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12015Mir-17∼92 Governs Motor Neuron Subtype Survival by Mediating Nuclear PTENTung, YT; Lu, YL; Peng, KC; Yen, YP; Chang, M; Li, J; Jung, H; Thams, S; Huang, YP; Hung, JH; Chen, JA Cell reports 11(8), 1305-1318
22012Apoptosis of Limb Innervating Motor Neurons and Erosion of Motor Pool Identity upon Lineage Specific Dicer InactivationChen, J-A ; Wichterle, HFrontiers in Neuroscience 6, 69
32011Mir-17-3p controls spinal neural progenitor patterning by regulating Olig2/Irx3 cross-repressive loopChen, J. A. ; Huang, Y. P.; Mazzoni, E. O.; Tan, G. C.; Zavadil, J.; Wichterle, H.NEURON 69(4), 721-735
42005Expression cloning screening of a unique and full-length set of cDNA clones is an efficient method for identifying genes involved in Xenopus neurogenesisVoigt, J.; Chen, J. A. ; Gilchrist, M.; Amaya, E.; Papalopulu, N.MECHANISMS OF DEVELOPMENT 122(3), 289-306
52005Identification of novel genes affecting mesoderm formation and morphogenesis through an enhanced large scale functional screen in XenopusChen, J. A. ; Voigt, J.; Gilchrist, M.; Papalopulu, N.; Amaya, E.MECHANISMS OF DEVELOPMENT 122(3), 307-331