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12020Raindrop size distribution characteristics of Indian and Pacific Ocean tropical cyclones observed at India and Taiwan sitesJayalakshmi Janapati; Balaji Kumar Seela; Pay-Liam Lin; Pao. K. Wang ; Chie-Huei Tseng; K. Krishna Reddy; Hiroyuki Hashiguchi; Lei Feng; Subrata Kumar Das; C. K. UnnikrishnanJournal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 98(2), 299-317
22020Historical droughts in the Qing dynasty (1644–1911) of ChinaLin, Kuan-Hui Elaine; Pao K. Wang ; Pi-Ling Pai; Yu-Shiuan Lin; Chih-Wei WangClimate of the Past 16, 911–931
32020A numerical study on the ventilation coefficients of falling lobed hailstonesWang, P. K. ; C. C. ChuehAtmospheric Research 234, 104737
42019An Eyewitness Account of Cross-tropopause Transport of Water Substance by Storms in East Asian Summer Monsoon and Its Implication on UR/LS ExchangePao K. Wang 
52019Feature at the Top of Severe Thunderstorms Observed by Satellites and Their PhysicsPao K. Wang 
62019Transport and transformation of polutants in the outflow of megacities: the EMeRGe project in Asia.Pao K. Wang 
72019Is the Transport by Deep Convective Sotrms the Major Source of Stratospheric Water Vapor?Pao K. Wang 
82019從清朝文獻紀錄重建颱風序列與時空特徵 (Reconstructing Historical Typhoon Series and Spatiotemporal Attributes from REACHES Documentary Records of Qing Dynasty)林冠慧; 許景慈; 王寳貫 ; 許世旻; 林淯暄; 汪志偉; 曾琬鈴; 吳宛真; 潘威地理學報 第93期,頁81-107
92019An assessment of tropical cyclones rainfall erosivity for TaiwanJayalakshmi Janapati; Balaji Kumar Seela; Pay-Liam Lin; Pao K. Wang ; Utpal KumarScientific Reports 9, 15862
102017A preliminary numerical study on the time-varying fall attitudes and aerodynamics of freely falling conical graupel particlesChueh, Chih-Che; Pao K. Wang ; Tempei HashinoAtmospheric Research 183, 58-72