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12020Endomembrane Protein Trafficking Regulated by a TvCyP2 Cyclophilin in the Protozoan Parasite, Trichomonas vaginalisHsu, Hong-Ming; Huang, Yu-Hsin; Aryal, Sarita; Liu, Hsing-Wei; Chen, Chinpan ; Chen, Shu-Hui; Chu, Chien-Hsin; Tai, Jung-Hsiang Scientific Reports 10, 1275
22020Structural basis for promoter DNA recognition by the response regulator OmpRSadotra, Sushant; Lou, Yuan-Chao; Tang, Hao-Cheng; Chiu, Yi-Chih; Hsu, Chun-Hua; Chen, Chinpan Journal of Structural Biology 213(1), 107638
32020N-Terminal Segment of TvCyP2 Cyclophilin from Trichomonas vaginalis Is Involved in Self-Association, Membrane Interaction, and Subcellular LocalizationAryal, Sarita; Hsu, Hong-Ming; Lou, Yuan-Chao; Chu, Chien-Hsin; Tai, Jung-Hsiang; Hsu, Chun-Hua; Chen, Chinpan Biomolecules 10(9), 1239
42019Structural basis for -35 element recognition by σ 4 chimera proteins and their interactions with PmrA response regulatorLou, Yuan-Chao; Chou, Chun-Chi; Yeh, Hsin-Hong; Chien, Chia-Yu; Sadotra, Sushant; Hsu, Chun-Hua; Chen, Chinpan Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 88(1), 69-81
52018Structural basis of interaction between dimeric cyclophilin 1 and Myb1 transcription factor in Trichomonas vaginalis.Martin, T; Lou, YC; Chou, CC; Wei, SY; Sadotra, S; Cho, CC; Lin, MH; Tai, JH ; Hsu, CH; Chen, C Scientific reports 8(1), 5410
62014Solution structure and tandem DNA recognition of the C-terminal effector domain of PmrA from Klebsiella pneumoniae.Lou, YC; Wang, I; Rajasekaran, M; Kao, YF; Ho, MR ; Hsu, ST ; Chou, SH; Wu, SH ; Chen, C Nucleic acids research 42(6), 4080-4093
72003Solution structure of the cytotoxic RNase 4 from oocytes of bullfrog Rana catesbeiana.Hsu, CH; Liao, YD; Pan, YR; Chen, LW; Wu, SH ; Leu, YJ; Chen, C Journal of molecular biology 326(4), 1189-1201