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12022The Biosynthetic Gene Cluster of Mushroom-Derived Antrocin Encodes Two Dual-Functional Haloacid Dehalogenase-Like Terpene CyclasesTzu-Ho Chen; Chien-Ting Chen; Chi-Fang Lee; Rou-Chein Chen; Kuan-Lin Chen; Yuan-Chun Lu; Suh-Yuen Liang; Mai-Truc Pham; Yerra Koteswara Rao; Shih-Hsiung Wu ; Rong-Jie Chein ; Hsiao-Ching Lin ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 62(9), e202215566
22021An Enzyme-Mediated Aza-Michael Addition Is Involved in the Biosynthesis of an Imidazoyl Hybrid Product of Conidiogenone BHewage, Ranuka T.; Huang, Rou-Jie; Lai, Shu-Jung; Lien, Ya-Chu; Weng, Shao-Hsing; Li, Dehai; Chen, Yu-Ju ; Wu, Shih-Hsiung ; Chein, Rong-Jie ; Lin, Hsiao-Ching Organic Letters 23(5), 1904-1909
32019Detecting and prioritizing biosynthetic gene clusters for bioactive compounds in bacteria and fungi.Tran, PN; Yen, MR; Chiang, CY; Lin, HC ; Chen, PY Applied microbiology and biotechnology 103(8), 3277-3287
42018HEx: A heterologous expression platform for the discovery of fungal natural products.Harvey, CJB; Tang, M; Schlecht, U; Horecka, J; Fischer, CR; Lin, HC ; Li, J; Naughton, B; Cherry, J; Miranda, M; Li, YF; Chu, AM; Hennessy, JR; Vandova, GA; Inglis, D; Aiyar, RS; Steinmetz, LM; Davis, RW; Medema, MH; Sattely, E; Khosla, C; St Onge, RP; Tang, Y; Hillenmeyer, MEScience Advances 4(4), eaar5459