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12022phiC31 integrase for recombination-mediated single-copy insertion and genome manipulation in Caenorhabditis elegansYang, Fang-Jung; Chen, Chiao-Nung; Chang, Tiffany; Cheng, Ting-Wei; Chang, Ni-Chen; Kao, Chia-Yi; Lee, Chih-Chi; Huang, Yu-Ching; Hsu, Jung-Chen; Li, Jengyi; Lu, Meiyeh J ; Chan, Shih-Peng; Wang, John GENETICS 220(2), iyab206
22021Transcriptome profiling reveals the developmental regulation of NaCl-treated Forcipomyia taiwana eggsChen, M-E; Tsai, M-H; Huang, H-T; Tsai, C-C; Chen, M-J; Yang, D-S; Wang, J ; Huang, R-NBMC GENOMICS 22, 792
32021Cultivation of Caenorhabditis elegans on new cheap monoxenic media without peptoneLe, TS; Nguyen, TTH; Huong, BTM; Nguyen, HG; Ha, BH; Nguyen, VS; Nguyen, MH; Nguyen, H-H; Wang, J JOURNAL OF NEMATOLOGY 53, e2021-36
42020Population Genetic and Social Structure Survey of Solenopsis geminata in ThailandNipitwattanaphon, N; Swatdipong, A; Hasin, S; Wang, J ZOOLOGICAL STUDIES 59, 22
52020Mutagenesis Mediated by CRISPR/Cas9 in the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invictaChiu, Y-K; Hsu, J-C; Chang, T; Huang, Y-C; Wang, J INSECTES SOCIAUX 67, 317-326
62020The fire ant social supergene is characterized by extensive gene and transposable element copy number variationFontana, S; Chang, NC; Chang, T; Lee, CC; Dang, VD; Wang, J MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 29(1), 105-120
72019Has gene expression neofunctionalization in the fire ant antennae contributed to queen discrimination behavior?Dang, VD; Cohanim, AB; Fontana, S; Privman, E; Wang, J GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 9(22), 12754-12766
82019Selection and gene flow shape niche-associated variation in pheromone responseLee, D; Zdraljevic, S; Cook, DE; Frézal, L; Hsu, JC; Sterken, MG; Riksen, JAG; Wang, J ; Kammenga, JE; Braendle, C; Félix, MA; Schroeder, FC; Andersen, ECNATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 3, 1455-1463