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12023Higher temperature variability in deforested mountain regions impacts the competitive advantage of nocturnal speciesChan, Shih-Fan; Rubenstein, Dustin R.; Chen, I-Ching; Fan, Yu-Meng; Tsai, Hsiang-Yu; Zheng, Yuan-Wen; Shen, Sheng-Feng Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 290(1999), 20230529
22022Discontinuity of Diurnal Temperature Range Along Elevated RegionsJang, Yi-Shin; Shen, Sheng-Feng ; Juang, Jehn-Yih; Huang, Cho-ying; Lo, Min-HuiGeophysical Research Letters 49(6), e2021GL097551
32022Cooperation and Lateral Forces: Moving Beyond Bottom-Up and Top-Down Drivers of Animal Population DynamicsChen, Ying-Yu; Rubenstein, Dustin R.; Shen, Sheng-Feng Frontiers in Psychology 13, 768773
42021Antagonistic effects of long- and short-term environmental variation on species coexistenceMing Liu; Dustin R. Rubenstein; Siew Ann Cheong; Sheng-Feng Shen PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 288(1958), 20211491
52021On the evolution of social ties as an instrumental tool for resource competition in resource patch networksChester Wai-Jen Liu; Sheng-Feng Shen ; Wei-Chung Liu Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 8, 78
62020Life histories determine divergent population trends for fishes under climate warmingWang, Hui-Yu ; Shen, Sheng-Feng ; Chen, Ying-Shiuan; Kiang, Yun-Kae; Heino, MikkoNATURE COMMUNICATIONS 11, 4088
72020Ecological transitions in grouping benefits explain the paradox of environmental quality and sociality.Liu, M.; S.-F. Chan; D. R. Rubenstein; S.-J. Sun; B.-F. Chen; S.-F Shen The American Naturalist 195(5), 818-832
82020A Chemically triggered Transition from Conflict to Cooperation in Burying BeetlesChen, B.-F.; M. Liu; D. R. Rubenstein; S.-J. Sun; J.-N. Liu; Y.-H. Lin; S.-F. Shen ECOLOGY LETTERS 23(3), 467-475
92020Locally-adapted Reproductive Photoperiodism Determines Population Vulnerability to Climate Change in Burying BeetlesTsai, H-Y; D.R. Rubenstein; Y.-M. Fan; T.-N. Yuan; B.-F. Chen; Y. Tang; I.-C. Chen; S.-F. Shen NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 11(1), 1398
102020Antagonistic effects of intraspecific cooperation and interspecific competition on thermal performanceTsai, H.-Y.; D.R. Rubenstein; B.-F. Chen; M. Liu; S.-F. Chan; D.-P. Chen; S.-J. Sun; T.-N. Yuan; S.-F. Shen ELIFE 9, e57022
112020Social rank modulates how environmental quality influences cooperation and conflict within animal societiesLiu, Mark; Chen, Bo-Fei; Rubenstein, Dustin R.; Shen, Sheng-Feng Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 287(1935), 20201720
122020Complex signals alter recognition accuracy and conspecific acceptance thresholdsTibbetts, E. A.; M. Liu; E. C. Laub; S.-F. Shen PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 375(1802), 20190482
132019A continuum of biological adaptations to environmental fluctuationLiu, M.; D. R. Rubenstein; W.-C. Liu ; S.-F. Shen PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 286(1912), 20191623
142019Artificial intelligence reveals environmental constraints on colour diversity in insectsWu, S.; C.-M. Chang; D.R. Rubenstein; C.-M. Yang; Y.-T. Huang; H.-H. Lin; L.-C. Shih; S.-W. Chen; S.-F. Shen NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 10, 4554
152019Contrasting forms of competition set elevational range limits of speciesChan, S.-F.; W.-K. Shih; A.-Y. Chang; S.-F. Shen ; I.-C. ChenEcology Letters 22(10), 1668-1679
162019Nest predation predicts infanticide in a cooperatively breeding birdCheng, Y.-R.; D. R. Rubenstein; S.-F. Shen Biology Letters 15(8), 20190314
172019Resolving the paradox of environmental quality and sociality: the ecological causes and consequences of cooperative breeding in two lineages of birdsLin, Y.-H; S.-F. Chan; D. R. Rubenstein; M. Liu; S.-F. Shen The American Naturalist 194(2), 207-216
182019Environmental uncertainty and social behaviorShen, S.-F. ; D. R. RubensteinEncyclopedia of Animal Behavior, 2nd Edition (Cambridge, M.A.: Elsevier, Academic Press)
192018Response to Qian et al. (2017): Daily and seasonal climate variations are both critical in the evolution of species’ elevational range sizeChan, W.-P.; I.-C. Chen; R. K. Colwell; W.-C. Liu ; C.-Y. Huang; S.-F. Shen JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY 45(12), 2832-2836
202017Fishing-induced changes in adult length are mediated by skipped-spawningWang, Hui-Yu ; Chen, Ying-Shiuan; Hsu, Chien-Chung; Shen, Sheng-Feng Ecological Applications 27(1), 274-284
212016Seasonal and daily climate variation have opposite effects on species elevational range sizeChan, W.-P.; I-C. Chen; R. K. Colwell; W.-C. Liu ; C.-y. Huang; S.-F. Shen SCIENCE 351(6280), 1437-1439