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12019Pigment epithelium-derived factor peptide reverses mouse age-related meibomian gland atrophy.N.-W. Fan; T.-C. Ho; C.-W. Wu ; H.-Y. Chien; Y.-P. TsaoExperimental Eye Research 185, 107678
22019Pigment epithelium-derived factor peptide promotes limbal stem cell proliferation through hedgehog pathway.N.-W. Fan; T.-C. Ho; C.-W. Wu ; Y.-P. TsaoJournal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 23(7), 4759-4769
32017YAP1 is essential for tumor growth and is a potential therapeutic target for EGFR-dependent lung adenocarcinomas.Lee, TF; Tseng, YC; Chang, WC; Chen, YC; Kao, YR; Chou, TY; Ho, CC; Wu, CW Oncotarget 8(52), 89539-89551
42017Brain metastases in patients with non-small cell lung cancer: the role of mutated-EGFRs with an exon 19 deletion or L858R point mutation in cancer cell dissemination.Hsiao, SH; Chou, YT; Lin, SE; Hsu, RC; Chung, CL; Kao, YR; Liu, HE; Wu, CW Oncotarget 8(32), 53405-53418
52017TDP-43/HDAC6 axis promoted tumor progression and regulated nutrient deprivation-induced autophagy in glioblastoma.Lin, TW; Chen, MT; Lin, LT; Huang, PI; Lo, WL; Yang, YP; Lu, KH; Chen, YW; Chiou, SH; Wu, CW Oncotarget 8(34), 56612-56625
62002Cyclooxygenase-1 and bicistronic cyclooxygenase-1/prostacyclin synthase gene transfer protect against ischemic cerebral infarctionLin, H.; Lin, T. N. ; Cheung, W. M.; Nian, G. M.; Tseng, P. H.; Chen, S. F.; Chen, J. J.; Shyue, S. K.; Liou, J. Y.; Wu, C. W. ; Wu, K. K.Circulation 105(16), 1962-1969