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12021Activation of Prp28 ATPase by phosphorylated Npl3 at a critical step of spliceosome remodelingYeh, Fu-Lung; Chang, Shang-Lin; Ahmed, Golam Rizvee; Liu, Hsin-I; Tung, Luh; Yeh, Chung-Shu; Lanier, Leah Stands; Maeder, Corina; Lin, Che-Min; Tsai, Shu-Chun; Hsiao, Wan-Yi; Chang, Wei-Hau; Chang, Tien-Hsien Nature Communications 12, 3082
22021GateMeiosis: C++ based large-scale data analysis for robotic yeast one-hybrid platforms and multi-disciplinary studiesTsai, N.-C.; Hsu, T.-S.; Kuo, S.-C.; Kao, C.-T.; Hung, T.-H.; Lin, D.-G.; Yeh, C.-S.; Chu, C.-C.; Lin, J.-S.; Lin, H.-H.; Ko, C.-Y.; Chang, T.-H. ; Su, J.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.BMC Biology
32019A novel synthetic-genetic-array–based yeast one-hybrid system for high discovery rate and short processing timeYeh, C.-S.; Wang, Z.; Miao, F.; Ma, H.; Kao, C.-T.; Hsu, T.-S.; Yu, J.-H.; Hung, E.-T.; Lin, C.-C.; Kuan, C.-Y.; Zhou, C.; Qu, G.-Z.; Jiang, J.; Liu, G.; Wang, J. P.; Li, W.; Chiang, V. L.; Chang, T.-H. ; Lin, Y.-C. J.Genome Research 29(8), 1343-1351
42019Naturally occurring dual recognition of tRNAHis substrates with and without a universal identity element.Lee, Y.-H.; Lo, Y.-T.; Chang, C.-P.; Yeh, C.-S.; Chang, T.-H. ; Chen, Y.-Wei; Tseng, Y.-K.; Wang, C.-C.RNA Biology 16(9), 1275-1285
52018Germline expression of the hunchback orthologues in the asexual viviparous aphids: A conserved feature within the AphididaeChung, C.-y.; Hsiao, Y.-m.; Huang, T.-Y.; Chang, T.-H. ; Chang, C-c.Insect Molecular Biology 27(6), 752-765
62018Adaptive transcription-splicing resynchronization upon losing an essential splicing factorChang, S.-L.; Wang, H.-K.; Tung, L.; Chang, T.-H. NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 2, 1818-1823
72018Integrative transcriptome sequencing reveals extensive alternative trans-splicing and cis-backsplicing in human cellsChuang, Trees-Juen ; Chen, Yen-Ju; Chen, Chia-Ying; Mai, Te-Lun; Wang, Yi-Da; Yeh, Chung­Shu; Yang, Min-Yu; Hsiao, Yu-Ting; Chang, Tien-Hsien ; Kuo, Tzu-Chien; Cho, Hsin-Hua; Shen, Chia-Ning  ; Kuo, Hung-Chih ; Lu, Mei-Yeh ; Chen, Yi-Hua; Hsieh, Shan-Chi; Chiang, Tai-WeiNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 46(7), 3671-3691
82017Candida albicans Hom6 is a homoserine dehydrogenase involved in protein synthesis and cell adhesionTsai, P.-W.; Chien, C.-Y.; Yeh, Y.-C.; Tung, L.; Chen, H.-F.; Chang, T.-H. ; Lan, C.Y.Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection 50(6), 863-871
92017The conserved AU-dinucleotide at the 5’ end of nascent U1 snRNA is optimized for the interaction with nuclear cap-binding-complexYeh, C.-S.; Chang, S.-L.; Chen, J.-H.; Wang, H.-K.; Chou, Y.-C.; Wang, C.-H.; Huang, S.-H.; Larson, A.; Pleiss, P. A.; Chang, W.-h.; Chang, T.-H. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 45(16), 9679-9693
102016Detection of protein-protein interaction within an RNA-protein complex via unnatural-amino-acid-mediated photochemical crosslinkingFu-Lung Yeh; Luh Tung; Tien-Hsien Chang Methods in Molecular Biology – RNA-Protein Complexes and Interactions: Methods and Protocols 1421, 175-189
112016Alternative splicing of Toll-like receptor 9 transcript in teleost fish Grouper is regulated by NF-κB signaling via phosphorylation of the C-terminal domain of the RPB1 subunit of RNA polymerase IILee, F. F.-Y.; Hu, C.-F.; Chang, T.-H. ; Chiou, P. P.PLoS One 11(9), e0163415
122015Feedback Control of Snf1 Protein and Its Phosphorylation Is Necessary for Adaptation to Environmental Stress.Hsu, HE; Liu, TN; Yeh, CS; Chang, TH ; Lo, YC; Kao, CF The Journal of biological chemistry 290(27), 16786-16796
132015A population study of killer viruses reveals different evolutionary histories of two closely related Saccharomyces sensu stricto yeastsShang-Lin Chang; Jun-Yi Leu; Tien-Hsien Chang Molecular Ecology 24(16), 4312-4322
142013Functions of the DExD/H-box proteins in the nuclear pre-mRNA splicing pathway.Chang, T. -H. ; Tung, L.; Yeh, F. -L.; Chen, J-H.; Chang, S. -L.Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 10.1016/j.bbagrm.2013.02.006
152013Noncanonical expression of caudal during early embryogenesis in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum: maternal cad-driven posterior development is not conservedChang, C. -C.; Hsiao, Y. -M.; Huang, T. -Y.; Cook, C. E.; Shigenobu, S.; Chang, T. -H. INSECT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 22(4), 442-455
162012Attenuation of 40S Ribosomal Subunit Abundance Differentially Affects Host and HCV Translation and Suppresses HCV Replication.Huang, J-Y; Su, W-C; Jeng, K-S ; Chang, T-H ; Lai, MMC PLoS Pathogens 8(6), e1002766
172012Analysis of stress granule assembly in Schizosaccharomyces pombeWang, C. -Y.; Wen, W. -L.; Nilsson, D.; Sunnerhagen, P.; Chang, T. -H. ; Wang, S. -W.RNA 18, 694-703
182012Mammalian alpha arrestins link activated seven transmembrane receptors to Nedd4 family E3 ubiquitin ligases and interact with beta arrestins.Shea, F. F.; Rowell, J. R.; Li, Y.; Chang, T. -H. ; Alvarez, C. E.PLoS One 7(12), e50557
192011H2B ubiquitylation is part of chromatin architecture that marks exon-intron structure in budding yeastShieh, GS; Pan, CH; Wu, JH; Sun, YJ; Wang, CC; Hsiao, WC; Lin, CY; Tung, L; Chang, TH ; Fleming, AB; Hillyer, C; Lo, YC; Berger, SL; Osley, MA; Kao, CF BMC genomics 12, 627
202010核糖核酸旋解酶:驅動核糖核酸結構變化的推手 (RNA Helicases: Enzymes that Promote the Conformational Changes of RNAs and Ribonucleoprotein Complexes)Chang, L. -C.; Lin, Y. -C.; Tung, L.; Yeh, F. -L.; Yeh, C. -S.; Chang, T. -H. 化學 (Chemistry) 68卷4期,頁259-270
212010Genome-wide analysis of the cis-regulatory modules of divergent gene pairs in yeastSu, C. H.; Shih, C. H.; Chang, T. H. ; Tsai, H. K. Genomics 96(6), 352-361
222009Roles of Trans and Cis Variation in Yeast Intraspecies Evolution of Gene ExpressionSung, HM; Wang, TY ; Wang, D ; Huang, YS; Wu, JP; Tsai, HK ; Tzeng, J; Huang, CJ; Lee, YC; Yang, P; Hsu, J; Chang, T; Cho, CY; Weng, LC; Lee, TC; Chang, TH ; Li, WH; Shih, MC Molecular biology and evolution 26(11), 2533-2538
232009A targeted bypass screen identifies Ynl187p, Prp42p, Snu71p, and Cbp80p for stable U1 snRNP/pre-mRNA interactionHage, R.; Tung, L.; Du, H.; Stands, L.; Rosbash, M.; Chang, T. -H. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 29(14), 3941-3952
242009The current understanding of Ded1p/DDX3 homologs from yeast to humanTarn, Woan-Yuh; Chang, Tien-Hsien RNA Biology 6(1), 17-20
252007MYBS: A comprehensive web server for mining transcription factor binding sites in yeastTsai, H. K. ; Chou, M. Y.; Shih, C. H.; Huang, Grace T. W.; Chang, T. H. ; Li, W. H. Nucleic Acids Research 35(suppl_2), W221-W226
262006Nuclear localization of poly(A)+ mRNA following siRNA reduction of expression of the mammalian RNA helicases UAP56 and URH49Kapadia, Fehmida; Pryor, Annie; Chang, Tien-Hsien ; Johnson, Lee F.Gene 384, 37-44
272005Exploring functional relationships between components of the transcription, splicing, and mRNA export machineries by gene expression phenotype analysisBurckin, T.; Nagel, R.; Mandel-Gutfreund, Y.; Shiue, L.; Clark, T.; Chong, J. -L.; Chang, T. -H. ; Squazzo, S.; Hartzog, G.; Ares, M. Jr.Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol 12, 175-182
282004Growth-regulated expression and G0-specific turnover of the mRNA that encodes URH49, a mammalian DExH/D box protein that is highly related to the mRNA export protein UAP56Pryor, A.; Tung, L.; Yang, L.; Kapadia, F.; Chang, T. -H. ; Johnson, L. F.Nucleic Acids Research 32(6), 1857-1865
292004Ded1p, a conserved DExD/H-box translation factor, can promote L-A virus negative-strand RNA synthesis in vitroChong, J. -L.; Chuang, R. -Y.; Tung, L.; Chang, T. -H. Nucleic Acids Research 32, 2031-2038
302003Functional conservation of Dhh1p, a DExD/H-box protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeTseng-Rogenski, S. S. -I; Chong, J. -L.; Thomas, C. B.; Enomoto, S.; Berman, J.; Chang, T. -H. Nucleic Acids Research 31, 4995-5002
312001Specific alterations of U1-C protein or U1 small nuclear RNA can eliminate the requirement of Prp28p, an essential DEAD-box splicing factorChen, J. Y. -F.; Stands, L.; Staley, J. P.; Jackups, R. R.; Latus, L. J.; Chang, T. -H. Mol. Cell 7, 227-232
321998A cyotosolic RNA helicase required for poly(A)+ RNA exportTseng, S. S. -I; Weaver, P. L.; Liu, Y.; Hitomi, M.; Tartakoff, A. M.; Chang, T. -H. EMBO J 17, 2651-2662
331997Dbp3p, a putative RNA helicase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is required for efficient pre-ribosomal RNA processing predominantly site A3Weaver, Paul L.; Sun, C.; Chang, Tien-Hsien Mol. Cell. Biol. 17(3), 1354-1365
341997Requirement of the DEAD-box protein Ded1p for messenger RNA translationChuang, R. -Y.; Weaver, P. L.; Liu, Z.; Chang, T. -H. Science 275, 1468-1471
351997Genetic interactions of conserved regions in the DEAD-box protein Prp28pChang, Tien-Hsien ; Latus, Lori J.; Liu, Zheng; Abbott, JohnNucleic Acids Research 25(24), 5033-5040