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12020Oral administration of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus spike protein expressing in silkworm pupae failed to elicit immune responses in pigsChang, CY; Hsu, WT; Tsai, PS; Chen, CM; Cheng, IC; Chao, YC ; Chang, HWAMB Express 10(1), 20
22020Nudiviruses (Nudiviridae: Alphanudivirus and Betanudivirus)Tsai, CH; Wei, SC; Lo, HR; Chao, YC Encyclopedia of Virology, 4th edition
32016Exploring the Mechanism Responsible for Cellulase Thermostability by Structure-Guided RecombinationChia-Jung Chang; Cheng-Chung Lee; Yueh-Te Chan; Devin L. Trudeau; Mei- Huey Wu; Chih-Hsuan Tsai; Su-May Yu ; Tuan-Hua David Ho ; Andrew H.-J. Wang ; Chwan-Deng Hsiao ; Frances H. Arnold; Yu-Chan Chao PLoS ONE 11 (3):e0147485
42016Baculovirus IE2 Stimulates the Expression of Heat Shock Proteins in Insect and Mammalian Cells to Facilitate Its Proper FunctioningHsuan Tung; Sung-Chan Wei; Huei-Ru Lo; Yu-Chan Chao PLoS ONE 11(2): e0148578.
52012Simultaneous induction of autophagy and toll-like receptor signaling pathways by graphene oxideChen, Guan-Yu; Yang, Hong-Jie; Lu, Chia-Hsin; Chao, Yu-Chan ; Hwang, Shiaw-Min; Chen, Chiu-Ling; Lo, Kai-Wei; Sung, Li-Yu; Luo, Wen-Yi; Tuan, Hsing-Yu; Hu, Yu-ChenBiomaterials  33, 6559-6569
62012A novel exo-cellulase from white spotted longhorn beetle (Anoplophora malasiaca)Chang, Chia-Jung; Wu, Carol P.; Lu, Shang-Chieh; Chao, Annlin; Ho, Tuan-hua David ; Yu, Su-May ; Chao, Yu-Chan Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 42(9), 629-636
72011HzNV-1 viral gene hhi1 induces apoptosis which is blocked by Hz-iap2 and a non-coding gene pag1.Wu, Y. L.; Chao, Y. C. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 85(14), 6856-66
82011A non-coding RNA of HzNV-1 virus establishes latent viral infection through microRNAWu, Y. L.; Wu, C. P.; Liu, C. Y. Y.; Hsu, W. C.; Wu, E. C.; Chao, Y. C. Scientific Reports 1, 60
92011Sucrose and fetal bovine serum maintain stability and activity of the budded baculovirus during dehydrationChen, Hong-Zhang; Liu, Catherine Yen-Yen; Kost, Thomas A.; Chao, Yu-Chan European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 45, 311-319
102010Maximizing Baculovirus-Mediated Foreign Proteins Expression in Mammalian cells.Liu, C. Y. Y.; Chen, H. Z.; Chao, Y. C. CURRENT GENE THERAPY 10(3), 232-241
112010Membrane penetrating peptides greatly enhance baculovirus transduction efficiency into mammalian cells.Chen, H. Z.; Wu, C. P.; Chao, Y. C. ; Liu, C. Y.BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 405, 297-302
122010The early gene hhi1 reactivates latent HzNV-1 virus in the latently infected cells.Wu, Y. L.; Wu, C. P.; Tang, H.; Chang, C. H.; Chen, H. H.; Lee, S. T.; Chao, Y. C. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY  84, 1057-1065
132010AcMNPV LEF-2 is a Capsid Protein Required for Amplification but not Initiation of Viral DNA Replication.Wu, C. P.; Huang, Y. R.; Wang, J. Y.; Wu, Y. L.; Lo, H. R.; Chao, Y. C. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 84, 5015-5024
142009RING and coiled-coil domains of baculovirus IE2 are critical in strong activation of the cytomegalovirus major immediate early promoter in mammalian cells.Liu, C. Y. Y.; Wang, C. H.; Hsiao, W. K.; Lo, H. R.; Wu, C. P.; Chao, Y. C. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 83, 3604-3616
152008Identification of baculoviral factors required for the activation of enhancer-like polyhedrin upstream (pu) sequenceWu, C. P.; Wang, J. Y.; Huang, T. Y.; Lo, H. R.; Chao, Y. C. VIRUS RESEARCH 138, 7-16
162008The establishment of a controllable expression system in baculovirus: stimulated over-expression of polyhedrin promoter by lef-2Wu, Y. L.; Chao, Y. C. BIOTECHNOLOGY PROGRESS 24, 1232-40
172008Cooperation of ie1 and p35 genes in the activation of baculovirus AcMNPV and HzNV-1 promotersWu, Y. L.; Liu, C. Y. Y.; Wu, C. P.; Wang, C. H.; Lee, S. T.; Chao, Y. C. VIRUS RESEARCH 135, 247-254
182007High level production of polyhera in a scorpion toxin-containing recombinant baculovirus for better control of insect pestsTuan, S. J.; R. F. Hou; C. F. Lee; Y. C. Chao BOTANICAL STUDIES 48, 273-281
192007Stimulation of baculovirus transcriptome expression in mammalian cells by baculoviral transcriptional activatorsCatherine, Y. Y. L.; Wang, C. H.; Wang, J. C.; Chao, Y. C. JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY 88, 2176-2184
202006Identification of DC-SIGN binding domain and a neutralizing epitope on the spike glycoprotein of the severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirusShih, Y. P.; Chen, C. Y.; Liu, S. J.; Chen, K. H.; Chao, Y. C. ; Chen, Y. M.J Virol 80, 10315-10324
212005The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3a is a novel structural proteinShen, S.; Lin, P. S.; Chao, Y. C. ; Zhang, A.; Yang, X.; Lim, S. G.; Hong, W.; Tan, Y. J.Biochem Biophys Res Commun 330, 286–292
222005Fusion of foreign protein genes to the occlusion body gene of the baculovirus to assist protein isolation and antibody productionTzu-Ching Lee; Su-May Yu ; Yu-Chan Chao Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology 16(3), 138-150
232005Improved insecticidal efficacy of baculovirus using an early phase promoter to drive scorpion depressant neurotoxinTuan, S. J.; Hou, R. F.; Kao, S. S.; Lee, C. F.; Chao, Y. C. Bot Bull Acad Sin 46, 11-20
242004Rapid titer determination of baculovirus by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reactionLo, H. R.; Chao, Y. C. Biotechnol Prog 20, 354-360
252004Molecular cloning and recombinant expression of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) penaeidinHo, S. H.; Chao, Y. C. ; Tsao, H. W.; Sakai, M.; Chou, H. N.; Song, Y. L.Fish Pathol 39, 15-23
262004Insect Cell Expression SystemsViswanathan, K.; Chao, Y. C. ; Hsu, J. T. A.; Betenbaugh, M.In “Protein Expression Technologies: Current Status and Future Trends” CHAPTER VIII, 387-426
272004Assembly of human severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-like particlesHo, Y.; Lin, P. H.; Liu, C. Y.; Lee, S. P.; Chao, Y. C. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 318, 833-838
282004Enhancement of correct protein folding in vivo by a non-lytic baculovirusHo, Y.; Lo, H. R.; Lee, T. C.; Wu, C. P.; Chao, Y. C. Biochem J 382, 695-702
292004Induction of IL-8 release in lung cells via activator protein-1 by recombinant baculovirus displaying severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus spike proteins: identification of two functional regions.Chang, YJ ; Liu, CY; Chiang, BL; Chao, YC ; Chen, CCJournal of immunology 173(12), 7602-7614
302003Development and application of the insect baculovirus expression vector system. Proceeding on plant protection: technology and new dimensionHo, Y.; Lo, H. R.; Lee, T. C.; Wu, C. P. Y.; Chao, Y. C. Plant Prot. Bull. Spec. Publ New, 5
312002Novel baculovirus DNA elements strongly stimulate activities of exogenous and endogenous promotersLo, H. R.; Chou, C. C.; Wu, T. Y.; Yuen, J. P.; Chao, Y. C. J Biol Chem 277, 5256-5264
322000Expression of highly controllable genes in insect cells using a modified tetracycline-regulated gene expression systemTzong-Yuan Wu; Lina Liono; Su-Liang Chen; Chin-Yu Chen; Yu-Chan Chao Journal of Biotechnology 80(1), 75-83
331999Persistent Hz-1 virus infection in insect cells: evidence for insertion of viral DNA into host chromosomes and viral infection in a latent statusLin, C. L.; Lee, J. C.; Chen, S. S.; Wood, H. A.; Li, M. L.; Li, C. F.; Chao, Y. C. J Virol 73, 128-139
341998A 2.9-kilobase noncoding nuclear RNA functions in the establishment of persistent Hz-1 viral infectionChao, Y. C. ; Lee, S. T.; Chang, M. C.; Chen, H. H.; Chen, S. S.; Wu, T. Y.; Liu, F. H. ; Hsu, E. L.; Hou, R. F.J Virol 72, 2233-2245
351998Persistent baculovirus infection results from deletion of the apoptotic suppressor gene p35Lee, J. C.; Chen, H. H.; Chao, Y. C. J Virol 72, 9157-9165
361998Apoptosis resulting from superinfection of Heliothis zea virus 1 is inhibited by p35 and is not required for virus interferenceLee, J. C.; Chao, Y. C. J Gen Virol 79, 2293-2300
371996Pest control by fluorescenceChao, Y. C. ; Chen, S. L.; Li, C. F.Nature 380, 396-397
381995Identification of a very early promoter of insect Hz-1 virus using a novel dual-expression shuttle vectorLee, S. T.; Yu, S. M. ; Hsu, E. L.; Chao, Y. C. Nucleic Acids Res 23, 4683-4689
391994Novel gene expression system for plant cells based on induction of alpha-amylase promoter by carbohydrate starvationChan, M. T.; Chao, Y. C. ; Yu, S. M. J Biol Chem 269, 17635-17641
401994Genome characterization and identification of viral-associated dsDNA component of banana bunchy top virus.Yeh, H.H. ; Su, H.J.; Chao, Y.C. Virology 198(2), 645-652
411993Superinfection-induced apoptosis and its correlation with the reduction of viral progeny in cells persistently infected with Hz-1 baculovirusLee, J. C.; Chen, H. H.; Wei, H. L.; Chao, Y. C. J Virol 67, 6989-6994
421992Differential expression of Hz-1 baculovirus genes during productive and persistent viral infectionsChao, Y. C. ; Wood, H. A.; Chang, C. Y.; Lee, H. J.; Shen, W. C.; Lee, H. T.J Virol 66, 1442-1448