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12021Novel PD-L1 mAb HC16 reveals upregulation of PD-L1 in BAC subtypeBor-Chyuan Su; Chen-Hung Ting; Kang-Yun Lee; Sheng-Ming Wu; Po-Hao Feng; Yao-Fei Chan; Jyh-Yih Chen Histol Histopathol 36, 77-89
22021Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals ectopic delta-5 and delta-6 desaturases enhance protective gene expression upon Vibrio vulnificus challenge in Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)Tu, PY; Huang, SJ; Rajanbabu, V; Wu, JL; Chen, JY BMC genomics 22, 200
32021Marine Antimicrobial Peptide TP4 Exerts Anticancer Effects on Human Synovial Sarcoma Cells via Calcium Overload, Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Mitochondrial HyperpolarizationSu, BC; Hung, GY; Tu, YC; Yeh, WC; Lin, MC; Chen, JY Marine drugs 19(2), 93
42020A Pilot Safety Assessment for Recombinant Epinephelus lanceolatus Piscidin Yeast Powder as a Drug Food Additive after Subacute and Subchronic Administration to SD RatsSu, Bor-Chyuan; Li, Chao-Chin; Liu, Chia-Wen; Chen, Jyh-Yih Marine Drugs 18(12), 586
52020Antimicrobial Peptide TP4 Targets Mitochondrial Adenine Nucleotide Translocator 2Su, Bor-Chyuan; Liu, Yi-Chung; Ting, Chen-Hung; Lyu, Ping-Chiang; Chen, Jyh-Yih Marine Drugs 18(8), 417
62020Dual expression of transgenic delta-5 and delta-6 desaturase in tilapia alters gut microbiota and enhances resistance to Vibrio vulnificus infectionChiang, Keng-Yu; Lin, Wen-Chun; Tsai, Tsung-Yu; Lin, Cheng-Wei; Huang, Shin-Jie; Huang, Ching-Yu; Wu, Sheng-Han; Ken, Chuian-Fu; Gong, Hong-Yi; Chen, Jyh-Yih; Wu, Jen-Leih PLOS ONE 15(7),e0236601
72020Therapeutic utility of the antimicrobial peptide Tilapia Piscidin 4 (TP4)Hazam, Prakash Kishore; Chen, Jyh-Yih Aquaculture Reports 17, 100409
82020Lack of Acute Toxicity and Mutagenicity from Recombinant Epinephelus lanceolatus Piscidin Expressed in Pichia pastorisChen, Hsiao-Ching; Pan, Chieh-Yu; Rajanbabu, Venugopal; Lee, Yen-Yun; Tsai, Wei-Ren; Chen, Jyh-Yih Marine Drugs 18(4), 206
92020Epinecidin-1: An orange-spotted grouper antimicrobial peptide that modulates Staphylococcus aureus lipoteichoic acid-induced inflammation in macrophage cells.Su, BC; Chen, JY Fish & shellfish immunology 99, 362-367
102020Dietary supplementation of recombinant antimicrobial peptide Epinephelus lanceolatus piscidin improves growth performance and immune response in Gallus gallus domesticusTai, Hsueh-Ming; Huang, Han-Ning; Tsai, Tsung-Yu; You, Ming-Feng; Wu, Hung-Yi; Rajanbabu, Venugopal; Chang, Hsiao-Yun; Pan, Chieh-Yu; Chen, Jyh-Yih PLOS ONE 15(3), e0230021
112020Calcium-Dependent Calpain Activation-Mediated Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress Are Required for Cytotoxicity of Epinecidin-1 in Human Synovial Sarcoma SW982 CellsSu, Bor-Chyuan; Li, Chao-Chin; Horng, Jiun-Lin; Chen, Jyh-Yih International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(6), 2109
122020Dietary supplementation of recombinant tilapia piscidin 4-expressing yeast enhances growth and immune response in Lates calcariferHan-Ning Huang; Bor-Chyuan Su; Tsung-Yu Tsai; Venugopal Rajanbabu; Chieh-Yu Pan; Jyh-Yih Chen Aquaculture Reports 16, 100254
132020Distribution of positively charged amino acid residues in antimicrobial peptide epinecidin-1 is crucial for in vitro glioblastoma cytotoxicity and its underlying mechanisms.Su, BC; Wu, TH; Hsu, CH; Chen, JY Chemico-biological interactions 315, 108904
142020Pharmacological inhibition of p38 potentiates antimicrobial peptide TP4-induced cell death in glioblastoma cells.Su, BC; Chen, JY Molecular and cellular biochemistry 464, 1-9
152019Epinecidin-1 Protects against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection and Sepsis in Pyemia Pigs.Huang, HN; Pan, CY; Su, BC; Wu, HY; Chen, JY Marine drugs 17(12), 693
162019Impact of Tilapia hepcidin 2-3 dietary supplementation on the gut microbiota profile and immunomodulation in the grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus).Ting, CH; Pan, CY; Chen, YC; Lin, YC; Chen, TY; Rajanbabu, V; Chen, JY Scientific reports 9, 19047
172019Epinecidin-1: A marine fish antimicrobial peptide with therapeutic potential against Trichomonas vaginalis infection in mice.Huang, HN; Chuang, CM; Chen, JY ; Chieh-Yu, PPeptides 112, 139-148
182019Antimicrobial Peptide TP4 Induces ROS-Mediated Necrosis by Triggering Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Wild-Type and Mutant p53 Glioblastoma Cells.Su, BC; Pan, CY; Chen, JY Cancers 11(2), 171
192019FOSB–PCDHB13 Axis Disrupts the Microtubule Network in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.Ting, CH; Lee, KY; Wu, SM; Feng, PH; Chan, YF; Chen, YC; Chen, JY Cancers (Basel) 11(1), 107
202017Epinecidin-1 protects mice from LPS-induced endotoxemia and cecal ligation and puncture-induced polymicrobial sepsis.Su, BC; Huang, HN; Lin, TW; Hsiao, CD; Chen, JY Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease 1863(12), 3028-3037
212017Antimicrobial Peptide Epinecidin-1 Modulates MyD88 Protein Levels via the Proteasome Degradation Pathway.Su, BC; Chen, JY Marine drugs 15(11), 362
222017Transcriptome analysis of hybrid tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) with Streptococcus agalactiae infection identifies Toll-like receptor pathway-mediated induction of NADPH oxidase complex and piscidins as primary immune-related responses.Ken, CF; Chen, CN; Ting, CH; Pan, CY; Chen, JY Fish & Shellfish Immunology 70, 106-120
232017Recombinant expression of Epinephelus lanceolatus serum amyloid A (ElSAA) and analysis of its macrophage modulatory activities.Su, BC; Lin, WC; Huang, HN; Chen, JY Fish & shellfish immunology 64, 276-286
242017Transcriptome analysis of the effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids against Vibrio vulnificus infection in Oreochromis niloticus.Pan, CY; Liu, YH; Gong, HY; Chen, JY Fish & Shellfish Immunology 62, 153-163
252017Antimicrobial peptide Epinecidin-1 promotes complete skin regeneration of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus-infected burn wounds in a swine model.Huang, HN; Pan, CY; Wu, HY; Chen, JY Oncotarget 8(13), 21067-21080
262017Study of the Antimicrobial Activity of Tilapia Piscidin 3 (TP3) and TP4 and Their Effects on Immune Functions in Hybrid Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.).Pan, CY; Tsai, TY; Su, BC; Hui, CF; Chen, JY PloS one 12(1), e0169678