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12023Genomic architecture underlying morphological and physiological adaptation to high elevation in a songbirdLu, C.-W.; Huang, S.-T.; Cheng, S.-J.; Lin, C.-T.; Hsu, Y.-C.; Yao, C.-T.; Dong, F; Hung, C.-M. ; Kuo, H.-C.MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 32(9), 2234-2251
22023Weak gene–gene interaction facilitates the evolution of gene expression plasticityKuo, H.-C.; Yao, C.-T.; Liao, B.-Y.; Weng, M.-P.; Dong, F.; Hsu, Y.-C.; Hung, C.-M. BMC BIOLOGY 21, 57
32023The genetic variation of a mitochondrial and two behaviour-related genes in invasive African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) populations in TaiwanKu, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Hung, C.-M. ; Ng, C.- S.IBIS 165(2), 647-662
42022The role of a synanthropic bird in the nest niche expansion of a secondary cavity nester to man-made structuresGuo, J.-C.; Tsai, J.-S.; Wang, J.-S.; Lin, Y.-W.; Shaner, P.-J.; Hung, C.-M. Ecology & Evolution 12, e9188
52022Functional connections between bird eggshell stiffness and nest characteristics through risk of egg collision in nestsHung, C-M ; Tsao, S-H; Chiang, P-L; Wu, S-P; Tuanmu, M-N ; Juang, J-YEcology Letters 25(6), 1421-1431
62022Domestication obscures genomic estimates of population historyLu, C.-W.; Yao, C.-T.; Hung, C.-M. MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 31(3), 752-766
72022Elevational plumage divergence in the Rufous-capped Babbler (Cyanoderma ruficeps) on a mountainous islandFang, Y.-T.; Yao, C.-T.; Hsu, Y.-C.; Hung, C.-M. IBIS 164(1), 151-167
82021Effects of artificial light at night on the nest-site selection, reproductive success and behavior of a synanthropic birdJ-S Wang; M-N Tuanmu ; C-M Hung Environmental Pollution 288, 117805
92021Population genomic, climatic and anthropogenic evidence suggest the role of human forces in endangerment of green peafowl (Pavo muticus)Dong, F.; Kuo, H.-C.; Chen, G.-L.; Wu, F.; Shan, P.-F.; Wang, J.; Chen, D.; Lei, F.-M.; Hung, C.-M. ; Liu, Y.; Yang, X.-J.PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 288(1948), 20210073
102021Potential Himalayan community turnover through the Late PleistoceneDong, F.; Hung, C.-M. ; Li, S.H.; Yang, X.-J.CLIMATIC CHANGE 164, 6
112020Avian phenotypic convergence is subject to low genetic constraints based on genomic evidenceChen, Yu-Chi; Kuo, Hao-Chih; Lo, Wen-Sui; Hung, Chih-Ming BMC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY 20, 147
122020Maternal gut microbes shape the early-life assembly of gut microbiota in passerine chicks via nestsChen, Cheng-Yu; Chen, Chih-Kuan; Chen, Yi-Ying; Fang, Andrew; Shaw, Grace Tzun-Wen; Hung, Chih-Ming ; Wang, Daryi Microbiome 8, 129
132020Secondary contact after allopatric divergence explains avian speciation and high species diversity in the Himalayan-Hengduan MountainsFeng Dong; Chih-Ming Hung ; Xiao-Jun YangMOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION 143, 106671
142020Sympatric competitors have driven the evolution of temporal activity patterns in Cnemaspis geckos in Southeast AsiaNguyen, H. N.; Hung, C. M. ; Yang, M. Y.; Lin, S. M.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10, 27
152019Generating brain matrices for zebra finch brain sectioning using three-dimensional printing technologyHuang, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Fang, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-C.; Hung, C.-M. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS 327, 108399
162019To Trim or Not to Trim: Effects of Read Trimming on the De Novo Genome Assembly of a Widespread East Asian Passerine, the Rufous-Capped Babbler (Cyanoderma ruficeps Blyth)Yang, S.-F.; Lu, C.-W.; Yao, C.-T.; Hung, C.-M. GENES 10(10), 737
172019Historical demography of four gecko species specializing in boulder cave habitat: implications in the evolutionary dead end hypothesis and conservationHung N. Nguyen; Chia-Wei Lu; Jui-Hua Chu; Larry L. Grismer; Chih-Ming Hung ; Si-Min LinMOLECULAR ECOLOGY 28(4), 772-784
182019The niches of nuthatches affect their lineage evolution differently across latitudeYu-Chi Chen; Masoud Nazarizadeh; Fu-Min Lei; Xiao-Jun Yang; Cheng-Te Yao; Feng Dong; Lu Dong; Fa-Sheng Zou; Sergei V. Drovetski; Yang Liu; Chun-Cheng Huang; Chih-Ming Hung MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 28(4), 803-817
192019Barn Swallow Nest Predation by a Recent Urban Invader, the Taiwan Whistling Thrush – Implications for the Evolution of Urban Avian CommunitiesJhih-Syuan Wang; Chih-Ming Hung ZOOLOGICAL STUDIES 58, 1
202018Genomic analysis of demographic history and ecological niche modeling in the endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensisH.L. Mays; C.-M. Hung ; P.-J. Shaner; J. Denvir; M. Justice; S.-F. Yang; T.L. Roth; D.A. Oehler; J. Fan; S. Rekulapally; D.A. PrimeranoCURRENT BIOLOGY 28(1), 70-76.e4