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12016Polypeptide Transport-Associated Domains of the Toc75 Channel Protein Are Located in the Intermembrane Space of ChloroplastsChen, YL; Chen, LJ; Li, Hm Plant Physiology 172(1), 235-243
22015Protein import into isolated pea root leucoplastsChiung-Chih Chu; Hsou-min Li Frontiers in Plant Science 6, 690
32012The Amino-terminal domain of chloroplast Hsp93 is important for its membrane association and functions in vivoChu, C. -C.; Li, H. -M. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 158, 1656-1665
42012Differential age-dependent import regulation by signal peptides.Teng, YS; Chan, PT; Li, HM PLOS BIOLOGY 10(10), e1001416
52011Determining the location of an Arabidopsis chloroplast protein using in vitro import followed by fractionation and alkaline extractionChu, C. -C.; Li, H. -M. Methods Mol Biol. 774, 339-350
62010Stromal Hsp70 is important for protein translocation into chloroplastsSu, Pai-Hsiang; Li, Hsou-Mim The Plant cell 22(5), 1516-1531
72010Pea chloroplast DnaJ-J8 and Toc12 are encoded by the same gene and localized in the stromaChiu, C. -C.; Chen, L. -J.; Li, H. -M. Plant Physiol 154, 1172-1182
82010Protein transport into chloroplasts.Li, HM ; Chiu, CCAnnual review of plant biology 61, 157-180
92009Arabidopsis CHLI2 can substitute for CHLI1Huang, Y. -S.; Li, H. -M. Plant Physiol 150, 636-645
102008Tic40 is important for reinsertion of proteins from the chloroplast stroma into the inner membraneChiu, C. -C.; Li, H. -M. Plant J 56, 793-801
112008Arabidopsis stromal Hsp70s are essential for plant development and important for thermotolerance of germinating seedsSu, P. H.; Li, H. M. Plant Physiol 146, 1231-1241
122007Precursor binding to an 880-kDa Toc complex as an early step during active import of protein into chloroplastsChen, KY; Li, HM Plant J 49, 149-158
132006Tic21 is an essential translocon component for protein translocation across the chloroplast inner envelope membraneTeng, Y. S.; Su, Y. S.; Chen, L. J.; Lee, Y. J.; Hwang, I.; Li, H. -M. Plant Cell 18, 2247-2257
142006Stimulation of transit-peptide release and ATP hydrolysis by a cochaperone during protein import into chloroplastsChou, ML; Chu, CC; Chen, LJ; Akita, M; Li, HM J Cell Biol 175, 893-900
152005A Copper Chaperone for Superoxide Dismutase That Confers Three Types of Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase Activity in ArabidopsisChu, C. C.; Lee, W. C.; Guo, W. Y.; Pan, S. M.; Chen, L. J.; Li, H. M. ; Jinn, T. L.Plant Physiology 139(1), 425-436
162004Import pathways of chloroplast interior proteins and the outer-membrane protein OEP14 converge at Toc75Tu, S. L. ; Chen, L. J.; Smith, M. D.; Su, Y. S.; Schnell, D. J.; Li, H. M. The Plant Cell 16(8), 2078-2088
172004Signal Peptide-Dependent Targeting of a Rice α-Amylase and Cargo Proteins to Plastids and Extracellular Compartments of Plant CellsChen, M. H.; Huang, L. F.; Li, H. M. ; Chen, Y. R.; Yu, S. M. Plant Physiol 135(3), 1367-1377
182004Characterization of Arabidopsis glutamine PRPP amidotranferase-deficient mutantsHung, W. F.; Chen, L. J.; Boldt, R.; Sun, C. W.; Li, H. M. Plant Physiol 135, 1314-1323
192003Tic40, a membrane-anchored co-chaperone homolog in the chloroplast protein transloconChou, M. L.; Fitzpatrick, L. M.; Tu, S. L. ; Budziszewski, G.; Potter-Lewis, S.; Akita, M.; Levin, J. Z.; Keegstra, K.; Li, H. M. The EMBO Journal 22(12), 2970-2980
202002Crystal structure of pea Toc34, a novel GTPase of the chloroplast protein transloconSun, Y. J.; Forouhar, F.; Li, H. M. ; Tu, S. L. ; Yeh, Y. H.; Kao, S.; Shr, H. L.; Chou, C. C.; Chen, C.; Hsiao, C. D. NATURE STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 9, 95-100
212001Chloroplast protein translocon components atToc159 and atToc33 are not essential for chloroplast biogenesis in guard cells and root cellsYu, T. S. ; Li, H. M. Plant Physiology 127(1), 90-96
222001Leaf-specific upregulation of chloroplast translocon genes by a CCT motif-containing protein, CIA 2Sun, C. W.; Chen, L. J.; Lin, L. C.; Li, H. M. Plant Cell 13, 2053-2061
232000Insertion of OEP14 into the outer envelope membrane is mediated by proteinaceous components of chloroplastsTu, S. L. ; Li, H. M. The Plant Cell 12(10), 1951-1960
241999Insertion of atToc34 into the chloroplastic outer membrane is assisted by at least two proteinaceous components in the import systemTsai, L. Y.; Tu, S. L. ; Li, H. M. Journal of Biological Chemistry 274(26), 18735-18740
251998A mutant deficient in the plastid lipid DGD is defective in protein import into chloroplastsChen, L. J.; Li, H. M. The Plant Journal 16(1), 33-39
261998An Arabidopsis mutant defective in the plastid general protein import apparatusJarvis, P.; Chen, L. J.; Li, H. M. ; Peto, C. A.; Fankhauser, C.; Chory, J.Science 282, 100-103
271997A novel chloroplastic outer membrane-targeting signal that functions at both termini of passenger polypeptidesLi, H. M. ; Chen, L. J.Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(16), 10968-10974
281996Protein targeting and integration signal for the chloroplastic outer envelope membraneLi, H. M. ; Chen, L. J.Plant Cell 8, 2117-2126