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12021Usefulness of Machine Learning-Based Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias With 12-Lead ElectrocardiogramsChang, Kuan-Cheng; Hsieh, Po-Hsin; Wu, Mei-Yao; Wang, Yu-Chen; Chen, Jan-Yow; Tsai, Fuu-Jen; Shih, Edward S.C.; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Huang, Tzung-ChiCanadian Journal of Cardiology 37(1), 94-104
22021Novel Naturally Occurring Mutations of Enterovirus 71 Associated With Disease SeverityChang, Chih-Shin; Liao, Chun-Che; Liou, An-Ting; Chou, Yi-Chun; Yu, Ya-Yen; Lin, Chi-Yung; Lin, Jen-Shiou; Suen, Ching-Shu; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Shih, ChiahoFrontiers in Microbiology 11, 610568
32021PRAP1 is a novel lipid binding protein that promotes lipid absorption  by facilitating MTTP-mediated lipid transportPeng, Hubert; Chiu, Tzu-Yuan; Liang, Yu-Jen; Lee, Chia-Jen; Liu, Chih-Syuan; Suen, Ching-Shu; Yen, Jeffrey J.-Y. ; Chen, Hung-Ta ; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Hussain, M Mahmood; Yang, Hsin-Chou; Yang-Yen, Hsin-Fang Journal of Biological Chemistry 296, 100052
42021ALDH2 deficiency induces atrial fibrillation through dysregulated cardiac sodium channel and mitochondrial bioenergetics: A multi-omics analysisHu, Yu-Feng; Wu, Chih-Hsun; Lai, Tsung-Ching; Chang, Yu-Chan; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Chang, Ting-Yung; Weng, Ching-Hui; Chang, Peter Mu-Hsin; Chen, Che-Hong; Mochly-Rosen, Daria; Huang, Chi-Ying F.; Chen, Shih-AnnBiochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease 1867(5), 166088
52021Usefulness of multi-labelling artificial intelligence in detecting rhythm disorders and acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction on 12-lead electrocardiogramChang, Kuan-Cheng; Hsieh, Po-Hsin; Wu, Mei-Yao; Wang, Yu-Chen; Wei, Jung-Ting; Shih, Edward S C; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Lin, Wan-Ying; Lin, Wan-Ting; Lee, Kuan-Jung; Wang, Ti-HaoEuropean Heart Journal - Digital Health 2(2), 299-310
62020SLC38A2 Overexpression Induces a Cancer‐like Metabolic Profile and Cooperates with SLC1A5 in Pan‐cancer PrognosisMeng-Sen Huang; Jen-Hsuan Chang; Wen-Ching Lin; Yu-Hsiang Cheng; Fu-An Li ; Ching-Shu Suen; Ming-Jing Hwang ; Chung-Ke Chang; Kurt Yun Mou Chemistry-An Asian Journal 15(22), 3861-3872
72020Lumenal Galectin-9-Lamp2 interaction regulates lysosome and autophagy to prevent pathogenesis in the intestine and pancreasSudhakar, Janaki N.; Lu, Hsueh-Han; Chiang, Hung-Yu; Suen, Ching-Shu; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Wu, Sung-Yu; Shen, Chia-Ning ; Chang, Yao-Ming; Li, Fu-An ; Liu, Fu-Tong ; Shui, Jr-Wen Nature Communications 11, 4286
82020Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias by a Challenge-Best Deep Learning Neural Network ModelChen, Tsai-Min; Huang, Chih-Han; Shih, Edward S.C.; Hu, Yu-Feng; Hwang, Ming-Jing iScience 23(3) ,100886
92020BGN/TLR4/NF-κB Mediates Epigenetic Silencing of Immunosuppressive Siglec Ligands in Colon Cancer CellsHuang, HC; Cai, BH; Suen, CS; Lee, HY; Hwang, MJ ; Liu, FT; Kannagi, RCELLS 9(2), 397
102019Risk Stratification for Lung Adenocarcinoma on EGFR and TP53 Mutation Status, Chemotherapy and PD-L1 ImmunotherapyWu, CH; Hwang, MJ CANCER MEDICINE 8(13), 5850-5861
112019Plant cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase with dual catalytic activity modulates abiotic stress toleranceChin, DC; Rajendran, SK; Suen, CS; Chien, CY; Hwang, MJ ; Hsu, CH; Xu, X; Lai, ZX; Yeh, KWiScience 16, 31-49
122019Epigenetic silencing of the synthesis of immunosuppressive Siglec ligand glycans by NF-κB/EZH2/YY1 axis in early-stage colon cancersHuang, HC; Chao, CC; Wu, PH; Chung, HY; Lee, HY; Suen, CS; Hwang, MJ ; Cai, BH; Kannagi, R Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1862(2), 173-183
132016Proteins with highly evolvable domain architectures are non-essential but highly retained.Hsu, CH; Chiang, AW; Hwang, MJ ; Liao, BYMolecular biology and evolution 33(5), 1219-1230
142015NPPD: A Protein-Protein Docking Scoring Function Based on Dyadic Differences in Networks of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Amino Acid ResiduesShih, ES; Hwang, MJ Biology 4(2), 282-297
152015Candidate tumor suppressor B-cell translocation gene 3 impedes neoplastic progression by suppression of AKTCheng, YC; Chen, PH; Chiang, HY; Suen, CS; Hwang, MJ ; Lin, TY; Yang, HC; Lin, WC; Lai, PL; Shieh, SYCell Death & Disease 6, e1584
162014Methods for Predicting Protein–Ligand Binding SitesXie, ZR; Hwang, MJ Molecular Modeling of Proteins, Methods in Molecular Biology (New York : USA: Humana Press Springer Science+Business Media New York)
172014Tight Regulation of a Timed Nuclear Import Wave of EKLF by PKCθ and FOE during Pro-E to Baso-E TransitionYu-Chiau Shyu; Tung-Liang Lee; Xin Chen; Pang-Hung Hsu; Shau-Ching Wen; Yi-Wei Liaw; Chi-Huan Lu; Po-Yen Hsu; Mu-Jie Lu; JauLang Hwang; Ming-Daw Tsai; Ming-Jing Hwang ; Jim-Ray Chen; Che-Kun James ShenDEVELOPMENTAL CELL 28(4), 409-422
182012On the use of distance constraints in protein-protein docking computationsShih, ES; Hwang, MJ PROTEINS-STRUCTURE FUNCTION AND BIOINFORMATICS 80(1), 194-205
192011Proline in transmembrane domain of type II protein DPP-IV governs its translocation behavior through endoplasmic reticulumChung, KM; Huang, CH; Cheng, JH; Tsai, CH; Suen, CH; Hwang, MJ ; Chen, XBIOCHEMISTRY 50(37), 7909-7918
202011Cleavage-site Specificity of Prolyl Endopeptidase FAP Investigated with a Full-Length Protein SubstrateHuang, CH; Suen, CS; Lin, CT; Chien, CH; Lee, HY; Chung, KM; Tsai, TY; Jiaang, WT; Hwang, MJ ; Chen, X.JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY 149(6), 685-692
212010The dimeric transmembrane domain of prolyl dipeptidase DPP-IV contributes to its quaternary structure and enzymatic activitiesChung, KM; Cheng, JH; Suen, CS; Huang, CH; Tsai, CH; Huang, LH; Chen, YR; Wang, AHJ ; Jiaang, WT; Hwang, MJ ; Chen, XPROTEIN SCIENCE 19(9), 1627-1638
222010Chapter 4: Non-sequential protein structure comparisonsShih, E. S; Hwang, M. -J. Sequence and Genome Analysis: Methods and Applications (香港 : iConcept Press)
232010An interaction-motif-based scoring function for protein-ligand dockingXie, Z. R.; Hwang, M. -J. BMC Bioinformatics 11, 298
242010Outer membrane protein I of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a target of cationic antimicrobial peptide/proteinLin, Yu-Min; Wu, Shih-Jung; Chang, Ting-Wei; Wang, Chiu-Feng; Suen, Ching-Shu; Hwang, Ming-Jing ; Chang, Margaret Dah-Tsyr; Chen, Yuan-Tsong; Liao, You-Di JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 285(12), 8985-8994
252009Oligomerization is crucial for the stability and function of heme oxygenase-1 in the endoplasmic reticulumHwang, H. -W.; Lee, J. -R.; Chou, K. -U.; Suen, C. -S.; Hwang, M. -J. ; Chen, C.; Shieh, R. -C.; Chau, L. -Y.Journal of Biological Chemistry 284(34), 22672-22679
262009Topological and organizational properties of the products of house-keeping and tissue-specific genes in protein-protein interaction networksLin, Wen-hsien; Liu, Wei-chung ; Hwang, Ming-jing BMC Systems Biology 3, 32
272008Network position of hosts in food webs and their parasite diversityChen, H. W.; Liu, W. -c.; Davis, A. J.; Jordan, F.; Hwang, M. -J. ; Shao, K. T. OIKOS 117(12), 1847-1855
282007A network perspective on the topological importance of enzymes and their phylogenetic conservationLiu, W. C. ; Lin, W. H.; Davis, A. J.; Jordan, F.; Yang, H. T.; Hwang, M. J. BMC Bioinformatics 8, 121
292007The role of microRNA in the delayed negative feedback regulation of gene expressionXie, Z. R.; Yang, H. -t.; Liu, W. -c.; Hwang, M. J. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 358, 722-726
302007An analytical rate expression for the kinetics of gene transcription mediated by dimeric transcription factorsYang, H. T.; Hsu, C. P. ; Hwang, M. J. The Journal of Biochemistry 142(2), 135-144
312006Protemot: prediction of protein binding sites with automatically extracted geometrical templatesChang, D. T.; Weng, Y. Z.; Lin, J. H.; Hwang, M. J. ; Oyang, Y. J.Nucleic Acids Res 34(Web Server issue), W303-W309
322006OPAAS: a web server for optimal, permuted, and other alternative alignments of protein structuresShih, E. S.; Gan, R. C.; Hwang, M. J. Nucleic Acids Res 34(Web Server issue), W95-W98
332006In silico identification and comparative analysis of differentially expressed genes in human and mouse tissuesPao, S. Y.; Lin, W. L.; Hwang, M. J. BMC Genomics 7, 86
342005Classification of Protein 3D Folds by Hidden Markov Learning on Sequences of Structural AlphabetsWang, S. -L.; Chen, C. -M.; Hwang, M. J. Proceedings of The Third Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference, 65-72
352004Derivation and Analysis of Fragment Libraries of Protein StructuresLee, In-Yee; Soong, Ta-Tsen; Ho, Jan-Ming; Hwang, Ming-Jing 
362004Mutations at KFRDI and VGK domains of enterovirus 71 3C protease affect its RNA binding and proteolytic activitiesShih, S. R.; Chiang, C.; Chen, T. C.; Wu, C. N.; Hsu, J. T.; Lee, J. C.; Hwang, M. J. ; Li, M. L.; Chen, G. W.; Ho, M. S.J Biomed Sci 11, 239-248
372004Derivation and Analysis of Fragment Libraries of Protein StructuresLee, I. Y.; Soong, T. T.; Ho, J. M.; Hwang, M. J. Fourth IEEE Symposium on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering 516-521
382004The UniMarker (UM) method for synteny mapping of large genomesLiao, B. Y.; Chang, Y. J.; Ho, J. M. ; Hwang, M. J. Bioinformatics 20(17), 3156-3165
392004Alternative Alignments from Comparison of Protein StructuresShih, E. S. C.; Hwang, M. J. Proteins 56, 519-527
402004Discovery of Recurrent Structural Motifs for Approximating Three-Dimensional Protein StructuresSoong, T. T.; Hwang, M. J. ; Chen, C. M.J Chin Chem Soc 51, 1107-1114
412003Human and Mouse Genome Comparison Using Genome-Wide Unique SequencesLiao, Ben-Yang; Chang, Yu-Jung; Ho, Jan-Ming; Hwang, Ming-Jing 
422003The role of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 in lymphotoxin-beta receptor-mediated cell deathChen, M. C.; Hwang, M. J. ; Chou, Y. C.; Chen, W. H.; Cheng, G.; Nakano, H.; Luh, T. Y.; Mai, S. C.; Hsieh, S. L.J Biol Chem 278, 16073-16081
432003Directional shape complementarity at the protein-DNA interfaceYeh, C. S.; Chen, F. M.; Wang, J. Y.; Cheng, T. L.; Hwang, M. J. ; Tzou, W. S.J Mol Recognit 16, 213-222
442003Protein structure comparison by probability-based matching of secondary structure elementsShih, E. S.; Hwang, M. J. Bioinformatics 19, 735-741
452002Single nucleotide polymorphism mapping using genome-wide unique sequencesChen, L. Y.; Lu, S. H.; Shih, E. S.; Hwang, M. J. Genome Res 12, 1106-1111
462002GEM: a Gaussian Evolutionary Method for predicting protein side-chain conformationsYang, J. M.; Tsai, C. H.; Hwang, M. J. ; Tsai, H. K.; Hwang, J. K.; Kao, C. Y.Protein Sci 11, 1897-1907
472001Site-directed mutagenesis evidence for a negatively charged trypsin inhibitory loop in sweet potato sporaminYao, P. L.; Hwang, M. J. ; Chen, Y. M.; Yeh, K. W.FEBS Lett 496, 134-138
482001Derivation of class II force fields. VIII. Derivation of a general quantum mechanical force field for organic compoundsEwig, C. S.; Berry, R.; Dinur, U.; Hill, J. R.; Hwang, M. J. ; Li, H.; Liang, C.; Maple, J.; Peng, Z.; Stockfisch, T. P.; Thacher, T. S.; Yan, L.; Ni, X.; Hagler, A. T.J Comput Chem 22, 1782-1800
492000Primary Structure and Function Analysis of the Abrus precatorius Agglutinin A Chain by Site-directed Mutagenesis: Pro199 OF AMPHIPHILIC α-HELIX H IMPAIRS PROTEIN SYNTHESIS INHIBITORY ACTIVITYLiu, CL; Tsai, CC; Lin, SC ; Wang, LI; Hsu, CI; Hwang, MJ ; Lin, JYJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 275(3), 1897-1901
501999Modeling helix-turn-helix protein-induced DNA bending with knowledge-based distance restraintsTzou, W. S.; Hwang, M. J. Biophys J 77, 1191-1205
511999Territrem B, a tremorgenic mycotoxin that inhibits acetylcholinesterase with a noncovalent yet irreversible binding mechanismChen, J. W.; Luo, Y. L.; Hwang, M. J. ; Peng, F. C.; Ling, K. H.J Biol Chem 274, 34916-34923
521999Restraint-driven formation of alpha-helical coiled coils in molecular dynamics simulationsYang, P. K.; Tzou, W. S.; Hwang, M. J. Biopolymers 50, 667-677
531999Conformational Analysis of Three Pyrophosphate Model Species: Diphosphate, Methyl Diphosphate, and TriphosphateHwang, M. J. ; Chu, P. Y.; Chen, J. C.; Chao, I.J. Comput. Chem 20, 1702-1715
541998New insights for dinucleotide backbone binding in conserved C5'-H . . . O hydrogen bondsChu, P. Y.; Hwang, M. J. Journal of Molecular Biology 279(4), 695-701
551998Derivation of Class II Force Fields. 5. Quantum Force Field for Amides, Peptides, and Related CompoundsMaple, J. R.; Hwang, M. J. ; Jalkanen, K. J.; Stockfisch, T. P.; Hagler, A. T.J. Comput. Chem. 19, 430-458
561998Derivation of class II force fields. VI. Carbohydrate compounds and anomeric effectsHwang, M. J. ; Ni, X.; Waldman, M.; Ewig, C. S.; Hagler, A. T.Biopolymers 45, 435-468
571998VHMPT: a graphical viewer and editor for helical membrane protein topologiesLin, W. J.; Hwang, M. J. Bioinformatics 14, 866-868
581998Estimates of relative binding free energies for HIV protease inhibitors using different levels of approximationsLee, C. Y.; Yang, P. K.; Tzou, W. S.; Hwang, M. J. Protein Eng 11, 429-437
591997Introduction to Protein Structure PredictionsTzou, W. S.; Hwang, M. J. The Chinese Chem. Soc., Taiwan China 55, 101-109
601997Derivation of Clase II Force Fields. 4. van der Waals Parameters of Alkali Metal Cations and Halide AnionsPeng, Z.; Ewig, C. S.; Hwang, M. J. ; Waldman, M.; Hagler, A. T.Journal of Physical Chemistry A 101, 7243-7252
611997A model for Fis N-terminus, Fis-invertase recognitionTzou, W. S.; Hwang, M. J. FEBS Lett 401, 1月5日
621997Shaker pore structure as predicted by annealed atomic simulation using symmetry and novel geometric restraintsYang, P. K.; Lee, C. Y.; Hwang, M. J. Biophys J 72, 2479-2489