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12022Omics and mechanistic insights into di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate degradation in the O2-fluctuating estuarine sedimentsWang, PH; Chen, YL; Wu, TY; Wu, YW; Wang, TY ; Shih, CJ; Wei, STS; Lai, YL; Liu, CX; Chiang, YR Chemosphere 299, 134406
22022Causal networks of phytoplankton diversity and biomass are modulated by environmental contextChun-Wei Chang; Takeshi Miki; Hao Ye; Sami Souissi; Rita Adrian; Orlane Anneville; Helen Agasild; Syuhei Ban; Yaron Be’eri-Shlevin; Yin-Ru Chiang ; Heidrun Feuchtmayr; Gideon Gal; Satoshi Ichise; Maiko Kagami; Michio Kumagai; Xin Liu; Shin-Ichiro S. Matsuzaki; Marina M. Manca; Peeter Nõges; Roberta Piscia; Michela Rogora; Fuh-Kwo Shiah; Stephen J. Thackeray; Claire E. Widdicombe; Jiunn-Tzong Wu ; Tamar Zohary; Chih-hao HsiehNATURE COMMUNICATIONS 13, 1140
32022Identification of essential β-oxidation genes and corresponding metabolites for oestrogen degradation by actinobacteriaTsun-Hsien Hsiao; Tzong-Huei Lee; Meng-Rong Chuang; Po-Hsiang Wang; Menghsiao Meng; Masae Horinouchi; Toshiaki Hayashi; Yi-Lung Chen; Yin-Ru Chiang MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 15(3), 949-966
42022Temporal Compositional Shifts in an Activated Sludge Microbiome during Estrone BiodegradationAlDhafiri, S; Chiang, YR ; EL Nayal, AM; Abed, RMM; Abotalib, N; Wael, IsmailEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research 29, 32702-32716
52021Integrated multi-omics investigations reveal the key role of synergistic microbial networks in removing plasticizer di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate from estuarine sedimentsSean Ting-Shyang Wei; Yi-Lung Chen; Yu-Wei Wu; Tien-Yu Wu; Yi-Li Lai; Po-Hsiang Wang; Wael Ismail; Tzong-Huei Lee; Yin-Ru Chiang MSYSTEMS 6, e00358-21
62021Vibrio nitrifigilis sp. nov., a marine nitrogen-fixing bacterium isolated from the lagoon sediment of an islet inside an atollWei-Sheng Huang; Li-Ting Wang; Jwo-Sheng Chen; Yen-Ting Chen; Sean Ting-Shyang Wei; Yin-Ru Chiang ; Pei-Ling Wang; Tzong-Huei Lee; Shih-Ting Lin; Lina Huang; Wung Yang ShiehANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 114, 933-945
72021Mechanistic and phylogenetic insights into actinobacteria-mediated oestrogen biodegradation in urban estuarine sedimentsTsun-Hsien Hsiao; Yi-Lung Chen; Menghsiao Meng; Meng-Rong Chuang; Masae Horinouchi; Toshiaki Hayashi; Po-Hsiang Wang; Yin-Ru Chiang MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 14(3), 1212-1227
82020Long-term warming destabilizes aquatic ecosystems through weakening biodiversity-mediated causal networksChun-Wei Chang; Hao Ye; Takeshi Miki; Ethan R Deyle; Souissi Sami; Orlane Anneville; Rita Adrian; Yin-Ru Chiang ; Satoshi Ichise; Michio Kumagai; Shin-Ichiro S Matsuzaki; Fuh-Kwo Shiah; Jiunn-Tzong Wu; Chih-Hao Hsieh; George SugiharaGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 26(11), 6413-6423
92020Highly oxygenated constituents from a marine alga-derived fungus Aspergillus giganteus NTU967Jih-Jung Chen; Shih-Wei Wang; Yin-Ru Chiang ; Ka-Lai Pang; Yueh-Hsiung Kuo; Tsai-Yen Shih; Tzong-Huei LeeMARINE DRUGS 18(6), 303
102020Retroconversion of estrogens into androgens by bacteria via a cobalamin-mediated methylationPo-Hsiang Wang; Yi-Lung Chen; Sean Ting-Shyang Wei; Kan Wu; Tzong-Huei Lee; Tien-Yu Wu; Yin-Ru Chiang PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 117(3), 1395-1403
112020Biosynthesis of ascorbic acid as a glucose-induced photoprotective process in the extremophilic red alga Galdieria partita.Han-Yi Fu; Shao-Lun Liu; Yin-Ru Chiang Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 3005
122019Microbial degradation of steroid sex hormones: Implications for environmental and ecological studies.Yin-Ru Chiang ; Sean Ting-Shyang Wei; Po-Hsiang Wang; Pei-Hsun Wu; Chang-Ping YuMICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 13(4), 926-949
132019Metabolites Involved in Aerobic Degradation of the A and B Rings of EstrogenKan Wu; Tzong-Huei Lee; Yi-Lung Chen; Yu-Sheng Wang; Po-Hsiang Wang; Chang-Ping Yu; Kung-Hui Chu; Yin-Ru Chiang APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 85(3), e02223-18
142019Isoprenyl phenolic ethers from the termite nest-derived medicinal fungus Xylaria fimbriataMei-Chuan Chen; Guei-Jane Wang; Yueh-Hsiung Kuo; Yin-Ru Chiang ; Ting-Yu Cho; Yu-Ming Ju ; Tzong-Huei LeeJOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS 27(1), 111-117
152017Biochemical mechanisms and microorganisms involved in anaerobic testosterone metabolism in estuarine sediments.Chao-Jen Shih; Yi-Lung Chen; Chia-Hsiang Wang; Sean Ting-Shyang Wei; I-Ting Lin; Wael Ahmed Ismail; Yin-Ru Chiang FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 8, 1520
162017Biochemical Mechanisms and Catabolic Enzymes Involved in Bacterial Estrogen Degradation PathwaysYi-Lung Chen; Chang-Ping Yu; Tzong-Huei Lee; King-Siang Goh; Kung-Hui Chu; Po-Hsiang Wang; Wael Ismail; Chao-Jen Shih; Yin-Ru Chiang CELL CHEMICAL BIOLOGY 24(6), 712-724.e7