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12022Adaptive metabolic responses in a thermostabilized environment: Transgenerational trade-off implications from tropical tilapiaWang, MC; Hsu, MT; Lin, CC; Hsu, SC; Chen, RD; Lee, JR; Chou, YL; Tseng, HP; Furukawa, F; Hwang, SL ; Hwang, PP ; Tseng, YC SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 806(Part 2), 150672
22021Anthropogenic CO2-mediated freshwater acidification limits survival, calcification, metabolism, and behaviour in stress-tolerant freshwater crustaceansQuijada-Rodriguez, A. R.; Kuan, P. L.; Sung, P. H.; Hsu, M. T.; Allen, G. J. P.; Hwang, P. P. ; Tseng, Y. C. ; Weihrauch, D.BIOGEOSCIENCES 18, 6287-6300
32021Estrogen-related receptor γ2 controls NaCl uptake to maintain ionic homeostasisShih, SW; Yan, JJ; Wang, YH; Tsou, YL; Chiu, L; Tseng, YC ; Chou, MY; Hwang, PP The Journal of endocrinology 251(2), 149-159
42020Insulin-like growth factor 1 triggers salt secretion machinery in fish under acute salinity stressYan, Jia-Jiun; Lee, Yi-Chun; Tsou, Yi-Ling; Tseng, Yung-Che ; Hwang, Pung-Pung Journal of Endocrinology 246(3), 277-288
52020Specialized adaptations allow vent-endemic crabs (Xenograpsus testudinatus) to thrive under extreme environmental hypercapniaAllen, GJP; Kuan, PL; Tseng, YC ; Hwang, PP ; Quijada-Rodriguez, AR; Weihrauch, DScientific reports 10, 11720
62020Arginine vasopressin modulates ion and acid/base balance by regulating cell numbers of sodium chloride cotransporter and H+-ATPase rich ionocytes.Tong, S. K.; H. L. Lee; Y. C. Lee; L. C. Wu; Y. L. Tsou; S. W. Lu; S. W. Shih; P. P. Hwang ; M. Y. ChouInt. J. Mol. Sci. 21(11), 3957
72020Did Acidic Stress Resistance in Vertebrates Evolve as Na+/H+ Exchanger-Mediated Ammonia Excretion in Fish?Tseng, YC ; Yan, JJ; Furukawa, F; Hwang, PP BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology 42(5), e1900161
82020Gluconeogenesis and glycogen metabolism during development of Pacific abalone, Haliotis discus hannaiKoyama, M.; F. Furukawa; Y. Koga; S. Funayama; S.Furukawa; O. Baba; C. C. Lin; P. P. Hwang ; S. Moriyama; S. OkumuraAm J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 318(3), R619-R633
92019Novel discoveries in acid-base regulation and osmoregulation: a review of selected hormonal actions in zebrafish and medaka.Yan, J. J; P. P. Hwang General and Comparative Endocrinology 277, 20-29
102019Zebrafish Klf4 maintains the ionocyte progenitor population by regulating epidermal stem cell proliferation and lateral inhibitionYi-Chung Chen; Bo-Kai Liao; Yu-Fen Lu; Yu-Hsiu Liu; Fang-Chi Hsieh; Pung-Pung Hwang ; Sheng-Ping L. Hwang PLOS GENETICS 15(4), e1008058
112015Recent advances in understanding trans-epithelial acid-base regulation and excretion mechanisms in cephalopods.Hu, M. Y.; P. P. Hwang ; Y. C. Tseng Tissue Barriers 3, e10641
12-Energy metabolism under acidic stress: The evolutionary pressure for Preferential utilization of Na+/H+ exchanger-mediated ammonia excretion to cope with acidic stress during evolution of in fishes?Tseng, Y. C.; J. J. Yan; F. Furukawa; P. P. Hwang BioEssays