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12021Vibrio cholerae biofilm scaffolding protein RbmA shows an intrinsic, phosphate-dependent autoproteolysis activityMaestre-Reyna, M; Huang, WC; Wu, WJ ; Singh, PK; Hartmann, R; Wang, PH; Lee, CC; Hikima, T; Yamamoto, M; Bessho, Y; Drescher, K; Tsai, MD; Wang, AHIUBMB life 73(2), 418-431
22021Identification of fidelity-governing factors in human recombinases DMC1 and RAD51 from cryo-EM structuresLuo, SC; Yeh, HY; Lan, WH; Wu, YM; Yang, CH; Chang, HY; Su, GC; Lee, CY; Wu, WJ ; Li, HW; Ho, MC; Chi, P; Tsai, MDNature Communications 12, 115
32019Thermococcus sp. 9°N DNA polymerase exhibits 3′-esterase activity that can be harnessed for DNA sequencing.LinWu, SW; Tu, YH; Tsai, TY; Maestre-Reyna, M; Liu, MS; Wu, WJ ; Huang, JY; Chi, HW; Chang, WH; Chiou, CF; Wang, AH; Lee, J; Tsai, MDCommunications Biology 2(1), 224
42019Human DNA Polymerase μ Can Use a Noncanonical Mechanism for Multiple Mn2+-Mediated FunctionsChang, YK; Huang, YP; Liu, XX; Ko, TP; Bessho, Y; Kawano, Y; Maestre-Reyna, M; Wu, WJ ; Tsai, MDJournal of the American Chemical Society 141(21), 8489-8502
52019Regulatory cascade involving transcriptional and N-end rule pathways in rice under submergence.Lin, CC; Chao, YT; Chen, WC; Ho, HY; Chou, MY; Li, YR; Wu, YL; Yang, HA; Hsieh, H; Lin, CS ; Wu, FH; Chou, SJ ; Jen, HC; Huang, YH; Irene, D; Wu, WJ ; Wu, JL; Gibbs, DJ; Ho, MC; Shih, MC Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116(8), 3300-3309
62017Phospho-Priming Confers Functionally Relevant Specificities for Rad53 Kinase AutophosphorylationChen, ES; Weng, JH; Chen, YH; Wang, SC; Liu, XX; Huang, WC; Matsui, T; Kawano, Y; Liao, JH; Lim, LH; Bessho, Y; Huang, KF; Wu, WJ ; Tsai, MDBiochemistry 56(38), 5112-5124
72017How DNA polymerases catalyse replication and repair with contrasting fidelityWu, Wen-Jin ; Yang, Wei; Tsai, Ming-DawNature Reviews Chemistry 1(9), 0068
82016Structural Mechanism for the Fidelity Modulation of DNA Polymerase λLiu, MS; Tsai, HY; Liu, XX; Ho, MC; Wu, WJ ; Tsai, MDJournal of the American Chemical Society 138(7), 2389-2398