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12021Cytological Study of Begonia Sect. Diploclinium (Begoniaceae)Yoshiko Kono; Ching-I Peng ; Kazuo Oginuma; Hsun-An Yang; Yan Liu; Chung, Kuo-Fang CYTOLOGIA 86(4), 359-366
22017Contrasting diversification history between insular and continental species of three-leaved azaleas (Rhododendron sect. Brachycalyx) in East AsiaYoichi, W.; Jin, X.-F.; Peng, C.-I. ; Tamaki, I.; Tomaru, N.Journal of Biogeography 44(5), 1065-1076
32009數位典藏在秋海棠植物分類研究的應用彭鏡毅 ; 翁茂倫; 穆家宏