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12021Dual-specificity phosphatase 15 (DUSP15) modulates Notch signaling by enhancing the stability of Notch proteinNoopur Bhore; Bo-Jeng Wang; Po-Fan Wu; Yen-Lurk Lee; Yun-Wen Chen; Wen- Ming Hsu; Hsinyu Lee; Yi-Shuian Huang ; Ding-I Yang; Yung-Feng Liao MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY 58, 2204-2214
22021Alternative Polyadenylation and Differential Regulation of Ucp1: Implications for Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis Across Species.Lu, Wen-Hsin; Chang, Yao-Ming ; Huang, Yi-Shuian Frontiers in pediatrics 8, 612279
32021CPEB3-dowregulated Nr3c1 mRNA translation confers resilience to developing posttraumatic stress disorder-like behavior in fear-conditioned miceLu, WH; Chao, HW; Lin, PY; Lin, SH; Liu, TH; Chen, HW; Huang, YS Neuropsychopharmacology 46, 1669-1679
42021Neuronal Exosomes Secreted under Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/Reperfusion Presenting Differentially Expressed miRNAs and Affecting Neuronal Survival and Neurite OutgrowthChiang, CS; Fu, SJ; Hsu, CL; Jeng, CJ; Tang, CY; Huang, YS ; Tang, SCNeuromolecular medicine
52021Usp11 controls cortical neurogenesis and neuronal migration through Sox11 stabilizationChiang, SY; Wu, HC; Lin, SY; Chen, HY; Wang, CF; Yeh, NH; Shih, JH; Huang, YS ; Kuo, HC; Chou, SJ; Chen, RHScience advances 7(7), eabc6093
62020Phosphatidylinositol-4-Phosphate 5-Kinase Type 1α Attenuates Aβ Production by Promoting Non-amyloidogenic Processing of Amyloid Precursor ProteinPo-Fan Wu; Noopur Bhore; Yen-Lurk Lee; Ju-Yun Chou; Yun-Wen Chen; Pei-Yi Wu; Wen-Ming Hsu; Hsinyu Lee; Yi-Shuian Huang ; Pei-Jung Lu; Yung-Feng Liao FASEB JOURNAL 34(9), 12127-12146
72020CPEB2-activated PDGFRα mRNA translation contributes to myofibroblast proliferation and pulmonary alveologenesisLai, YT; Chao, HW; Lai, A C-Y; Lin, SH; Chang, YJ ; Huang, YS Journal of Biomedical Science 27, 52
82020Emotional Stress Induces Structural Plasticity in Bergmann Glial Cells via an AC5–CPEB3–GluA1 PathwayBender, CL; Sun, X; Farooq, M; Yang, Q; Davison, C; Maroteaux, M; Huang, YS ; Ishikawa, Y; Liu, SJThe Journal of Neuroscience 40(17), 3374-3384
92020The RNA binding protein CPEB2 regulates hormone sensing in mammary gland development and luminal breast cancerPascual, R; Martín, J; Salvador, F; Reina, O; Chanes, V; Millanes-Romero, A; Suñer, C; Fernández-Miranda, G; Bartomeu, A; Huang, YS ; Gomis, RR; Méndez, RScience Advances 6(20), eaax3868
102020CMTR1-Catalyzed 2′-O-Ribose Methylation Controls Neuronal Development by Regulating Camk2α Expression Independent of RIG-I SignalingLee, YL; Kung, FC; Lin, CH; Huang, YS Cell Reports 33(3), 108269
112019CPEB4-Dependent Neonate-Born Granule Cells Are Required for Olfactory Discrimination.Tseng, CS; Chou, SJ ; Huang, YS Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 13, 5
122019Dysregulated Translation in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: An Overview of Autism-Risk Genes Involved in Translation.Chen, YC; Chang, YW; Huang, YS Developmental neurobiology 79(1), 60-74