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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Determination of CHK1 Cellular Localization by Immunofluorescence MicroscopyYu-Che Cheng; Sheau-Yann Shieh Cell Cycle Checkpoints. Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 2267 (New York : Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 2267)
22020Loss of the tumor suppressor BTG3 drives a pro-angiogenic tumor microenvironment through HIF-1 activationCheng, YC; Chiang, HY; Cheng, SJ; Chang, HW; Li, YJ; Shieh, SY CELL DEATH & DISEASE 11(12), 1046
32019CHK2-mediated regulation of PARP1 in oxidative DNA damage response.Hsu, PC; Gopinath, RK; Hsueh, YA; Shieh, SY Oncogene 38, 1166-1182
41997Signaling to the C-terminus of p53C Cain; S-Y Shieh ; C PrivesOncogenes as transcriptional regulators. Volume 2: cell cycle regulators and chromosomal translocation (USA : Birkhauser Verlaq)
51995Molecular characterization of the rat insulin enhancer-binding complex 3b2. Cloning of a binding factor with putative helicase motifs.Shieh, SY ; Stellrecht, CM; Tsai, MJThe Journal of biological chemistry 270(37), 21503-21508
61994Expression of the trans-active factors that stimulate insulin control element-mediated activity appear to precede insulin gene transcription.Robinson, GL; Peshavaria, M; Henderson, E; Shieh, SY ; Tsai, MJ; Teitelman, G; Stein, RThe Journal of biological chemistry 269(4), 2452-2460
71991Cell-specific and ubiquitous factors are responsible for the enhancer activity of the rat insulin II gene.Shieh, SY ; Tsai, MJThe Journal of biological chemistry 266(25), 16708-16714