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12022First Report of Distinct Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV) Isolates Infecting Bambusa funghomii in Vietnam and the Identification of a Highly Variable Region in the BaMV GenomeHuang, YW; Lee, CW; Lin, NS ; Cuong, HV; Hu, CC; Hsu, YHViruses-Basel 14(4), 698-714
22022Characterization of Virus-Inducible Orchid Argonaute 5b Promoter and Its Functional Characterization in Nicotiana benthamiana during Virus InfectionKasi, Viswanath, K; Kuo, SY; Huang, YW; Tsao, NW; Hu, CC; Lin, NS ; Wang, SY; Hsu, YHInternational journal of molecular sciences 23(17), 9825
32022A viral movement protein co-opts endoplasmic reticulum luminal-binding protein and calreticulin to promote intracellular movementHuang, YW; Sun, CI; Hu, CC; Tsai, CH; Meng, M; Lin, NS ; Dinesh-Kumar, SP; Hsu, YHPlant physiology 191(2), 904-924
42022Identification of Crucial Amino Acids in Begomovirus C4 Proteins Involved in the Modulation of the Severity of Leaf Curling SymptomsDai, KW; Tsai, YT; Wu, CY; Lai, YC; Lin, NS ; Hu, CCViruses-Basel 14(3), 499-513
52022NbNAC42 and NbZFP3 Transcription Factors Regulate the Virus Inducible NbAGO5 Promoter in Nicotiana benthamianaKe, YD; Huang, YW; Viswanath, KK; Hu, CC; Yeh, CM; Mitsuda, N; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHFrontiers in plant science 13, 924482
62022MiR398-regulated antioxidants contribute to Bamboo mosaic virus accumulation and symptom manifestationLin, KY; Wu, SY; Hsu, YH; Lin, NS PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 188(1), 593-607
72022Voltage-dependent anion channel proteins associate with dynamic Bamboo mosaic virus-induced complexesLee, HC; Huang, YP; Huang, YW; Hu, CC; Lee, CW; Chang, CH; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHPLANT PHYSIOLOGY 188(2), 1061-1080
82021Convenient Auto-Processing Vector Based on Bamboo Mosaic Virus for Presentation of Antigens Through Enzymatic CouplingYang, MH; Hu, CC; Wong, CH; Liang, JJ; Ko, HY; He, MH; Lin, YL ; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHFrontiers in immunology 12, 739837
92021NbPsbO1 Interacts Specifically with the Bamboo Mosaic Virus (BaMV) Subgenomic RNA (sgRNA) Promoter and Is Required for Efficient BaMV sgRNA TranscriptionHuang, YW; Sun, CI; Hu, CC; Tsai, CH; Meng, M; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHJOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 95(20), e0083121
102021Exploring the Multifunctional Roles of Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus P126 in Facilitating Cymbidium Mosaic Virus Cell-to-Cell Movement during Mixed InfectionLee, SC; Pai, H; Huang, YW; He, MH; Song, YL; Kuo, SY; Chang, WC; Hsu, YH; Lin, NS VIRUSES-BASEL 13(8), 1552
112021Stable Display of Artificially Long Foreign Antigens on Chimeric Bamboo mosaic virus ParticlesChen, T. H.; Hu, C.C.; Lee, C. W.; Feng, Y. M.; Lin, N. S. ; Hsu, Y. H.Viruses 13(4), 572
122021Argonaute 5 family proteins play crucial roles in the defence against Cymbidiummosaicvirus and Odontoglossumringspotvirus in Phalaenopsisaphrodite subsp. formosanaKuo, S. Y.; Hu, C.C.; Huang, Y. W.; Lee, C.W.; Luo, M.J.; Tu, C. W.; Lee, S. C.; Lin, N.S. ; Hsu, Y. H.Molecular Plant Pathology 22(6), 627-643
132020Disrupting the Homeostasis of High Mobility Group Protein Promotes the Systemic Movement of Bamboo mosaic virusAlazem, M; He, MH; Chang, CH; Cheng, N; Lin, NS Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 597665
142020Fusion of a Novel Native Signal Peptide Enhanced the Secretion and Solubility of Bioactive Human Interferon Gamma Glycoproteins in Nicotiana benthamiana Using the Bamboo Mosaic Virus-Based Expression SystemJiang, Min-Chao; Hu, Chung-Chi; Hsu, Wei-Li; Hsu, Tsui-Ling ; Lin, Na-Sheng ; Hsu, Yau-HeiuFrontiers in Plant Science 11, 594758
152020sRIS: A Small RNA Illustration System for Plant Next-Generation Sequencing Data AnalysisTseng, KC; Chiang-Hsieh, YF; Pai, H; Wu, NY; Zheng, HQ; Chow, CN; Lee, TY; Chang, SB; Lin, NS ; Chang, WCPlant & Cell Physiology 61(6), 1204-1212
162020Interplay between ABA signaling and RNA silencing in plant viral resistanceMazen, Alazem; Lin, NS Current Opinion in Virology 42, 1-7
172020Genome-wide analysis of small RNAs from Odontoglossum ringspot virus and Cymbidium mosaic virus synergistically infecting Phalaenopsis.Pai, H; Jean, WH; Lee, YS; Chang, YA; Lin, NS Molecular plant pathology 21(2), 188-205
182019Nicotiana benthamiana Argonaute10 plays a pro-viral role in Bamboo mosaic virus infectionHuang, YW; Hu, CC; Tsai, CH; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHNew Phytologist 224(2), 804-817
192019Dual resistance of transgenic plants against Cymbidium mosaic virus and Odontoglossum ringspot virus.Chen, TY; Pai, H; Hou, LY; Lee, SC; Lin, TT; Chang, CH; Hsu, FC; Hsu, YH; Lin, NS Scientific reports 9, 10230
202019Production of Human IFNγ Protein in Nicotiana benthamiana Plant through an Enhanced Expression System Based on Bamboo mosaic VirusJiang, MC; Hu, CC; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHViruses 11(6), 509
212019Effects of Abscisic Acid and Salicylic Acid on Gene Expression in the Antiviral RNA Silencing Pathway in ArabidopsisAlazem, M; Kim, KH; Lin, NS International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(10), 2538
222017Antiviral Roles of Abscisic Acid in PlantsAlazem, M; Lin, NS Frontiers in Plant Science 8, 1760
232017Chloroplast Hsp70 Isoform Is Required for Age-Dependent Tissue Preference of Bamboo mosaic virus in Mature Nicotiana benthamiana LeavesHuang, YW; Hu, CC; Tsai, CH; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YHMolecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 30(8), 631-645
242017Transmission of Bamboo mosaic virus in Bamboos Mediated by Insects in the Order Diptera.Chang, KC; Chang, LT; Huang, YW; Lai, YC; Lee, CW; Liao, JT; Lin, NS ; Hsu, YH; Hu, CCFrontiers in Microbiology 8, 870
252017Production of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Antigens in Plants Using Bamboo Mosaic Virus-Based VectorChen, TH; Hu, CC; Liao, JT; Lee, YL; Huang, YW; Lin, NS ; Lin, YL; Hsu, YHFrontiers in Microbiology 8, 788
262001RNA degradosomes exist in vivo in Escherichia coli as multicomponent complexes associated with the cytoplasmic membrane via the N-terminal region of ribonuclease ELiou, G. G.; Jane, W. N.; Cohen, S. N.; Lin, N. S. ; Lin-Chao, S. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 98, 63-68