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12022Tumor suppressor BAP1 nuclear import is governed by transportin-1Yang, TJ; Li, TN; Huang, RS; Pan, MY; Lin, SY; Lin, S ; Wu, KP ; Wang, LH; Hsu, STD JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 221(6), e202201094
22022Structural basis for the helical filament formation of Escherichia coli glutamine synthetaseHuang, PC; Chen, SK; Chiang, WH; Ho, MR ; Wu, KP Protein Science 31(5), e4304
32021Identification of disease-linked hyperactivating mutations in UBE3A through large-scale functional variant analysisWeston, KP; Gao, X; Zhao, J; Kim, KS; Maloney, SE; Gotoff, J; Parikh, S; Leu, YC; Wu, KP ; Shinawi, M; Steimel, JP; Harrison, JS; Yi, JJNature Communications 12, 6809
42021Simeprevir Potently Suppresses SARS-CoV-2 Replication and Synergizes with RemdesivirLo, HS; Hui, KPY; Lai, HM; He, X; Khan, KS; Kaur, S; Huang, J; Li, Z; Chan, AKN; Cheung, HH; Ng, KC; Ho, JCW; Chen, YW; Ma, B; Cheung, PM; Shin, D; Wang, K; Lee, MH; Selisko, B; Eydoux, C; Guillemot, JC; Canard, B; Wu, KP ; Liang, PH; Dikic, I; Zuo, Z; Chan, FKL; Hui, DSC; Mok, VCT; Wong, KB; Mok, CKP; Ko, H; Aik, WS; Chan, MCW; Ng, WLACS central science 7(5), 792-802
52021Direct Visualization of a 26 kDa Protein by Cryo-Electron Microscopy Aided by a Small Scaffold ProteinChiu, YH; Ko, KT; Yang, TJ; Wu, KP ; Ho, MR ; Draczkowski, P; Hsu, STD Biochemistry 60(14), 1075-1079
62021VPS34 K29/K48 branched ubiquitination governed by UBE3C and TRABID regulates autophagy, proteostasis and liver metabolismChen, YH; Huang, TY; Lin, YT; Lin, SY ; Li, WH; Hsiao, HJ; Yan, RL; Tang, HW; Shen, ZQ; Chen, GC ; Wu, KP ; Tsai, TF; Chen, RH Nature Communications 12, 1322
72020Branched Ubiquitination: Detection Methods, Biological Functions and Chemical SynthesisWang, YS ; Wu, KP ; Jiang, HK; Kurkute, P; Chen, RHMolecules 25(21), 5200
82020Insights Into Dynamics of Inhibitor and Ubiquitin-Like Protein Binding in SARS-CoV-2 Papain-Like ProteaseBosken, YK; Cholko, T; Lou, YC; Wu, KP ; Chang, CAFrontiers in Molecular Biosciences 7, 174
92012YeeU enhances the bundling of cytoskeletal polymers of MreB and FtsZ, antagonizing the CbtA (YeeV) toxicity in Escherichia coli.Masuda, H; Tan, Q; Awano, N; Wu, KP ; Inouye, MMolecular microbiology 84(5), 979-989