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12021VPS34 K29/K48 branched ubiquitination governed by UBE3C and TRABID regulates autophagy, proteostasis and liver metabolismChen, YH; Huang, TY; Lin, YT; Lin, SY ; Li, WH; Hsiao, HJ; Yan, RL; Tang, HW; Shen, ZQ; Chen, GC ; Wu, KP ; Tsai, TF; Chen, RH Nature Communications 12, 1322
22021Usp11 controls cortical neurogenesis and neuronal migration through Sox11 stabilizationChiang, Shang-Yin; Wu, Hsin-Chieh; Lin, Shu-Yu ; Chen, Hsin-Yi; Wang, Chia-Fang; Yeh, Nai-Hsing; Shih, Jou-Ho; Huang, Yi-Shuian ; Kuo, Hung-Chih ; Chou, Shen-Ju ; Chen, Ruey-Hwa Science advances 7(7), eabc6093
32016Tumour suppressor death-associated protein kinase targets cytoplasmic HIF-1alpha for Th17 suppression.Chou, TF; Chuang, YT; Hsieh, WC; Chang, PY; Liu, HY; Mo, ST; Hsu, TS; Miaw, SC; Chen, RH ; Kimchi, A; Lai, MZNature communications 7, 11904
42016Cullin 3 Ubiquitin Ligases in Cancer Biology: Functions and Therapeutic Implications.Chen, HY; Chen, RH Frontiers in oncology 6, 113
52016KLHL20 links the ubiquitin-proteasome system to autophagy termination.Liu, CC; Chen, RH Autophagy 12(5), 890-891
62016Cul3-KLHL20 ubiquitin ligase: physiological functions, stress responses, and disease implications.Chen, HY; Liu, CC; Chen, RH Cell division 11, 5
72015KLHL39 suppresses colon cancer metastasis by blocking KLHL20-mediated PML and DAPK ubiquitinationChen, H.-Y.; J.-Y. Hu; T.-H. Chen; M.-Y. Lin; Y.-D. Lang; R.-H. Chen ONCOGENE 34, 5141-5151
82014Small GTPase Rab37 targets tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 for exocytosis and thus suppresses tumour metastasisTsai, C.-H.; H.-C. Cheng; Y.-S. Wang; P. Lin; J. Jen; I.-Y. Kuo; Y.-H. Chang; P.- C. Liao; R.-H. Chen ; W.-C. Yuan; H.-S. Hsu; M.-H. Yang; C.-Y. Wu; Y.-C. WangNature Communications 5, 4804
92013CCN2 inhibits lung cancer metastasis through promoting DAPK-dependent anoikis and inducing EGFR degradation.Chang, CC; Yang, MH; Lin, BR; Chen, ST; Pan, SH; Hsiao, M; Lai, TC; Lin, SK; Jeng, YM; Chu, CY; Chen, RH ; Yang, PC; Eugene, Chin, Y; Kuo, MLCell death and differentiation 20(3), 443-455
102012Neurofibromin mediates FAK signaling in confining synapse growth at Drosophila neuromuscular junctionsTsai, P. -I.; Wang, M.; Kao, H. -H.; Chen, Y. -J.; Walker, J. A.; Chen, R. -H. ; Chien, C. -T. Journal of Neuroscience 32(47), 16971-16981
112012Activity-dependent retrograde laminin A signaling regulates synapse growth at Drosophila neuromuscular junctions.Tsai, PI; Wang, M; Kao, HH; Cheng, YJ; Lin, YJ; Chen, RH ; Chien, CT Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(43), 17699-17704
122012The role of PML ubiquitination in human malignancies.Chen, RH ; Lee, YR; Yuan, WCJournal of biomedical science 19, 81
132012miR-103/107 promote metastasis of colorectal cancer by targeting the metastasis suppressors DAPK and KLF4.Chen, HY; Lin, YM; Chung, HC; Lang, YD; Lin, CJ; Huang, J; Wang, WC; Lin, FM; Chen, Z; Huang, HD; Shyy, JY; Liang, JT; Chen, RH Cancer research 72(14), 3631-3641
142012C. elegans EIF-3.K Promotes Programmed Cell Death through CED-3 CaspaseHuang, CY; Chen, JY; Wu, SC; Tan, CH; Tzeng, RY; Lu, PJ; Wu, YF; Chen, RH ; Wu, YC PloS one 7(5), e36584
152011Tumor suppressor death-associated protein kinase is required for full IL-1β productionChuang, Y. -T.; Lin, Y. -C.; Lin, K. -H.; Chou, T. -F.; Kuo, W. -C.; Yang, K. -T.; Wu, P. -R.; Chen, R. -H. ; Kimchi, A.; Lai, M. -Z Blood 117(3), 960-970
162011DAPK activates MARK1/2 to regulate microtubule assembly, neuronal differentiation, and tau toxicity.Wu, PR; Tsai, PI; Chen, GC ; Chou, HJ; Huang, YP; Chen, YH; Lin, MY; Kimchi, A; Chien, CT ; Chen, RH Cell death and differentiation 18(9), 1507-1520
172011A Cullin3-KLHL20 Ubiquitin Ligase-Dependent Pathway Targets PML to Potentiate HIF-1 Signaling and Prostate Cancer ProgressionYuan, WC; Lee, YR ; Huang, SF; Lin, YM; Chen, TY; Chung, HC; Tsai, CH; Chen, HY; Chiang, CT; Lai, CK; Lu, LT; Chen, CH; Gu, DL; Pu, YS; Jou, YS ; Lu, KP; Hsiao, PW ; Shih, HM ; Chen, RH Cancer cell 20(2), 214-228
182011PDZ-RhoGEF ubiquitination by Cullin3-KLHL20 controls neurotrophin-induced neurite outgrowth.Lin, MY; Lin, YM; Kao, TC; Chuang, HH; Chen, RH Journal of cell biology 193(6), 985-994
192011Latent membrane protein 1 of Epstein-Barr virus regulates death-associated protein kinase 1 in lymphoblastoid cell line.Lee, CW; Leu, SJ; Tzeng, RY; Wang, SF; Tsai, SC; Sun, KH; Chen, RH ; Huang, JCVirology 413(1), 19-25
202011Structural and Functional Roles of Daxx SIM Phosphorylation in SUMO Paralog-Selective Binding and Apoptosis ModulationChang, Che-Chang; Naik, Mandar T.; Huang, Yen-Sung; Jeng, Jen-Chong; Liao, Pei-Hsin; Kuo, Hong-Yi; Ho, Chun-Chen; Hsieh, Yung-Lin; Lin, Chiou-Hong; Huang, Nai-Jia; Naik, Nandita M.; Kung, Camy C-H; Lin, Shu-Yu ; Chen, Ruey-Hwa ; Chang, Kun-Sang; Huang, Tai-Huang ; Shih, Hsiu-Ming MOLECULAR CELL 42(1), 62-74
212011Death-associated protein kinase 1 phosphorylates Pin1 and inhibits its prolyl isomerase activity and cellular function.Lee, TH; Chen, CH; Suizu, F; Huang, P; Schiene-Fischer, C; Daum, S; Zhang, YJ; Goate, A; Chen, RH ; Zhou, XZ; Lu, KPMolecular cell 42(2), 147-159
222010The Cullin 3 substrate adaptor KLHL20 mediates DAPK ubiquitination to control interferon responsesLee, YR; Yuan, WC; Ho, HC; Chen, CH; Shih, HM ; Chen, RH The EMBO journal 29(10), 1748-1761
232008Fak56 functions downstream of integrin alphaPS3betanu and suppresses MAPK activation in neuromuscular junction growthTsai, P. -I.; Kao, H. -I; Grabbe, C.; Lee, Y. -T.; Ghose, A.; Lai, T. -T.; Peng, K. -P.; Van Vactor, D.; Palmer, R. H.; Chen, R. -H. ; Yeh, S. -R.; Chien, C. -T. Neural development 3, 26
242008eIF3k regulates apoptosis in epithelial cells by releasing caspase 3 from keratin-containing inclusions.Lin, YM; Chen, YR; Lin, JR; Wang, WJ; Inoko, A; Inagaki, M; Wu, YC; Chen, RH Journal of cell science 121(Pt 14), 2382-2393
252008The tumor suppressor death-associated protein kinase targets to TCR-stimulated NF-kappa B activation.Chuang, YT; Fang, LW; Lin-Feng, MH; Chen, RH ; Lai, MZ Journal of immunology 180(5), 3238-3249
262008Breast tumor kinase phosphorylates p190RhoGAP to regulate rho and ras and promote breast carcinoma growth, migration, and invasion.Shen, CH; Chen, HY; Lin, MS; Li, FY; Chang, CC; Kuo, ML; Settleman, J; Chen, RH Cancer research 68(19), 7779-7787
272007The tumor suppressor DAPK is reciprocally regulated by tyrosine kinase Src and phosphatase LARWang, WJ; Kuo, JC; Ku, W; Lee, YR; Lin, FC; Chang, YL; Lin, YM; Chen, CH; Huang, YP; Chiang, MJ; Yeh, SW; Wu, PR; Shen, CH; Wu, CT; Chen, RH Mol Cell 27, 701-716
282006The tumor suppressor DAPK inhibits cell motility by blocking the integrin-mediated polarity pathwayKuo, JC; Wang, WJ; Yao, CC; Wu, PR; Chen, RH J. Cell Biol 172, 619-631
292006The tumor suppressor DAP-kinase links cell adhesion and cytoskeleton reorganization to cell death regulation.Chen, RH ; Wang, WJ; Kuo, JCJournal of biomedical science 13(2), 193-199
302005Bi-directional signals transduced by DAPK-ERK interaction promote the apoptotic effect of DAPKChen, CH; Wang, WJ; Kuo, JC; Tsai, HC; Lin, JR; Chang, ZF; Chen, RH EMBO J 24, 294-304
312005Role of breast tumour kinase in the in vitro differentiation of HaCaT cellWang, TC; Jee, SH; Tsai, TF; Huang, YL; Tsai, WL; Chen, RH British J. Dermatology 153, 282-289
322005Pentoxifylline attenuates tubulointerstitial fibrosis by blocking Smad3/4-activated transcription and profibrogenic effects of connective tissue growth factor.Lin, SL; Chen, RH ; Chen, YM; Chiang, WC; Lai, CF; Wu, KD; Tsai, TJJournal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN 16(9), 2702-2713
332005Daxx mediates the small ubiquitin-like modifier-dependent transcriptional repression of Smad4Chang, C. C.; Lin, D. Y.; Fang, H. I.; Chen, R. H. ; Shih, H. M. The Journal of biological chemistry 280(11), 10164-10173
342004Brk activates Rac1 and promotes cell migration and invasion by phosphorylating paxillinChen, HY; Shen, CH; Tsai, YT; Lin, FC; Huang, YP; Chen, RH Mol. Cell Biol 24, 10558-10572
352003Pentoxifylline inhibits platelet-derived growth factor-stimulated cyclin D1 expression in mesangial cells by blocking Akt membrane translocation.Lin, SL; Chen, RH ; Chen, YM; Chiang, WC; Tsai, TJ; Hsieh, BSMolecular pharmacology 64(4), 811-822
362003Uncoordinated regulation of stress fibers and focal adhesions by DAP-kinaseKuo, JC; Lin, JR; Staddon, JM; Hosoya, H; Chen, RH J Cell Sci 116, 4777-4790
372003Antibiotics induce apoptosis of human peritoneal mesothelial cells.Fang, CC; Yen, CJ; Tsai, TJ; Chen, RH ; Lee, PH; Tomino, YNephrology 8(3), 142-149
382002TGF-beta induces apoptosis through Smad-mediated expression of the apoptotic DAP-kinaseJang, CW; Chen, CH; Chen, CC; Chen, JY; Su, YH; Chen, RH Nature Cell Biol 4, 51-58
392002DAP-kinase induces apoptosis by suppressing integrin activity and disrupting matrix survival signalsWang, WJ; Kuo, JC; Yao, CC; Chen, RH J. Cell Biol 159, 169-179
402000Transcription of Epstein-Barr virus-encoded nuclear antigen 1 promoter Qp is repressed by transforming growth factor-beta via Smad4 binding element in human BL cells.Liang, CL; Tsai, CN; Chung, PJ; Chen, JL; Sun, CM; Chen, RH ; Hong, JH; Chang, YSVirology 277(1), 184-192
412000Etk, a Btk Family Tyrosine Kinase, Mediates Cellular Transformation by Linking Src to STAT3 ActivationTsai, YT; Su, YH ; Fang, SS; Huang, TN; Qiu, Y; Jou, YS ; Shih, HM ; Kung, HJ; Chen, RH Molecular and Cellular Biology 20(6), 2043-2054
421999Interleukin-6 inhibits transforming growth factor-beta-induced apoptosis through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 pathways.Chen, RH ; Chang, MC; Su, YH; Tsai, YT; Kuo, MLThe Journal of biological chemistry 274(33), 23013-23019
431998Suppression of transforming growth factor-beta-induced apoptosis through a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt-dependent pathway.Chen, RH ; Su, YH; Chuang, RL; Chang, TYOncogene 17(15), 1959-1968
441997Relationship between adduct formation, rates of excision repair and the cytotoxic and mutagenic effects of structurally-related polycyclic aromatic carcinogens.McGregor, WG; Wei, D; Chen, RH ; Maher, VM; McCormick, JJMutation research 376(1-2), 143-152
451997Involvement of caspase family proteases in transforming growth factor-beta-induced apoptosis.Chen, RH ; Chang, TYCell growth & differentiation : the molecular biology journal of the American Association for Cancer Research 8(7), 821-827
461997The type II transforming growth factor-beta receptor autophosphorylates not only on serine and threonine but also on tyrosine residues.Lawler, S; Feng, XH; Chen, RH ; Maruoka, EM; Turck, CW; Griswold-Prenner, I; Derynck, RThe Journal of biological chemistry 272(23), 14850-14859
471997Identification of partners of TIF34, a component of the yeast eIF3 complex, required for cell proliferation and translation initiation.Verlhac, MH; Chen, RH ; Hanachi, P; Hershey, JW; Derynck, RThe EMBO journal 16(22), 6812-6822
481995Phosphorylation-dependent interaction of the cytoplasmic domains of the type I and type II transforming growth factor-beta receptors.Chen, RH ; Moses, HL; Maruoka, EM; Derynck, R; Kawabata, MThe Journal of biological chemistry 270(20), 12235-12241
491995A WD-domain protein that is associated with and phosphorylated by the type II TGF-beta receptor.Chen, RH ; Miettinen, PJ; Maruoka, EM; Choy, L; Derynck, RNature 377(6549), 548-552
501995Lack of correlation between degree of interference with transcription and rate of strand specific repair in the HPRT gene of diploid human fibroblasts.McGregor, WG; Mah, MC; Chen, RW ; Maher, VM; McCormick, JJThe Journal of biological chemistry 270(45), 27222-27227
511994Homomeric interactions between type II transforming growth factor-beta receptors.Chen, RH ; Derynck, RThe Journal of biological chemistry 269(36), 22868-22874
521993Determination of type I receptor specificity by the type II receptors for TGF-beta or activin.Ebner, R; Chen, RH ; Lawler, S; Zioncheck, T; Derynck, RScience 262(5135), 900-902
531993Inactivation of the type II receptor reveals two receptor pathways for the diverse TGF-beta activities.Chen, RH ; Ebner, R; Derynck, RScience 260(5112), 1335-1338
541993Cloning of a type I TGF-beta receptor and its effect on TGF-beta binding to the type II receptor.Ebner, R; Chen, RH ; Shum, L; Lawler, S; Zioncheck, TF; Lee, A; Lopez, AR; Derynck, RScience 260(5112), 1344-1348
551992Preferential repair and strand-specific repair of benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide adducts in the HPRT gene of diploid human fibroblasts.Chen, RH ; Maher, VM; Brouwer, J; van de Putte, P; McCormick, JJProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 89(12), 5413-5417
561991Kinds and location of mutations induced by (+/-)-7 beta,8 alpha-dihydroxy-9 alpha,10 alpha-epoxy-7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyrene in the coding region of the hypoxanthine (guanine) phosphoribosyltransferase gene in diploid human fibroblasts.Yang, JL; Chen, RH ; Maher, VM; McCormick, JJCarcinogenesis 12(1), 71-75
571991Lack of a cell cycle-dependent strand bias for mutations induced in the HPRT gene by (+/-)-7 beta,8 alpha-dihydroxy-9 alpha,10 alpha-epoxy-7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo(a)pyrene in excision repair-deficient human cells.Chen, RH ; Maher, VM; McCormick, JJCancer research 51(10), 2587-2592
581991Cell cycle-dependent strand bias for UV-induced mutations in the transcribed strand of excision repair-proficient human fibroblasts but not in repair-deficient cells.McGregor, WG; Chen, RH ; Lukash, L; Maher, VM; McCormick, JJMolecular and cellular biology 11(4), 1927-1934
591990Effect of excision repair by diploid human fibroblasts on the kinds and locations of mutations induced by (+/-)-7 beta,8 alpha-dihydroxy-9 alpha,10 alpha-epoxy-7,8,9,10- tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyrene in the coding region of the HPRT gene.Chen, RH ; Maher, VM; McCormick, JJProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 87(21), 8680-8684