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12021The mop1 mutation affects the recombination landscape in maizeZhao, Meixia; Ku, Jia-Chi; Liu, Beibei; Yang, Diya; Yin, Liangwei; Ferrell, Tyshawn J.; Stoll, Claire E.; Guo, Wei; Zhang, Xinyan; Wang, Dafang; Wang, Chung-Ju Rachel ; Lisch, DamonProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118(7), e2009475118
22020ZmMTOPVIB enables DNA double-strand break formation and bipolar spindle assembly during maize meiosisJing, JL; Zhang, T; Kao, YH; Huang, TH; Wang, CJR ; He, YPlant Physiology 184(4), 1811-1822
32020Dynamic localization of SPO11-1 and conformational changes of meiotic axial elements during recombination initiation of maize meiosisKu, JC; Ronceret, A; Golubovskaya, I; Lee, DH; Wang, C; Timofejeva, L; Kao, YH; Gomez Angoa, AK; Kremling, K; Williams-Carrier, R; Meeley, R; Barkan, A; Cande, WZ; Wang, CJR PLoS genetics 16(4), e1007881
42017A termite symbiotic mushroom maximizing sexual activity at growing tips of vegetative hyphaeHuei-Mei Hsieh; Mei-Chu Chung; Pao-Yang Chen ; Fei-Man Hsu; Wen-Wei Liao; Ai-Ning Sung; Chun-Ru Lin; Chung-Ju Wang ; Yu-Hsin Kao; Mei-Jane Fang; Chi-Yung Lai; Chieh-Chen Huang; Jyh-Ching Chou; Wen-Neng Chou; Bill Chia-Han Chang; Yu-Ming JuBotanical Studies 58, 39
52017Optimized reduced representation bisulfite sequencing reveals tissue-specific mCHH islands in maize.Hsu, FM; Yen, MR; Wang, CT; Lin, CY; Wang, CJR ; Chen, PY Epigenetics & chromatin 10, 42
62017Understanding and Manipulating Meiotic Recombination in PlantsLambing, C; Franklin, FC; Wang, CJR Plant physiology 173(3), 1530-1542