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12015Cellular FLIP inhibits myeloid cell activation by suppressing selective innate signaling.Wu, Y.-J.; Wu, Y.-H.; Hsiao, H.-W.; He, Y.-W.; Lai, M.-Z. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 195(6), 2612-2623
22014Inability to resolve specific infection generates innate immunodeficiency syndrome in Xiap-/- miceHsieh, WC; Chuang, YT; Chiang, IH; Hsu, SC; Miaw, SC; Lai, MZ Blood 124(18), 2847-2857
32014Deltex1 promotes protein kinase Cθ degradation and sustains Casitas B-lineage lymphoma expressionHsu, TS; Hsiao, HW; Wu, PJ; Liu, WH; Lai, MZ. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 193(4), 1672-1680
42012Paxillin phosphorylation by JNK and p38 is required for NFAT activation.Lee, Y. -C.; Chang, A. -Y.; Lin-Feng, M. -H.; Tsou, W. -I.; Chiang, I. -H.; Lai, M. -Z. Eur J Immunol 42(8), 2165-2175
52012Removal of syndecan-1 promotes TRAIL-induced apoptosis in myeloma cells.Wu, Y. -H.; Yang, C. -Y.; Chien, W. -L.; Lin, K. -I.; Lai, M. -Z. J Immunol 188, 2914-2921
62012Selective inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome by targeting to promyelocytic leukemia protein in mouse and humanLo, Y. -H.; Huang, Y. -W.; Tsai, C. -S.; Wu, Y. -S.; Lin, Y. -C.; Mo, S. -T.; Kuo, W. -C.; Chaung, Y. -T.; Jiang, S. -T.; Shih, H. -M.; Lai, M. -Z. Boold 121, 3185-3194
72011Tumor suppressor death-associated protein kinase is required for full IL-1β productionChuang, Y. -T.; Lin, Y. -C.; Lin, K. -H.; Chou, T. -F.; Kuo, W. -C.; Yang, K. -T.; Wu, P. -R.; Chen, R. -H. ; Kimchi, A.; Lai, M. -Z Blood 117(3), 960-970
82009Deltex1 is a target of the transcription factor NFAT that promotes T cell anergy.Hsiao, Huey-Wen; Liu, Wen-Hsien; Wang, Chen-Jhe; Lo, Yu-Hsun; Wu, Yung-Hsuan; Jiang, Si-Tse; Lai, Ming-Zong Immunity 31, 72-83
92008Selective activation of NFAT by promyelocytic leukemia proteinLo, Y. S.; Wu, C. C.; Yu, W. N.; Shih, H. M.; Lai, M. Z. Oncogene 27, 3821-3830
102008The tumor suppressor death-associated protein kinase targets to TCR-stimulated NF-kappa B activation.Chuang, YT; Fang, LW; Lin-Feng, MH; Chen, RH ; Lai, MZ Journal of immunology 180(5), 3238-3249
112007Reactive oxygen species promote raft formation in T lymphocytesLu, S. P.; Lin-Feng, M. H.; Huang, H. L.; Huang, Y. C.; Tsou, W. I.; Lai, M. Z. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 42, 936-944
122007Attenuation of bone mass and increase of osteoclast formation in decoy receptor 3 transgenic miceTang, C. H.; Hsu, T. L.; Lin, W. W.; Lai, M. Z. ; Yang, R. S.; Hsieh, S. L.; Fu, W. M.J Biol Chem 282, 2346-2354
132007Notch inhibits apoptosis by direct interference with XIAP ubiquitination and degradationLiu, W. H.; Hsiao, H. W.; Tsou, W. I.; Lai, M. Z. EMBO J 26, 1660-1669
142005Attenuation of Th1 response in decoy receptor 3 transgenic micHsu, T. L.; Wu, Y. Y.; Chang, Y. C.; Yang, C. Y.; Lai, M. Z. ; Su, W. B.; Hsieh, S. L.J Immunol 175, 5135-5145
152005Deltex regulates T-cell activation by targeted degradation of activeMEKK1Liu, W. H.; Lai, M. Z. Mol Cell Biol 25, 1367-1378
162004Sensitization of cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by decoy receptor 3Wu, Y. Y.; Chang, Y. C.; Hsu, T. L.; Hsieh, S. L.; Lai, M. Z. J Biol Chem 279, 44211-44218
172004Phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase priming couples c-FLIP to T cell activationFang, L. W.; Tai, T. S.; Yu, W. N.; Liao, F.; Lai, M. Z. J Biol Chem 279, 13-18
182004c-FLICE inhibitory protein expression inhibits T-cell activationTai, T. S.; Fang, L. W.; Lai, M. Z. Cell Death Differ 11, 69-79
192003Promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) functions as a glucocorticoid receptor co-activator by sequestering Daxx to the PML oncogenic domains (PODs) to enhance its transactivation potentialLin, D. Y.; Lai, M. Z. ; Ann, D. K.; Shih, H. M.J Biol Chem 278, 15958-15965
202003Nuclear factor of activated T cells c is a target of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in T cellsWu, C. C.; Hsu, S. C.; Shih, H. M.; Lai, M. Z. Mol Cell Biol 23, 6442-6454
212003Interleukin-3 stimulation of mcl-1 gene transcription involves activation of the PU.1 transcription factor through a p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent pathwayWang, J. M.; Lai, M. Z. ; Yen, H. F. Y.Mol Cell Biol 23, 1896-1909
222003Involvement of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in different stages of thymocyte developmentHsu, S. C.; Wu, C. C.; Han, J.; Lai, M. Z. Blood 101, 970-976
232003DNA-damaging reagents induce apoptosis through reactive oxygen species-dependent Fas aggregationHuang, H. L.; Fang, L. W.; Lu, S. P.; Chou, C. K.; Luh, T. Y.; Lai, M. Z. Oncogene 22, 8168-8177
242002Increased p300 expression inhibits glucocorticoid receptor-T-cell receptor antagonism but does not affect thymocyte positive selectionYu, C. T.; Feng, M. H.; Shih, H. M.; Lai, M. Z. Mol Cell Biol 22, 4556-4566
252001c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase activation leads to a FADD-dependent but Fas ligand-independent cell death in Jurkat T cellsChen, Y.; Lai, M. Z. J Biol Chem 276, 8350-8357
262001Multiple signals required for cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein (CREB) binding protein interaction induced by CD3/CD28 costimulationYu, C. T.; Shih, H. M.; Lai, M. Z. J Immunol 166, 284-292
271999p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase is involved in Fas ligand expressionHsu, S. C.; Gavrilin, M. A.; Tsai, M. H.; Han, J.; Lai, M. Z. J Biol Chem 274, 25769-25776
281999Antagonism of p53-dependent apoptosis by mitogen signalsHong, M.; Lai, M. D.; Lin, Y. S.; Lai, M. Z. Cancer Res 59, 2847-2852
291998Apoptotic signal of Fas is not mediated by ceramideHsu, S. C.; Wu, C. C.; Luh, T. Y.; Chou, C. K.; Han, S. H.; Lai, M. Z. Blood 91, 2658-2663
301998Atypical signaling defects prevent IL-2 gene expression in lpr/lpr CD4-CD8- cellsLiang, H. E.; Hsueh, Y. P.; Wu, C. C.; Hsu, S. C.; Han, S. H.; Lai, M. Z. J Biomed Sci 5, 297-304
311998Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase antagonized fas-associated death domain protein-mediated apoptosis by induced FLICE-inhibitory protein expressionYeh, J. H.; Hsu, S. C.; Han, S. H.; Lai, M. Z. J Exp Med 188, 1795-1802
321998Conserved T-cell receptor class II major histocompatibility complex contact detected in a T-lymphocyte populationFeng, M. H. L.; Chou, D. L.; Liaw, Y. C. ; Lai, M. Z. Immunology 95, 185-192
331997CD28-costimulation activates cyclic AMP-responsive element-binding protein in T lymphocytesHsueh, Y. P.; Liang, H. E.; Ng, S. Y.; Lai, M. Z. J Immunol 158, 85-93
341997Overexpression of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase reversed cAMP inhibition of NF-kappaB in T cellsHo, H. Y.; Lee, H. H.; Lai, M. Z. Eur J Immunol 27, 222-226
351997Nitric oxide increased interleukin-4 expression in T lymphocytesChang, R. H.; Feng, M. H.; Liu, W. H.; Lai, M. Z. Immunology 90, 364-369
361996Different V beta usage in antigen-specific and alloreactive T cells specific for the same MHC elementsFan, M. D.; Liang, H. E.; Lai, M. Z. Zhonghua Min Guo Wei Sheng Wu Ji Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi 29(1), 1-9
371996Modelling of an I-Ek-peptide Complex Correlated with T Cell Receptor RecognitionFeng, M. H.; Shen, Y. C.; Chou, D. L.; Lai, M. Z. ; Liaw, Y. C. International Immunology 8(1), 45-55
381995Overexpression of activation transcriptional factor 1 in lymphomas and in activated lymphocytesHsueh, Y. P.; Lai, M. Z. J Immunol 154, 5675-5683
391995c-Jun N-terminal kinase but not mitogen-activated protein kinase is sensitive to cAMP inhibition in T lymphocytesHsueh, Y. P.; Lai, M. Z. J Biol Chem 270, 18094-18098
401994Flexibility of the T cell receptor repertoireLiang, H. E.; Chen, C. C.; Chou, D. L.; Lai, M. Z. Eur J Immunol 24, 1604-1611
411993cAMP analogs prevent activation-induced apoptosis of T cell hybridomasLee, M. R.; Liou, M. L.; Yang, Y. F.; Lai, M. Z. J Immunol 151, 5208-5217
421992T cell epitope selection: dominance may be determined by both affinity for major histocompatibility complex and stoichiometry of epitopeLi, W. F.; Fan, M. D.; Pan, C. B.; Lai, M. Z. Eur J Immunol 22, 943-949
431992Isolation and characterization of nuclear proteins that bind to T cell receptor V beta decamer motifLee, M. R.; Chung, C. S.; Liou, M. L.; Wu, M.; Li, W. F.; Hsueh, Y. P.; Lai, M. Z. J Immunol 148, 1906-1912
441992Modulation of restricted class II T cell responses by peptides derived from self class II moleculeLi, W. F.; Fan, M. D.; Pan, C. B.; Gefter, M. L.; Lai, M. Z. Eur J Immunol 22, 2527-2531
451990Restricted V-(D)-J junctional regions in the T cell response to lambda-repressor. Identification of residues critical for antigen recognitionLai, M. Z. ; Jang, Y. J.; Chen, L. K.; Gefter, M. L.J Immunol 144, 4851-4856