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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022Using quantitative methods to understand leaf epidermal developmentKuan, Chi; Yang, Shao-Li; Ho, Chin-Min Kimmy Quantitative Plant Biology 3, e28
22022Stomatal clustering in Begonia improves water use efficiency by modulating stomatal movement and leaf structureMeng-Ying Tsai; Chi Kuan; Zheng-Lin Guo; Hsun-An Yang; Kuo-Fang Chung ; Chin-Min Kimmy Ho Plant-Environment Interaction 3(4), 141-154
32021Misregulation of MYB16 expression causes stomatal cluster formation by disrupting polarity during asymmetric cell divisionsYang, SL; Tran, N; Tsai, MY; Ho, CK The Plant cell 34(1), 455-476
42021Subcellular localization of biomolecules and drug distribution by high-definition ion beam imagingRovira-Clave, X; Jiang, S; Bai, Y; Zhu, B; Barlow, G; Bhate, S; Coskun, AF; Han, G; Ho, CK ; Hitzman, C; Chen, SY; Bava, FA; Nolan, GPNature communications 12(1), 4628
52021Transcriptional profiling reveals signatures of latent developmental potential in Arabidopsis stomatal lineage ground cellsHo, Chin-Min Kimmy ; Bringmann, Martin; Oshima, Yoshimi; Mitsuda, Nobutaka; Bergmann, Dominique C.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(17), e2021682118
62019Evaluating the microtubule cytoskeleton and its interacting proteins in monocots by mining the rice genome.Guo, L; Ho, CM ; Kong, Z; Lee, YR; Qian, Q; Liu, BAnnals of botany 103(3), 387-402
72016Modulators of Stomatal Lineage Signal Transduction Alter Membrane Contact Sites and Reveal Specialization among ERECTA Kinases.Ho, CM ; Paciorek, T; Abrash, E; Bergmann, DCDevelopmental cell 38(4), 345-357
82012Characterization of the Arabidopsis augmin complex uncovers its critical function in the assembly of the acentrosomal spindle and phragmoplast microtubule arrays.Hotta, T; Kong, Z; Ho, CM ; Zeng, CJ; Horio, T; Fong, S; Vuong, T; Lee, YR; Liu, BThe Plant cell 24(4), 1494-1509
92012Arabidopsis microtubule-associated protein MAP65-3 cross-links antiparallel microtubules toward their plus ends in the phragmoplast via its distinct C-terminal microtubule binding domain.Ho, CM ; Lee, YR; Kiyama, LD; Dinesh-Kumar, SP; Liu, BThe Plant cell 24(5), 2071-2085
102011Interaction of antiparallel microtubules in the phragmoplast is mediated by the microtubule-associated protein MAP65-3 in Arabidopsis.Ho, CM ; Hotta, T; Guo, F; Roberson, RW; Lee, YR; Liu, BThe Plant cell 23(8), 2909-2923
112011Augmin plays a critical role in organizing the spindle and phragmoplast microtubule arrays in Arabidopsis.Ho, CM ; Hotta, T; Kong, Z; Zeng, CJ; Sun, J; Lee, YR; Liu, BThe Plant cell 23(7), 2606-2618
122011Microtubule Reorganization during Mitosis and Cytokinesis: Lessons Learned from Developing Microgametophytes in Arabidopsis Thaliana.Liu, B; Ho, CM ; Lee, YRFrontiers in plant science 2, 27
132007The soluble epoxide hydrolase as a pharmaceutical target for hypertension.Chiamvimonvat, N; Ho, CM ; Tsai, HJ; Hammock, BDJournal of cardiovascular pharmacology 50(3), 225-237