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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022Nitrogen deficiency- and sucrose-induced anthocyanin biosynthesis is modulated by HISTONE DEACETYLASE15 in ArabidopsisLiao, HS; Yang, CC; Hsieh, MH Journal of experimental botany 73(11), 3726-3742
22022Glutamate: A multifunctional amino acid in plantsLiao, HS; Chung, YH; Hsieh, MH Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology 318, 111238
32020The rice PALE1 homolog is involved in the biosynthesis of vitamin B1Hsieh, Ping‐Han; Chung, Yi‐Hsin; Lee, Kim‐Teng; Wang, Shi‐Yun; Lu, Chung‐An; Hsieh, Ming‐Hsiun Plant Biotechnology Journal 19(2), 218-220
42020The lineage and diversity of putative amino acid sensor ACR proteins in plantsLiao, Hong-Sheng; Chung, Yi-Hsin; Chardin, Camille; Hsieh, Ming-Hsiun Amino Acids 52, 649-666
52017Identification of early ammonium nitrate-responsive genes in rice roots.Yang, HC; Kan, CC; Hung, TH; Hsieh, PH; Wang, SY; Hsieh, WY; Hsieh, MH SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 16885
62017The Arabidopsis thiamin-deficient mutant pale green1 lacks thiamin monophosphate phosphatase of the vitamin B1 biosynthesis pathway.Hsieh, WY; Liao, JC; Wang, HT; Hung, TH; Tseng, CC; Chung, TY; Hsieh, MH PLANT JOURNAL 91(1), 145-157
72017Exogenous glutamate rapidly induces the expression of genes involved in metabolism and defense responses in rice roots.Kan, CC; Chung, TY; Wu, HY; Juo, YA; Hsieh, MH BMC GENOMICS 18, 186