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12021Structure-based Development of Human Interleukin-1β-Specific Antibody That Simultaneously Inhibits Binding to Both IL-1RI and IL-1RAcPKuo, WC; Lee, CC; Chang, YW; Pang, W; Chen, HS; Hou, SC; Lo, SY; Yang, AS ; Wang, AHJournal of molecular biology 433(4), 166766
22021Endosomal TLR3 co-receptor CLEC18A enhances host immune response to viral infectionHuang, YL; Huang, MT; Sung, PS; Chou, TY; Yang, RB; Yang, AS ; Yu, CM; Hsu, YW; Chang, WC; Hsieh, SL Communications biology 4, 229
32020Preparation and characterization of antibody-drug conjugates acting on HER2-positive cancer cellsChiang, ZC; Chiu, YK; Lee, CC; Hsu, NS; Tsou, YL; Chen, HS; Hsu, HR; Yang, TJ; Yang, AS ; Wang, AHPloS one 15(9), e0239813
42020A panel of anti-influenza virus nucleoprotein antibodies selected from phage-displayed synthetic antibody libraries with rapid diagnostic capability to distinguish diverse influenza virus subtypesChung-Ming Yu; Ing-Chien Chen; Chao-Ping Tung; Hung-Pin Peng; Jhih-Wei Jian; Yi-Kai Chiu; Yueh-Liang Tsou; Hong-Sen Chen; Yi-Jen Huang; Wesley Wei-Wen Hsiao; Yong Alison Wang; An-Suei Yang SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10, 13318
52019Development of theranostic active-targeting boron-containing gold nanoparticles for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)Wu, C. Y.; J. J. Lin; W. Y. Chang; C. Y. Hsieh; C. C. Wu; H. S. Chen; H. J. Hsu; A. S. Yang ; M. H. Hsu; W. Y. KuoColloids Surf B Biointerfaces 183, 110387
62019Evaluating BRCA mutation risk predictive models in a Chinese cohort in TaiwanFei-Hung Hung; Yong Alison Wang; Jhih-Wei Jian; Hung-Pin Peng; Ling-Ling Hsieh; Chen-Fang Hung; Max Yang; An-Suei Yang SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 10229
72019Effective binding to protein antigens by antibodies from antibody libraries designed with enhanced protein recognition propensitiesJhih-Wei Jian; Hong-Sen Chen; Yi-Kai Chiu; Hung-Pin Peng; Chao-Ping Tung; Ing-Chien Chen; Chung-Ming Yu; Yueh-Liang Tsou; Wei-Ying Kuo; Hung-Ju Hsu; An-Suei Yang mAbs 11(2), 373-387