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12019Altered Gene Regulatory Networks Are Associated With the Transition From C3 to Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in Erycina (Oncidiinae: Orchidaceae)Karolina Heyduk; Michelle Hwang; Victor A. Albert; Katia Silvera; Tianying Lan; Kimberly M. Farr; Tien-Hao Chang; Ming-Tsair Chan ; Klaus Winter; Jim Leebens-MackFrontiers in Plant Science 9, 2000
22017Phalaenopsis flowering locus VE regulates floral organ maturation.Kah Wee Koh; Shu-Hong Lee; Ho-Ku Chen; Chia-Yen Chang; Ming-Tsair Chan PLANT CELL REPORTS 37(3), 467-482
32017The Arabidopsis defensin gene, AtPDF1.1, mediates defence against Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum via an iron-withholding defence system.Hsiao ,P.-Y.; Cheng, C.-P.; Koh, K.W.; Chan, M.-T. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 9175
42017Genome-wide analysis of GDSL-type esterases/lipases in Arabidopsis.Lai, C.-P.; Huang, L.-M.; Chen, L.-F.O.; Chan, M.-T. ; Shaw, J.-F.PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 95, 181-197
52017CHAPTER 11: Virus Resistance in OrchidsKoh, K.-W.; Chan, M.-T. Orchid Biotechnology III (New Jersey : World Scientific)
62015Resistance to viral yellow leaf curl in tomato through RNAi targeting two Begomovirus species strains.Chen, HM.; Lin, CY.; Tsai, WS.; Kenyon, L.; Chan, MT. ; Yen, JY.; Chang, SY.; de la Peña, R.; Schafleitner, R.JOURNAL OF PLANT BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 25, 199-207