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12019Hypoxia and therapeutic treatment of EV-A71 with an immune modulator TLR7 agonist in a new immunocompetent mouse model.Liou, A.; Liao, C.; Chou, S.; Chang, Y.S.; Chang, C.S.; Shih, C. Journal of Biomedical Science 26(1), 93
22019Persistence of hepatitis B virus DNA and the tempos between virion secretion and genome maturation in a mouse modelWu, SY; Chang, YS; Chu, TH; Shih, C JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 93(22): e01001-19
32019Enterovirus 71 targets the cardiopulmonary system in a robust oral infection mouse modelChang, CS; Liao, CC; Liou, AT; Chang, YS; Chang, YT; Tzeng, BH; Chen, CC ; Shih, C Scientific Reports 9, 11108