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12015Uncovering the Mechanism of Forkhead-Associated Domain-Mediated TIFA Oligomerization That Plays a Central Role in Immune Responses.Weng, JH; Hsieh, YC; Huang, CC; Wei, TY; Lim, LH; Chen, YH; Ho, MR ; Wang, I; Huang, KF ; Chen, CJ; Tsai, MD Biochemistry 54(40), 6219-6229
22012Amino acid substitutions of MagA in Klebsiella pneumoniae affect the biosynthesis of the capsular polysaccharideLin, TL; Yang, FL; Yang, AS; Peng, HP; Li, TL ; Tsai, MD ; Wu, SH ; Wang, JTPLoS One 7(10), e46783
32011Functions of Some Capsular Polysaccharide Biosynthetic Genes in Klebsiella pneumoniae NTUH K-2044Ho, JY; Lin, TL; Li, CY; Lee, A; Cheng, AN; Chen, MC; Wu, SH ; Wang, JT; Li, TL ; Tsai, MD PLoS One 6(7), e21664
42009Humoral immunity against capsule polysaccharide protects the host from magA+ Klebsiella pneumoniae-induced lethal disease by evading Toll-like receptor 4 signalingWu, MF; Yang, CY; Lin, TL; Wang, JT; Yang, FL; Wu, SH ; Hu, BS; Chou, TY; Tsai, MD ; Lin, CH; Hsieh, SL Infection and immunity 77(2), 615-621
52001“Learning Is a Lifelong Process” in Reflections on Multiliterate LivesDiane Dewhurst Belcher; Ulla Connor Eds.; Tsai, Ming-Daw Clevedon, England ; Buffalo, N.Y. : Multilingual Matters, 135-140