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12021Importin α phosphorylation promotes TPX2 activation by GM130 to control astral microtubules and spindle orientationGuo, H; Wei, JH ; Zhang, Y; Seemann, JJournal of cell science 134(4), jcs258356
22018Local enrichment of HP1alpha at telomeres alters their structure and regulation of telomere protectionChow, TT; Shi, X; Wei, JH ; Guan, J; Stadler, G; Huang, B; Blackburn, EHNature communications 9(1), 3583
32017Golgi ribbon disassembly during mitosis, differentiation and disease progressionWei, JH ; Seemann, JCurrent opinion in cell biology 47, 43-51
42015GM130 Regulates Golgi-Derived Spindle Assembly by Activating TPX2 and Capturing Microtubules.Wei, JH ; Zhang, ZC; Wynn, RM; Seemann, JCell 162(2), 287-299
52012Modular organization of the mammalian Golgi apparatus.Nakamura, N; Wei, JH ; Seemann, JCurrent opinion in cell biology 24(4), 467-474
62010Nakiterpiosin targets tubulin and triggers mitotic catastrophe in human cancer cells.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JMolecular cancer therapeutics 9(12), 3375-3385
72010Unraveling the Golgi ribbon.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JTRAFFIC 11(11), 1391-1400
82009Vesicular stomatitis virus inhibits mitotic progression and triggers cell death.Chakraborty, P; Seemann, J; Mishra, RK; Wei, JH ; Weil, L; Nussenzveig, DR; Heiber, J; Barber, GN; Dasso, M; Fontoura, BMEMBO reports 10(10), 1154-1160
92009Induction of asymmetrical cell division to analyze spindle-dependent organelle partitioning using correlative microscopy techniques.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JNature protocols 4(11), 1653-1662
102009Spindle-dependent partitioning of the Golgi ribbon.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JCommunicative & integrative biology 2(5), 406-407
112009Mitotic division of the mammalian Golgi apparatus.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JSeminars in cell & developmental biology 20(7), 810-816
122009Remodeling of the Golgi structure by ERK signaling.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JCommunicative & integrative biology 2(1), 35-36
132009The mitotic spindle mediates inheritance of the Golgi ribbon structure.Wei, JH ; Seemann, JThe Journal of cell biology 184(3), 391-397
142008Nucleoporin levels regulate cell cycle progression and phase-specific gene expression.Chakraborty, P; Wang, Y; Wei, JH ; van, Deursen, J; Yu, H; Malureanu, L; Dasso, M; Forbes, DJ; Levy, DE; Seemann, J; Fontoura, BMDevelopmental cell 15(5), 657-667
152008ERK regulates Golgi and centrosome orientation towards the leading edge through GRASP65.Bisel, B; Wang, Y; Wei, JH ; Xiang, Y; Tang, D; Miron-Mendoza, M; Yoshimura, S; Nakamura, N; Seemann, JThe Journal of cell biology 182(5), 837-843
162008Spatial separation of Golgi and ER during mitosis protects SREBP from unregulated activation.Bartz, R; Sun, LP; Bisel, B; Wei, JH ; Seemann, JThe EMBO journal 27(7), 948-955
172008Golgi cisternal unstacking stimulates COPI vesicle budding and protein transport.Wang, Y; Wei, JH ; Bisel, B; Tang, D; Seemann, JPloS one 3(2), e1647