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12015Stage-Dependent Axon Transport of Proteasomes Contributes to Axon DevelopmentHsu, MT; Guo, CL ; Liou, AY; Chang, TY; Ng, MC; Florea, BI; Overkleeft, HS; Wu, YL; Liao, JC ; Cheng, PL Developmental cell 35(4), 418-431
22015Relay of cyclin-dependent kinases in the regulation of axonal growth.Chang, TY; Cheng, PL Experimental neurology 271, 259-61
32012Early events in axon/dendrite polarization.Cheng, PL ; Poo, MMAnnual review of neuroscience 35, 181-201
42012Clonally related visual cortical neurons show similar stimulus feature selectivity.Li, Y; Lu, H; Cheng, PL ; Ge, S; Xu, H; Shi, SH; Dan, YNature 486(7401), 118-121
52011Phosphorylation of E3 ligase Smurf1 switches its substrate preference in support of axon development.Cheng, PL ; Lu, H; Shelly, M; Gao, H; Poo, MMNeuron 69(2), 231-243
62011Self-amplifying autocrine actions of BDNF in axon development.Cheng, PL ; Song, AH; Wong, YH; Wang, S; Zhang, X; Poo, MMProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108(45), 18430-18435
72011Semaphorin3A regulates neuronal polarization by suppressing axon formation and promoting dendrite growth.Shelly, M; Cancedda, L; Lim, BK; Popescu, AT; Cheng, PL ; Gao, H; Poo, MMNeuron 71(3), 433-446
82010Elevated BDNF after cocaine withdrawal facilitates LTP in medial prefrontal cortex by suppressing GABA inhibition.Lu, H; Cheng, PL ; Lim, BK; Khoshnevisrad, N; Poo, MMNeuron 67(5), 821-833
92007Genetic polymorphisms of viral infection-associated Toll-like receptors in Chinese population.Cheng, PL ; Eng, HL; Chou, MH; You, HL; Lin, TMTranslational research : the journal of laboratory and clinical medicine 150(5), 311-318
102006DDX3, a DEAD box RNA helicase with tumor growth-suppressive property and transcriptional regulation activity of the p21waf1/cip1 promoter, is a candidate tumor suppressor.Chao, CH; Chen, CM; Cheng, PL ; Shih, JW; Tsou, AP; Lee, YHCancer research 66(13), 6579-6588
112004Hepatitis C viral proteins interact with Smad3 and differentially regulate TGF-beta/Smad3-mediated transcriptional activation.Cheng, PL ; Chang, MH; Chao, CH; Lee, YHOncogene 23(47), 7821-7838