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12021Structure-guided Antibody Cocktail for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19Shih-Chieh Su; Tzu-Jing Yang; Pei-Yu Yu; Kang-Hao Liang; Wan-Yu Chen; Chun-Wei Yang; Hsiu-Ting Lin; Meng-Jhe Wang; Ruei-Min Lu ; Hsien-Cheng Tso; Meng-Jhe Chung; Tzung-Yang Hsieh; Yu-Ling Chang; Shin-Chang Lin; Fang-Yu Hsu; Feng-Yi Ke; Yi-Hsuan Wu; Yu-Chyi Hwang; I-Ju Liu; Jian-Jong Liang; Chun-Che Liao; Hui-Ying Ko; Cheng-Pu Sun; Ping-Yi Wu; Jia-Tsrong Jan ; Yuan-Chih Chang ; Yi-Ling Lin ; Mi-Hua Tao ; Shang-Te Danny Hsu ; Han-Chung Wu PLOS Pathogens 17(10), e1009704
22021Identification of COVID-19 B-cell epitopes with phage-displayed peptide libraryGuo, J. Y.; Liu, I. J.; Lin, H. T.; Wang, M. J.; Chang, Y. L.; Lin, S. C.; Liao, M. Y.; Hsu, W. C.; Lin, Y. L.; Liao, J. C.; Wu, H. C. Journal of Biomedical Science 28, 43
32021ENO1 promotes lung cancer metastasis via HGFR and WNT signaling-driven epithelial-mesenchymal transitionLi, H. J.; Ke, F. Y.; Lin, C.C.; Lu, M. Y.; Kuo, Y. H.; Wang, Y. P.; Lin, S. C.; Chang, Y. H.; Chen, H. Y.; Yang, P. C.; Wu, H. C. Cancer Research 81(15), 4094-4109
42020EpCAM signaling promotes tumor progression and protein stability of PD-L1 through EGFR pathwayChen, H. N.; Liang, K. H.; Lai, J. K.; Lan, C. H.; Liao, M. Y.; Hung, S. H.; Chuang, Y. T.; Chen, K. C.; Tsuei, W. W. F.; Wu, H. C. Cancer Research 80(22), 5035-5050
52020Potent neutralizing antibody cocktail for prevention and treatment of COVID-19.Wu, H. C. 
62020Novel monoclonal antibody against integrin α3 shows therapeutic potential for ovarian cancerKe, F. Y.; Chen, W. Y.; Lin, M. C.; Hwang, Y. C.; Kuo, K. T.; Wu, H. C. Cancer Science 111(10), 3478-3492
72020Novel SARS-CoV-2-Neutralizing antibodies for prevention and treatment of COVID-19Wu, H. C. 
82020Novel anti-EGFR scFv human antibody-conjugated immunoliposomes enhance chemotherapeutic efficacy in squamous cell carcinoma of head and neckWang, Y. P.; Liu, I. J.; Chung, M. J.; Wu, H. C. Oral Oncology 106, 104689
92020Development of therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of diseasesLu, R. M.; Hwang, Y. C.; Liu, I. J.; Lee, C. C.; Tsai, H. Z.; Li, H. Z.; Wu, H. C. Journal of Biomedical Science 27, 1
102020CXCL14 Maintains hESC Self-Renewal through Binding to IGF-1R and Activation of the IGF-1R PathwayCheng, Chih-Lun; Yang, Shang-Chih; Lai, Chien-Ying; Wang, Cheng-Kai; Chang, Ching-Fang; Lin, Chun-Yu; Chen, Wei-Ju; Lin, Po-Yu; Wu, Han-Chung ; Ma, Nianhan; Lu, Frank Leigh; Lu, Jean Cells 9(7), 1706
112019Novel human Ab against vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 shows therapeutic potential for leukemia and prostate cancerLu, R. M. ; Chiu, C. Y.; Liu, I. J.; Chang, Y. L.; Liu, Y. J.; Wu, H. C. Cancer Science 110(12), 3773-3787
122019Antibody-based therapeutics for cancer theranosticsWu, H. C. 
132019PTPN3 suppresses lung cancer cell invasiveness by counteracting Src-mediated DAAM1 activation and actin polymerizationLi, MY; Peng, WH; Wu, CH ; Chang, YM; Lin, YL; Chang, GD; Wu, HC; Chen, GC ONCOGENE 38(44), 7002-7016
142019Development of antibody-based theranostics for treatment of cancerWu, H. C. 
152019Dengue and Zika virus domain III-flagellin fusion and glycan- masking E antigen for prime-boost immunization.Lin, H. H.; Yang, S. P.; Tsai, M. J.; Lin, G. C.; Wu, H. C. ; Wu, S. C.Theranostics 9(16), 4811-4826
162019Development of Targeting Nanoparticles for Cancer Molecular Imaging and TherapyWu. H.C. 
172019The extracellular domain of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) enhances multipotency of mesenchymal stem cells through EGFR-LIN28-LET7 signalingKuan, I. I.; Chen, C. H.; Lu, J. ; Wu, H. C. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 294(19), 7769-7786
182019Liposomal irinotecan for treatment of colorectal cancer in a preclinical model.Huang, J. R.; Lee, M. H.; Li, W. S. ; Wu, H. C. Cancers (Basel) 11(3), 281
192019Spectroscopic micro imaging ellipsometry for studying effects of drug treatment in colon cancer cells.Chen, Y. D.; Wu, C. H.; Hsu, H. Y.; Khaleel, M. I.; Chang, Y. C.; Wu, H. C. International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications (IJPERA) 4(1), 9-22
202018Liposomal Paclitaxel Induces Fewer Hematopoietic and Cardiovascular Complications than Bioequivalent Doses of TaxolShih-Ting Huang; Yi‑Ping Wang; Yen-Hui Chen ; Chin-Tarng Lin; Wen-Shan Li ; Han-Chung Wu International Journal of Oncology 53(3), 1105-1117
212017Panobinostat sensitizes KRAS-mutant non-small-cell lung cancer to gefitinib by targeting TAZ.Lee, W. Y.; Chen, P. C.; Wu, W. S.; Wu, H. C. ; Lan, C. H.; Huang, Y. H.; Cheng, C. H.; Chen, K. C.; Lin, C. W.International Journal of Cancer 141(9), 1921-1931
222012Nucleolin antisense oligodeoxynucleotides induce apoptosis and may be used as a potential drug for nasopharyngeal carcinoma therapyWu, CD; Chou, HW; Kuo, YS; Lu, RM ; Hwang, YC; Wu, HC ; Lin, CTOncology Reports 27, 94-100