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12021Closer vein spacing by ectopic expression of nucleotide-binding and leucine-rich repeat proteins in rice leavesLo, SF; Chatterjee, J; Akshaya, K; Biswal, AK; Liu, IL; Chang, YP; Chen, PJ; Wanchana, S; Elmido‑Mabilangan, A; Nepomuceno, RA; Bandyopadhyay, A; Hsing, YI ; Quick, WPPlant Cell Reports 41, 319-335
22021Multi-omics approaches explain the growth-promoting effect of the apocarotenoid growth regulator zaxinone in riceWang, JY; Alseekh, S; Xiao, T; Ablazov, A; Perez de Souza, L; Fiorilli, V; Anggarani, M; Lin, PY; Votta, C; Novero, M; Jamil, M; Luisa, L; Hsing, YIC ; Ikram, B; Alisdair, RF; Salim, A.Communications biology 4, 1222
32021Modulation of Rice Leaf Angle and Grain Size by Expressing OsBCL1 and OsBCL2 under the Control of OsBUL1 PromoterJang, S; Cho, JY; Do, GR; Kang, Y; Li, HY; Song, J; Kim, HY; Kim, BG; Hsing, YI International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(15), 7792
42021Genome analysis traces regional dispersal of rice in Taiwan and Southeast AsiaAlam, O.; Gutaker, R.M.; Wu, C.C.; Hicks, K.A.; Bocinsky, K.; Castillo, C.C.; Acabado, S.; Fuller, D.; d’Alpoim Guedes, J.A.; Hsing, Y.I. ; Purugganan, M.D.MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 38(11), 4832-4846
52021Test of Wheat Lr34 Multi-pathogen Resistance Gene in Rice to Rice Blast in TaiwanNai, NC; Hsing, YIC ; Chen, YN; Li, CP; Lai, MHCrop, environment and bioinformatics
62020Studies of rice Hd1 haplotypes worldwide reveal adaptation of flowering time to different environmentsWu, C-C; Wei, F-J; Chiou, W-Y; Tsai, Y-C; Wu, H-P; Gotarkar, D; Wei, Z-H; Lai, M-H; Hsing, YIC PLoS ONE 15(9), e0239028
72020The impact of transposable elements on the structure, evolution and function of the rice genomeAkakpo, R; Carpentier, MC; Hsing, YI ; Panaud, ONew Phytologist 226, 44-49
82020Rice Big Grain 1 promotes cell division to enhance organ development, stress tolerance and grain yieldLo, SF; Cheng, ML; Hsing, YI ; Chen, YS; Lee, KW; Hong, YF; Hsiao, Y; Hsiao, AS; Chen, PJ; Wong, LI; Chen, NC; Reuzeau, C; Ho, THD ; Yu, SMPLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 18(9), 1969-1983
92020不同期作與收穫期的臺灣油芒作為芻料利用之評估朱明宏; 王翰聰; 林汶鑫; 邢禹依 ; 陳嘉昇中國畜牧學會會誌 第49卷第1期,頁61-72
102019臺灣史前碳化稻米類型之比較徐子富; 王映皓; 方伯軒; 陳昱齊; 蔡元卿; 謝兆樞; 邢禹依 田野考古 第19卷第2期,頁55-86
112019Dye- and fluorescence-based assay to characterize symplastic and apoplastic trafficking in soybean (Glycime max L.) endospermMing-der Shih; Jian-shin Lin; Mei-Jane Fang; Yuang-ching Tsai; Yue-ie C. Hsing BOTANICAL STUDIES 60, 24
122019Retrotranspositional landscape of Asian rice revealed by 3000 genomesCarpentier, MC; Manfroi, E; Wei, FJ; Wu, HP; Lasserre, E; Debradis, E; Hsing, YI ; Panaud, OXNATURE COMMUNICATIONS 10, 24
132019OsDCL1a activation impairs phytoalexin biosynthesis and compromises disease resistance in riceSalvador-Guirao, R; Baldrich, P; Tomiyama, S; Hsing, YI ; Okada, K; San Segundo, BANNALS OF BOTANY 123(1), 79-93
142017油芒種原(選系)的性狀評估劉敏莉; 鍾沛丞; 徐子富; 蔡元卿; 邢禹依 ; 周國隆行政院農業委員會高雄區農業改良場研究彙報 第28卷第1期,頁15-21
152007T-DNA insertion mutants as a resource for rice functional genomicsGuiderdoni, E; An, G.; Yu, S. M. ; Hsing, Y. I. ; Wu, C.Rice Functional Genomics - Challenges, Progress and Prospects (Berlin : Springer)