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12020PTPN9-mediated dephosphorylation of VTI1B promotes ATG16L1 precursor fusion and autophagosome formationChou, HY; Lee, YT; Lin, YJ; Wen, JK; Peng, WH; Hsieh, PL; Lin, SY; Hung, CC; Chen, GC Autophagy 17(10), 2750-2765
22019PTPN3 suppresses lung cancer cell invasiveness by counteracting Src-mediated DAAM1 activation and actin polymerizationLi, MY; Peng, WH; Wu, CH ; Chang, YM; Lin, YL; Chang, GD; Wu, HC; Chen, GC ONCOGENE 38(44), 7002-7016
32019Autophagy, Inflammation, and Metabolism (AIM) Center in its second year.Deretic, V; Prossnitz, E; Burge, M; Campen, MJ; Cannon, J; Liu, KJ; Hall, P; Sklar, LA; Allers, L; Mariscal, L; Garcia, SA; Baehrecke, EH; Behrends, C; Cecconi, F; Codogno, P; Chen, GC ; Elazar, Z; Eskelinen, EL; Fourie, B; Gozuacik, D; Hong, W; Jo, EK; Johansen, T; Juhász, G; Kimchi, A; Ktistakis, N; Kroemer, G; Mizushima, N; Münz, C; Reggiori, F; Rubinsztein, D; Ryan, K; Schroder, K; Shen, HM; Simonsen, A; Tooze, SA; Vaccaro, M; Yoshimori, T; Yu, L; Zhang, H; Klionsky, DJAutophagy 15(10), 1829-1833