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12013β-adrenergic receptor-stimulated lipolysis requires the RAB7-mediated autolysosomal lipid degradationLisazo, A.; Tan, T.T.; Lee, Y.H. Autophagy 9(8), 1228-1243
22012SIM2 Maintains Innate Host Defense of the Small IntestineChen, K.L.; Fan, W.Y.; Yeh, C.Y.; Ying-Hue Lee Gastroenterology under review
32011Insulin/IGF-1 Receptor Signaling Enhances Biosynthetic Activity and Fat Mobilization in the Initial Phase of Starvation in Adult Male C. elegans.Tan, K. T.; Luo, S. C.; Ho, W. Z.; Lee, Y. H. CELL METABOLISM 14(3), 390-402
42011Autophagy contributes to the AR/cAMP signaling-induced lipolysis in fat cellsTan, K. T.; Lee, Y. H. Cell Metabolism In revision
52011SIM2 regulates innate immunity to prevent microbial overgrowth in mouse GI trackChen, K. L.; Lee, Y. H. 
62008Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1a regulates glucocorticoid receptor expression to control postnatal body growthLin, WY; Hu, YJ; Lee, YH American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 295, G542-G551
72007Glycine N-methyltransferase−/− mice develop chronic hepatitis and glycogen storage disease in the liverLiu, S. P.; Li, Y. S.; Chen, Y. J.; Chiang, E. P.; Li, A. F. Y.; Lee, Y. H. ; Tsai, T. F.; Hsiao, M. ; Chen, Y. M.Hepatology 46(5), 1413-1425
82004Sim1 gene dosage modulates the homeostatic feeding response to increased dietary fat in miceHolder Jr, J. L.; Zhang, L.; Kublaoui, B. M.; DiLeone, R. J.; Oz, O. K.; Bair, C. H.; Lee, Y. H. ; Zinn, A. R.American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 287, E105-E113
92004Effect of a C/EBP gene replacement on mitochondrial biogenesis in fat cellsChiu, C. H.; Lin, W. D.; Huang, S. Y.; Lee, Y. H. GENES & DEVELOPMENT 18, 1970-1975
102004Simple flow cytometric method used to assess lipid accumulation in fat cellsLee, Y. H. ; Chen, S. Y.; Wiesner, R. J.; Huang, Y. F.J Lipid Res 45, 1162-1167
112003Liver-specific reactivation of the inactivated Hnf-1alpha gene: elimination of liver dysfunction to establish a mouse MODY3 modelLee, Y. H. ; Magnuson, M. A.; Muppala, V.; Chen, S. S.Mol Cell Biol 23, 923-932
122002Expression of C/EBPbeta from the C/ebpalpha gene locus is sufficient for normal hematopoiesis in vivoJones, L. C.; Lin, M. L.; Chen, S. S.; Krug, U.; Hofmann, W. K.; Lee, S.; Lee, Y. H. ; Koeffler, H. P.Blood 99, 2032-2036
132000C/EBPbeta, when expressed from the C/ebpalpha gene locus, can functionally replace C/EBPalpha in liver but not in adipose tissueChen, S. S.; Chen, J. F.; Johnson, P. F.; Muppala, V.; Lee, Y. H. Mol Cell Biol 20, 7292-7299
142000The role of HNF-1alpha in controlling hepatic catalase activityMuppala, V.; Lin, C. S.; Lee, Y. H. Mol Pharmacol 57, 93-100