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12022植物逆境反應的預啟 (Priming) 與記憶林嘉音; 葉信宏 ; 葉國楨 ; 常怡雍 Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry & Food Science 60, 68-72
22022Stress associated proteins coordinate the activation of comprehensive antiviral immunity in Phalaenopsis orchidsChang, L.; Tzean, Y.; Hsin, K.T.; Lin, C.Y.; Wang, C.N.; Yeh, H.H. NEW PHYTOLOGIST 233(1), 145-155
32021Identification of MaWRKY40 and MaDLO1 as effective marker genes for tracking the salicylic acid-mediated immune response in bananasTzean, Yuh; Hou, Bo-Han; Tsao, Shu-Ming; Chen, Ho-Ming ; Cheng, An-Po; Gamboa Chen, Elena; Chou, Wei-Yi; Chao, Chih-Ping; Shen, Wei-Chiang; Chen, Chyi-Chuann; Lee, Ming-Chi; Ashraf, Iqra; Yeh, Hsin-Hung Phytopathology 111(10), 1800-1810
42021ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: NanoviridaeThomas John E.; Gronenborn Bruno; Harding Robert M.; Mandal Bikash; Grigoras Ioana; Randles John W.; Sano Yoshitaka; Timchenko Tania; Vetten H. Josef; Yeh Hsin-Hung ; Ziebell HeikoJournal of General Virology 102(3), 001544
52021Fungal F8-Culture Filtrate Induces Tomato Resistance against Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Thailand VirusChiu, Yi-Shu; Tzean, Yuh; Chen, Yi-Hui; Tsai, Chi-Wei; Yeh, Hsin-Hung Viruses 13(8), 1434
62020Engineering Plant Resistance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Thailand Virus Using a Phloem-Specific Promoter Expressing Hairpin RNATzean, Y.; Chang, H.H.; Tu, T.C.; Hou, B.H.; Chen, H.M.; Chiu, Y.S.; Chou, W.Y.; Chang, Li; Yeh, H.H. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 33(1), 87-97
72019Cucumber mosaic virus-induced gene silencing in banana.Tzean, Y.; Lee, M.C.; Jan, H.H.; Chiu, Y.S.; Tu, T.C.; Hou, B.H.; Chen, H.M.; Chou, C.N.; Yeh, H.H. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 11553
82019Editorial: From Functional Genomics to Biotechnology in Ornamental PlantsKo, S.S. ; Kanno, A.; Sanchez-Perez, R.; Yeh, H.H. ; Hohe, A.; Mondragon-Palomino, M.FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 10, 463
91994Genome characterization and identification of viral-associated dsDNA component of banana bunchy top virus.Yeh, H.H. ; Su, H.J.; Chao, Y.C. Virology 198(2), 645-652