 60(11), 2830-2837
292011Structure and immunological characterization of the capsular polysaccharide of a pyrogenic liver abscess caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae: activation of macrophages through Toll-like receptor 4.Yang, FL; Yang, YL ; Liao, PC; Chou, JC; Tsai, KC; Yang, AS ; Sheu, F; Lin, TL; Hsieh, PF; Wang, JT; Hua, KF; Wu, SH Journal of biological chemistry 286(24), 21041-21051
302011Structure and function of glycolipids in thermophilic bacteria.Yang, FL; Yang, YL ; Wu, SH Advances in experimental medicine and biology 705, 367-380
312010Synthesis and biological evaluation of polyenylpyrrole derivatives as anticancer agents acting through caspases-dependent apoptosis.Fang, Z; Liao, PC; Yang, YL ; Yang, FL; Chen, YL; Lam, Y; Hua, KF; Wu, SH Journal of medicinal chemistry 53(22), 7967-7978
322010Structural variation of glycolipids from Meiothermus taiwanensis ATCC BAA-400 under different growth temperatures.Yang, YL ; Yang, FL; Huang, ZY; Tsai, YH; Zou, W; Wu, SH Organic & biomolecular chemistry 8(19), 4252-4254
332010Acetogenin and prenylated flavonoids from Helminthostachys zeylanica with inhibitory activity on superoxide generation and elastase release by neutrophils.Huang, YC; Hwang, TL; Yang, YL ; Wu, SH ; Hsu, MH; Wang, JP; Chen, SC; Huang, LJ; Liaw, CCPlanta medica 76(5), 447-453
342009Discovery of New Natural Products by Intact-Cell Mass Spectrometry and LC-SPE-NMR: Malbranpyrroles, Novel Polyketides from Thermophilic Fungus Malbranchea sulfureaYang, YL ; Liao, WY; Liu, WY; Liaw, CC; Shen, CN ; Huang, ZY; Wu, SH CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 15(43), 11573-11580
352008TLR-independent induction of human monocyte IL-1 by phosphoglycolipids from thermophilic bacteria.Yang, FL; Hua, KF; Yang, YL ; Zou, W; Chen, YP; Liang, SM ; Hsu, HY; Wu, SH Glycoconjugate journal 25(5), 427-439
362008Mono-tetrahydrofuran annonaceous acetogenins from Annona squamosa as cytotoxic agents and calcium ion chelators.Liaw, CC; Yang, YL ; Chen, M; Chang, FR; Chen, SL; Wu, SH ; Wu, YCJournal of natural products 71(5), 764-771
372008New cyclic peptides from the seeds of Annona squamosa L. and their anti-inflammatory activities.Yang, YL ; Hua, KF; Chuang, PH; Wu, SH ; Wu, KY; Chang, FR; Wu, YCJournal of agricultural and food chemistry 56(2), 386-392
382008Polysaccharides from Dioscorea batatas induce tumor necrosis factor-alpha secretion via Toll-like receptor 4-mediated protein kinase signaling pathways.Liu, JY; Yang, FL; Lu, CP; Yang, YL ; Wen, CL; Hua, KF; Wu, SH Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 56(21), 9892-9898
392008Cyclopeptides with anti-inflammatory activity from seeds of Annona montana.Chuang, PH; Hsieh, PW; Yang, YL ; Hua, KF; Chang, FR; Shiea, J; Wu, SH ; Wu, YCJournal of natural products 71(8), 1365-1370
402007Cytotoxic Polyketides Containing Tetramic Acid Moieties Isolated from the Fungus Myceliophthora Thermophila: Elucidation of the Relationship between Cytotoxicity and StereoconfigurationYang, YL ; Lu, CP; Chen, MY; Chen, KY; Wu, YC; Wu, SH CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 13(24), 6985-6991
412007The screening and characterization of 6-aminopurine-based xanthine oxidase inhibitorsHsieh, JF; Wu, SH ; Yang, YL ; Choong, KF; Chen, ST Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 15(10), 3450-3456
422007Synthesis of a Tetrasaccharide Glycosyl Glycerol. Precursor to Glycolipids of Meiothermus taiwanensis ATCC BAA-400Ren, CT ; Tsai, YH; Yang, YL ; Zou, W; Wu, SH The Journal of organic chemistry 72(14), 5427-5430
432006Structural elucidation of phosphoglycolipids from strains of the bacterial thermophiles Thermus and Meiothermus.Yang, YL ; Yang, FL; Jao, SC ; Chen, MY; Tsay, SS; Zou, W; Wu, SH Journal of lipid research 47(8), 1823-1832