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12021Entropy-driven binding of gut bacterial β-glucuronidase inhibitors ameliorates irinotecan-induced toxicityLin, HY; Chen, CY; Lin, TC; Yeh, LF; Hsieh, WC; Gao, S; Burnouf, PA; Chen, BM; Hsieh, TJ; Dashnyam, P; Kuo, YH; Tu, Z; Roffler, SR ; Lin, CHCommunications biology 4, 280
22021Replacement of L-amino acid peptides with D-amino acid peptides mitigates anti-PEG antibody generation against polymer-peptide conjugates in miceSylvestre, M; Lv, S; Yang, LF; Luera, N; Peeler, DJ; Chen, BM; Roffler, SR ; Pun, SHJournal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 331, 142-153
32021Double attack strategy for leukemia using a pre-targeting bispecific antibody (CD20 Ab-mPEG scFv) and actively attracting PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin to enhance anti-tumor activityHo, KW; Chen, IU; Cheng, YA; Liao, TY; Liu, ES; Chen, HJ; Lu, YC; Su, YC; Roffler, SR ; Huang, BC; Liu, HJ; Huang, MY; Chen, CY; Cheng, TLJournal of nanobiotechnology 19, 16
42021Flow cytometry analysis of anti-polyethylene glycol antibodies in human plasmaFang, JL; Beland, FA; Tang, Y; Roffler, SR Toxicology reports 8, 148-154
52020Bispecific antibody (HER2 × mPEG) enhances anti-cancer effects by precise targeting and accumulation of mPEGylated liposomesChen, I-Ju; Cheng, Yi-An; Ho, Kai-Wen; Lin, Wen-Wei; Cheng, Kai-Wen; Lu, Yun-Chi; Hsieh, Yuan-Chin; Huang, Chien-Chiao; Chuang, Chih-Hung; Chen, Fang-Ming; Su, Yu-Cheng; Roffler, Steve R. ; Cheng, Tian-LuActa Biomaterialia 111, 386-397
62020Premature Drug Release from Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)-Coated Liposomal Doxorubicin via Formation of the Membrane Attack ComplexChen, E; Chen, BM; Su, YC; Chang, YC ; Cheng, TL; Barenholz, Y; Roffler, SR ACS nano 14(7), 7808-7822
72020PEGylated Liposomal Methyl Prednisolone Succinate does not Induce Infusion Reactions in Patients: A Correlation Between in Vitro Immunological and in Vivo Clinical Studies.Bavli, Y; Chen, BM; Roffler, SR ; Dobrovolskaia, MA; Elnekave, E; Ash, S; Barenholz, Y; Turjeman, KMolecules (Basel, Switzerland) 25(3), 558
82020Structural basis of polyethylene glycol recognition by antibody.Lee, CC; Su, YC; Ko, TP; Lin, LL; Yang, CY; Chang, SS; Roffler, SR ; Wang, AHJournal of biomedical science 27, 12
92019Both IgM and IgG Antibodies Against Polyethylene Glycol Can Alter the Biological Activity of Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol-Epoetin Beta in Mice.Chang, TC; Chen, BM; Lin, WW; Yu, PH; Chiu, YW; Chen, YT; Wu, JY; Cheng, TL; Hwang, DY; Roffler, SR Pharmaceutics 12(1), 15
102019Enhanced drug internalization and therapeutic efficacy of PEGylated nanoparticles by one-step formulation with anti-mPEG bispecific antibody in intrinsic drug-resistant breast cancer.Cheng, YA; Chen, IJ; Su, YC; Cheng, KW; Lu, YC; Lin, WW; Hsieh, YC; Kao, CH; Chen, FM; Roffler, SR ; Cheng, TLBiomaterials science 7(8), 3404-3417
112019Simply Mixing Poly Protein G with Detection Antibodies Enhances the Detection Limit and Sensitivity of Immunoassays.Chen, YJ; Chen, M; Cheng, TL; Roffler, SR ; Lin, SY; Hsu, HL; Wang, CH; Chen, CY; Kao, AP; Cheng, JJ; Chuang, KHAnalytical chemistry 91(13), 8310-8317
122019Doxebo (doxorubicin-free Doxil-like liposomes) is safe to use as a pre-treatment to prevent infusion reactions to PEGylated nanodrugs.Bavli, Y; Winkler, I; Chen, BM; Roffler, S ; Cohen, R; Szebeni, J; Barenholz, YJournal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 306, 138-148
132017The Affinity of Elongated Membrane-Tethered Ligands Determines Potency of T Cell Receptor TriggeringChen, Bing-Mae; Al-Aghbar, Mohammad Ameen; Lee, Chien-Hsin; Chang, Tien-Ching; Su, Yu-Cheng; Li, Ya-Chen; Chang, Shih-En; Chen, Chin-Chuan; Chung, Tsai-Hua; Liao, Yuan-Chun; Lee, Chau-Hwang ; Roffler, Steve R FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 8, 793
142017Conditional internalization of PEGylated nanomedicines by PEG engagers for triple negative breast cancer therapy.Su, YC; Burnouf, PA; Chuang, KH; Chen, BM; Cheng, TL; Roffler, SR NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8, 15507
152017Enhancement Effect of a Variable Topology of a Membrane-Tethered Anti-Poly(ethylene glycol) Antibody on the Sensitivity for Quantifying PEG and PEGylated Molecules.Lin, WW; Cheng, YA; Kao, CH; Roffler, SR ; Lee, YC; Chen, BM; Hsieh, YC; Chen, IJ; Huang, BC; Wang, YT; Tung, YC; Huang, MY; Chen, FM; Cheng, TLANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 89(11), 6082-6090