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12022Gain of gene regulatory network interconnectivity at the origin of vertebratesAlejandro Gil-Gálvez; Sandra Jiménez-Gancedo; Alberto Pérez-Posada; Martin Franke; Rafael D. Acemel; Che-Yi Lin; Cindy Chou; Yi-Hsien Su ; Jr-Kai Yu ; Stephanie Bertrand; Michael Schubert; Héctor Escrivá; Juan J. Tena; José Luis Gómez-SkarmetaProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119(11), e2114802119
22021Evidence for BMP-mediated specification of primordial germ cells in an indirect-developing hemichordateChing-Yi Lin; Jr-Kai Yu ; Yi-Hsien Su Evolution & Development 23(1), 28-45
32020Molecular asymmetry in the cephalochordate embryo revealed by single-blastomere transcriptome profilingLin, C.Y.; Lu, M.Y.J. ; Yue, J.X.; Li, K.L.; Le Petillon, Y.; Yong, L.W.; Chen, Y.H.; Tsai, F.Y.; Lyu, Y.F.; Chen, C.Y.; Hwang, S.P.L. ; Su, Y.H. ; Yu, J.K. PLOS GENETICS 16(12), e1009294
42020Editorial: EvoDevo research in AsiaSu, Y.H. ; Ota, K.G. Evolution & Development 22(6), 407-408
52020The evolution of the neural border and peripheral Nervous System—Insights from Invertebrate Deuterostome AnimalsYu, JK ; Su, YH Evolving Neural Crest Cells (Boca Raton, FL, USA : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC)
62020On the origin and evolution of RNA editing in metazoansLi, Qiye; Zhang, Pei; Li, Ji; Yu, Hao; Zhan, Xiaoyu; Zhu, Yuanzhen; Guo, Qunfei; Tan, Huishuang; Lundholm, Nina; Garcia, Lydia; Martin, Michael D.; Subirats, Meritxell Antó; Su, Yi-Hsien ; Ruiz-Trillo, Iñaki; Martindale, Mark Q.; Yu, Jr-Kai; Gilbert, M. Thomas P.; Zhang, GuojiebioRxiv
72019Genetic Reprogramming of Positional Memory in a Regenerating Appendage.Wang, YT; Tseng, TL; Kuo, YC; Yu, JK ; Su, YH ; Poss, KD; Chen, CH Current biology : CB 29(24), 4193-4207.e4
82019Redox regulation of development and regeneration.Coffman, JA; Su, YH Current opinion in genetics & development 57, 9-15
92019BMP controls dorsoventral and neural patterning in indirect-developing hemichordates providing insight into a possible origin of chordates.Su, YH ; Chen, YC; Ting, HC; Fan, TP; Lin, CY; Wang, KT; Yu, JK Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116(26), 12925-12932
102019Chapter 12 - Methods to label, isolate, and image sea urchin small micromeres, the primordial germ cells (PGCs)Campanale, JP; Hamdoun, A; Wessel, GM; Su, YH ; Oulhen, NMethods in cell biology 150 (Burlington : Elsevier Inc. Academic Press)
112019Chapter 11 - CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in sea urchinsLin, CY; Oulhen, N; Wessel, G; Su, YH Methods in cell biology 151 (Burlington : Elsevier Inc. Academic Press)
122017Recent advances in functional perturbation and genome editing techniques in studying sea urchin development.Cui, M; Lin, CY; Su, YH Briefings in functional genomics 16(5), 309-318
132017EvoDevo: Changes in developmental controls underlying the evolution of animal body plans.Su, YH ; Yu, JKDevelopmental biology 427(2), 177-178
142017Variability in larval gut pH regulation defines sensitivity to ocean acidification in six species of the Ambulacraria superphylumHu, M; Tseng, YC; Su, YH ; Lein, E; Lee, HG; Lee, JR; Dupont, S; Stumpp, MProceedings. Biological sciences 284(1864), 20171066
152017Asymmetric distribution of hypoxia-inducible factor α regulates dorsoventral axis establishment in the early sea urchin embryo.Chang, WL; Chang, YC; Lin, KT; Li, HR; Pai, CY; Chen, JH; Su, YH Development (Cambridge, England) 144, 2940-2950
162012Opposing Nodal and BMP signals regulate left-right asymmetry in the sea urchin larvaLuo, Y. J. ; Su, Y. H. PLOS BIOLOGY 10(10), e1001402
172011Asymmetric localization of germline markers Vasa and Nanos during early development in the amphioxus Branchiostoma floridaeWu, HR; Chen, YT; Su, YH ; Luo, YJ ; Holland, LZ; Yu, JK Developmental Biology 353(1), 147-159
182011The Dynamic Gene Expression Patterns of Transcription Factors Constituting the Sea Urchin Aboral Ectoderm Gene Regulatory NetworkChen, JH; Luo, YJ ; Su, YH Developmental Dynamics 240(1), 250-260
192000Etk, a Btk Family Tyrosine Kinase, Mediates Cellular Transformation by Linking Src to STAT3 ActivationTsai, YT; Su, YH ; Fang, SS; Huang, TN; Qiu, Y; Jou, YS ; Shih, HM ; Kung, HJ; Chen, RH Molecular and Cellular Biology 20(6), 2043-2054